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All reviews for Jerky Board Party Crate

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    D. Hansen
    Jun 18th 2021
    Helpful Crate Opening Hint

    Just received my crate for Father's Day. Upon seeing how the top was secured with a significant amount of glue, I flipped it over and easily removed the bottom panel with enclosed mini pry bar. Haven't eaten any of the contents, but my wife already has dibs on a few items. Will work well for storing items in my workshop.

    ST Beverly
    Dec 31st 2020
    A lot of work and pain! But...,

    I think this is a great idea. My wife ordered one for me for a Christmas gift and I was excited to see it. I figured this would be a fun thing to pop open on Christmas morning. But noooooo..... this thing was sealed with so much glue I literally had to beat it with the little included pry bar. It wasn’t a quick tap tap here and there. No! This was a full on power struggle between man and crate! I even hit my hand in the process of trying to hit the pry bar. I was trying to save the box as it is a really cool little box but after I was done the top was obliterated. Once I got in I thoroughly enjoyed my treats inside. Maybe nailing it shut with a thin layer of glue may be better.

    Don richardson
    Dec 25th 2020
    Great ....once I got the crate open

    Who thought to glue the damn thing together. Needed a hammer and 20 frustrating minutes to open the damn thing !!

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