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    Dec 31st 2020
    Christmas gifts

    I bought one of these for my husband and his best friend for Christmas - we had some friends over when they opened them - everyone loved them! I also had the duct tape wrapping added for some extra fun! Everyone wanted to know where I got them! Huge hit!! The contents in the caffeine fiend were fantastic - both in quality and design!

    Dec 22nd 2019
    Perfect Gift!

    My boyfriend lives for coffee. He's a mechanic, ice fisherman, and a camper. Knew this would be perfect for him. I requested this to arrive on Monday, December 23rd. It ended up arriving early that Saturday, which worked out great! He had so much fun strategizing how to open the crate while preserving it still. He plans to put hinges on the crate and re-use it. When he dug into the contents, he got the biggest grin on his face and said thank you at least a half-dozen times. Within a few minutes, he had messaged his friends with a picture of his gift, and started making a cup to try. We both respect the significance behind the coffee itself, and he is so appreciative of the whole gift. My only regret is not getting the whole thing on video to capture his reaction....it was priceless how happy he was! Everything seems to be of great quality as well. Thank you Man Crates!

    John Eney
    Jun 25th 2019
    The whole office was thoroughly impressed impressed !

    My son is an architect and received this from me for his 32nd birthday. He brought the crate to work with him and literally had a cadre of architects/engineers surrounding him as he opened it. He and his colleagues were amazed by not only the complexity of opening the case, but the contents within as well. I’m sure you’re going to see more orders as a result! Thanks for letting me hit one out of the park for this birthday!

    Feb 15th 2019
    Awesome Gift!

    Ordered this as a last minute V-day gift. It came while I was at work, and he sent me a pic of the unopened crate with a knife stuck in the top of it, and a "We're not worthy!" Wayne's World gif, LOL. He said I won Valentine's and he hadn't even opened it yet, LOL. He loved the contents, and was surprised by the quality. Says it's way better than his Jet Boil. And he really likes the coffee that came with it, too. He also likes the crate and wants to install a couple of hinges for the lid.

    Richard Ferriol
    Dec 28th 2018

    Got this crate for my Birthday from my girlfriend. Was a blast to open and the quality seems great. Definitely a unique gift

    Aug 14th 2018
    Perfect Gift

    Sent this to my son for his birthday. He absolutely loved it!

    Apr 21st 2018
    Great gift!

    This is cool gift for a guy that likes coffee and is always working! The coffee was strong and the portable French press is a nice touch.

    don Serman
    Jan 30th 2018
    Caffeine fiend crate

    Got it as a gift, beyond ecstatic! High quality products for sure.

    Dec 9th 2017

    I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. He had so much fun trying to open it and the suggested note was hilarious. We've used the French press while camping and works very well. There are high quality items in this crate. He kept the crate and the crow bar. I'm ordering other items for my husband, dad, and brother this Christmas. Thank you for making gifting so fun Man Crates!

    Mar 15th 2017
    Superior Gift

    Christmas present that I use every day. I just hope the grinder doesn't wear smooth because i intend to use this forever.

    Feb 18th 2017
    Crate is so creative!!!!

    So there was a little hiccup in the shipping and one of the crates did not arrive as expected. However, Robbie was so nice and professional and took care of it. I greatly appreciated how friendly he was, so thank you Robbie. When the crates arrived for my dad and my fiance, they loved them so much! They both loved the creativity of the crates, and of course what was inside. I purchased the coffee fiend for my fiance and the bacon crate for my dad and they were both a hit!

    Jason Peroutka
    Aug 2nd 2016
    Wife Loves It

    This was a gift for my wife's birthday. She is the envy of her department.

    Mar 6th 2016

    I received this as a birthday gift and it was totally awesome. From the immediate fun of opening the crate to the finished cup of coffee. The whole experience was amazing. I know this is supposed to be used while on camping trips but so far it has seen daily use. I am truly blessed with such an amazing girlfriend. Who thought of this as a great gift. I recommend anyone looking for that unique gift idea to give this a try.

