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    Oct 10th 2013
    He LOVED it!

    I ordered this for my boyfriend as a thank-you for taking care of me after a 3-month-long back injury. He absolutely loved it! He never fails to bring up how awesome the crowbar is, and the smoker works really well in any size grill. The original dry rub is amazing, and it arrived so quickly! The shipping prices are low for how heavy it is - it really feels like you're getting a quality product. I will absolutely be ordering from here again, especially once the poker sets are available! I work in eCommerce Marketing for a large retail company, and I'm incredibly impressed with how everything was handled.

    Siobhan Tynan
    Sep 11th 2013
    Hickory Grilling Crate

    I wanted to pick out something special for my brother in law's 50th and this was definitely it. The crate arrived within 6 working days all the way to TORONTO (excellent!) and the report back was.."Everything was awesome, it was a bit of trouble opening up the crate with the crowbar (but i think this is kind of the point, right?) but all in all a very fun package..."
    Thanks mancrates! I've been spreading the word about you!!! Excellent customer service too!!

    Jul 22nd 2013
    Great Gift!

    This was a great birthday gift from my Dad. Very cool concept with the crate/crow bar! Great quality products! Awesome tasting seasonings!

    Dec 25th 2017
    Inside was awesome...

    Ordered this for my stepdad for Christmas. He loved everything in the inside of the crate but the opening was a bit of a let down. When we took it out of the box, the bottom part was already coming off. Would definitely order more ManCrates in the future, I just wish it hadn’t been so easy to open.

    Oct 15th 2015
    Fun Gift!

    The crate arrived after a tough day at work for my husband so opening it was not only fun but a stress reliever! The sizes of the seasoning jars are substantial. We will try them and the smoker this weekend. I do think I will order from you folks again!

    Sep 8th 2015
    Creative, but Over Priced

    I really liked the concept of the "Man Crate" and ordered this for my Dad's birthday. It arrived exactly when expected, he had a good time trying to open it (needed to use extra tools in order to pry it open), and the items included with this crate looked like they were of good quality. Overall, I think its a good creative gift.

    Only two complaints/suggestions:
    - I wish there would have been an option to substitute the corn/beer nuts for something else. Perhaps I could have called to request this, I'm not sure.
    - I don't necessarily think this crate was worth the price (not to mention the additional $11-12 for shipping).

    Katherine Donohue
    Jun 28th 2015

    My husband got a kick out of his man crate filled with grilling supplies and a hickory smoker. It was fun to see him pull out all the goodies. The crate - which looked so cool - was difficult to open. I do not see the need for glue on topwhen a couple of tacks would do. It took awhile to finally pry open the box making the gift giving a little anti-climatic.

    Feb 20th 2015
    His reaction was worth the price!

    The hickory crate is a but pricey but definitely worth it. My boyfriend loved it! He wasn't super excited about having to "work" for his gift but when he saw the contents he turned into a little boy at Christmas. Definitely one of the coolest gifts he's received.

    Feb 17th 2015
    Cool idea but a bit disappointed

    I bought this for my boyfriend as his Valentine's Day gift. I was excited to see him struggle to open it. Though he did for a few seconds while trying to open it right side up, he then flipped it over and almost didn't struggle at all while opening it up side down. I wonder if they are not put together as strong on the bottom side? He did love it though, a cool unique fun gift :)

    Dec 27th 2014
    easy to open

    I bought four man crates for the men In our family. This one was nice but it was nailed shut and popped right open. Had of open on the second try. Part of the fun is watching the men have to work to get it over. I little disappointing

    Dec 25th 2014
    pricey but cool

    Bought these for my project mangers as Christmas gifts. They were totally stoked at the concept of opening a gift like a man should. Fairly expensive considering what's inside, but what a concept.

    terri B
    Dec 20th 2014

    While I think you're a bit pricey for what you get, I can't beat the uniqueness of this fantastic gift. I suppose I'm paying more for the 'cool' factor. I've now purchased 2 crates & one bacon jerky box thing, all three equally cool which in turn, makes me cool for giving the gift.

    If you only had more of a selection & a bigger price range, I'd buy these gifts every time I needed to purchase a stupid gift for a finicky man.

    Jan 2nd 2014
    Great gift!

    The perfect gift for my chef father, he loved the fact that he needed a crobar to open his gift and got cooking right away!

    Dec 17th 2013
    Yay Man Crate

    My husband loved the crate! Wondering if it would be possible to have some options for some of the smaller items?

    Dec 26th 2018
    Great gift idea

    While the gift itself was a huge hit, the opening of the crate was anticlimactic. I wrapped the box it shipped in and when my father in law opened that up and got the crate out, the bottom of the crate was un-nailed - so he didn’t have to use the crow bar or work very hard to get it open!

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Melissa,

    Sorry to hear that! It's certainly not the opening experience we would have wanted you to have! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right!

    -Team Man Crates

    May 7th 2016
    Cool Idea

    I bought the ManCrate for my husband for Valentine's Day and although he's not the typical manly man he did serve so I assumed he would like it. Not the reaction that I would have liked to receive but he pretended to like it (he is very frugal so $64 for the contents I think were what did it wrong for him). He kept it on the counter until now (May) and within five minutes of placing it on the heat it cracked which is really disappointing because the smoker's the central idea for this crate. I really like the idea...there are tons of mancrates on here for a bigger price that offer more bang for the buck. I guess it was my fault.


    Hi Camilla,

    So sorry to hear your smoker box cracked when your tried to use it! We'd be happy to send out a replacement for you! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or email us at guys@mancrates.com, we'll make it right, promise!

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