    Feb 19th 2016
    Husband LOVES it!

    I bought this gift as a "just because" present. My husband enjoyed opening the crate so much, he said he wished he could open it again! He also loves all the items in the package. It is the perfect gift for the manly coffee snob in your life.

    Feb 9th 2016
    Daily Use Recommended

    This thing works wonders. I received it as an early V-Day present from the best woman in the world (my girlfriend). Since then, I've used the grinder and french press cup daily with no issues whatsoever. Easy to clean/maintain and no problem with the seal. Great coffee. Good quality grinder (ceramic internals?) and excellent cup. I'll definitely be taking it on camping trips in the future.

    Feb 6th 2016
    Love it!

    Got this for my boyfriend for not only his camping trips but also for everyday work use, save him some trips out to get coffee. Reading some of the reviews of this and other products and how long it took some people to open the crate, I can consider myself a very luckiy woman as it took him less than a minute to open the crate! lol He still had fun opening it though and I had fun watching him. The joy on his face was perfect! I will be purchasing products from you again, teenage son's birthday is coming up....he is getting the duct tape treatment though bwahahahahaha! Thank you Man Crates!!

    Nov 25th 2015
    Husband loved it

    Got this for my husband for our anniversary. He loves the press cup and uses it daily!

    Oct 20th 2015
    Husband Loved it!

    My husband is so thoughtful and always does little things for me so I decided to send him a little something at work as a "thinking of you" gift. I looked around at a TON of different sites for the right surprise to send. I wanted something he would use at work and that he would enjoy opening. This was the PERFECT choice! He loved opening the crate in his corporate office and had a crowd that gathered by the time he finally got it open. It has been a couple weeks and he still texts me about how much he loves the coffee and the ease of making it right at his desk. Can't wait to use Man Crates again in the future- highly recommend this crate if your man loves caffeine!

    Oct 10th 2015
    Hell Yeah!

    I'm a contractor on a remote military post & my woman sent me this for my Bday. Men will inherently know how to open the crate & assemble it. Great gift! It's the perfect size for one & if you're on the go. The grinder & french press mug are well thought out, well made & make great coffee. The coffee is delicious. It will remind me of her every time I use it. Well done Man Crates, well done!

    LeAnne Fravel
    Sep 28th 2015
    Loved it!

    I sent this to a couple of my friends who have birthdays one day apart from each other. Not only did they love the fact that they can now make coffee anywhere, they loved that they had to work at getting it open which took them about 20 minutes. Lol Made my day and theirs. Thank you Man Crates!!

    Sep 25th 2015

    Bought this for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift after he complained incessantly about how bad truck stop coffee tasted like dirt (he used an expletive). He absolutely loves it! Not only does he love the convenience of the cup and grinder but he can't stop raving about the Java. Thanks Man Crates for making his gift memorable!

    Aug 25th 2015

    Bought this for my husband for our anniversary. He loves camping and HAS to have his coffee on all his trips. He is excited to try this set out on his next trip and really excited because he can take it back packing because it is all lightweight and compact!

    Aug 3rd 2015
    Loved It

    Bought this for a big coffee/camping person I work with, they loved it. Really excited to use it

    Jul 28th 2015
    Awesome Coffee Gift

    I received this as birthday gift. It was an awesome experience opening up. A crowd gathered as everyone wanted to know what was in the Man Crate!! I love my coffee in the morning and this was an awesome gift. Comes with everything you need and the coffee is great (came with a medium roast). I plan on taking it with me on my trips so I can always have GREAT coffee!! Thanks Man Crates!!

    Jul 20th 2015

    My boyfriend likes his coffee, but his new office doesn't have a keurig for when he needs an afternoon caffeine boost...so I sent him this crate as a "just because I think you'll like it" gift, and it was perfect. He loves that he can make a cup of coffee whenever and wherever..and watching him open the crate was an added bonus of fun for me :] Thank you, Man Crates!

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