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    Dec 20th 2022
    Bloody Mary Crate

    Received the 'BM Crate' totally as a surprise for XMAS from my Very Dear Friends. My Birthday and Christmas are only two days apart. I will partake in a toast to both the days and my friends!

    Henry J Williams
    Jun 21st 2021
    Father's Day

    Wow! I was blown away this Father's day with my Man Crate for bloody Mary drinks! I laughed so hard and didn't really care about the crates contents the packaging is what floored me!

    Sami Alvarado
    Mar 18th 2021
    Awesome gift and so funny

    I got this for my son's birthday and as anyone who've ordered a man Crate , the while opening of the crate is a big part of the fun. It took him like 10min to finally get it open and his wife and I laughed so hard , and my son said it was hilarious ! Gift was so nice - he loved it and while I could not be with them, his wife wrapped up celery , a
    lemon and a lime-
    So funny! I highly recommend Man Crates-
    Excellent service from the team there

    Jane Keller
    Feb 15th 2021
    Valentines Day

    This was one of the Best gifts I ever gave my husband, he is kinda hard to buy for!!! First of all we laughed so hard getting it opened!! Everything was delicious!! I do not like pepperoni but loved the straws!! It was a huge hit so glad there is something like this for men!!!

    Heather Nelson
    Jan 8th 2021

    My husband got this as a gift from my daughter (his stepdaughter) and he said “She won Christmas for me!” It meant more to him than a typical gift card because it put a lot of thought in to the gift and it was personalized...he is a huge bloody Mary/Cesar fan! Thank you for offering wonderful products for those who think outside of the box (pun intended)! 😂

    I hope you can notify me when this crate becomes available because we are interested in more glassware!

    Mike Benadum
    Jan 5th 2021
    Bloody Mary Crate

    Got this crate for Christmas! Fabulous gift, crowbar and all! Had a difficult time opening the crate though, consider losing the glue, otherwise the product is WAY COOL!

    Randy the Bloody Mary man
    Dec 31st 2020
    One of a kind

    I’m a huge Bloody Mary guy and when I saw this wooden crate under the Christmas tree I thought what the heck is this. So I take the fine mini crow bar out and proceeded to dismantle the crate. I had to try all the mixers . Now half in the bag I must say was the best present I got this year. I will be ordering these for others in the future. Very pleased

    Suzanne Harenza
    Dec 8th 2020
    For the Dad Who Has Everything

    My dad is one of those men who buys what he wants, when he wants it so it leaves us scratching our heads at gift time. I came across Man Crates and knew immediately he was going to receive one.

    My son was just as into it as my dad. Both are very intelligent men, however could NOT figure out where to put the crow bar. I eventually Googled instructions for them... to say this was a hit is an understatement. I'm back now for my 3rd and 4th crate.

    My son, his family and I even gave his dad one and had a ball watching him get into it last Christmas! Keep up the great work!

    Jean M.
    Nov 19th 2020
    Simply the Best!

    Received as a gift. How did they know? Demitri's is simply the best! You can mix with Pepper Vodka to up the flavor. The bottle spices make it a no brainer to great flavor and taste.

    Oct 3rd 2020
    Best Bloody Mary I ever had a re-evaluation

    So after struggling trying to open the blasted CRATE. I needed a drink immediately. Honestly the combo of Clamato Juice, Vodka (of course), and a couple of dashes of the Demitri classic Bloody Mary seasoning this was the best BM I’ve ever tasted. Consider losing the silicon glue on the Man Crate and replace with easy opening hinges.

    Sep 19th 2020

    My husband received it as a gift and i have continued to order refills on everything. Everyone comments on how great my bloody Mary’s are, due to this crate😉

    A. C.
    Jul 17th 2020
    Loved it

    Gave to my husband for our Anniversary and he loved all the items inside. The pepperoni straws were a hit. Had to get more of those for more Bloody Mary Sunday's. Took him a bit to get into the crate and used a hammer with the crowbar, so I say he cheated. He did work on it for like 15 minutes before the hammer came into play. LOL . Will definitely be back for other crates.

    Jun 10th 2020

    My dad absolutely loved his gift. I havent heard that man laugh so hard in years. He thought the duct taped box was hilarious and the crate was amazing. He loved the bloody mary set and said it tastes great. And was extremely excited by the "dad to the bone" glasses. I highly recommend this crate and it shipped extreamly fast.

    Feb 15th 2020

    I bought this for my husband for Valentine’s and Mardi Gras! He Loves it!!! His face was so super excited to open and the contents definitely did not disappoint!! I will order again for sure!

    Donald C Lutz.
    Jan 7th 2020
    Personalized Bloody Mary Crate

    The recipient of the gift was blown away when he had to use a little effort to open the gift with the crowbar hand tool provided. Because there is no outside labeling, there was some suspense connected with the surprise gift. Excellent present for a man.

    Alicia Cook
    Jan 6th 2020
    Great Gift

    Great selection of items for this crate. My husband enjoyed getting it open just as much as the items themselves. Enjoyed the variety and the value. Didn't even know this existed until I just happened to see an ad pop up for the company. Will purchase from this company again.

    Dec 13th 2019
    Best Bloody Mary

    Anniversary gift for my boyfriend who LOVES Bloody Mary's and as the title says, he thought it was the best Bloody Mary he's ever tasted!

    Thanks Man Crates for making our Anniversary even more awesome!!

    David McLean
    Jun 24th 2019
    Father's Day Gift.

    Each year my son tries to be original with his gift to me. I am 86 years old and of coarse by now have everything I need. Receiving the Bloody Mary Crate was so unique and enjoyable that I had to share it with all my friends.

    Jeremiah Goodwin
    May 24th 2019
    Dad's retirement

    I bought this crate for my Dad's retirement....he opened it in front of all of his friends...and still 4 months later he is ranting and raving about it!!! Great work guys, it made me look like the son of the year :) :).

    Feb 9th 2019
    Totally satisfied

    I was definitely pulled in just by the crate concept. I knew my husband would think that part alone was pretty cool (I was right). He loved everything about this gift- ESPECIALLY the pepperoni straws!! We will definitely be repeat customers.

    Jan 27th 2019
    My Dad was impressed!

    I ordered this Bloody Mary crate as a Christmas gift for my Dad because I know he loves bloody Mary’s and drinks them regularly. Well, I had lunch with him recently and he brought up this gift and told me how delicious the products were and how much he was enjoying this gift. Well worth the money!

    Nov 19th 2018
    Cool. Nice.

    My wife and toddler sons gave this to me last Father's Day and like a few other reviews, I was looking at it thinki ng WTH. When I opened it with the mini crow bar I was surprised to see what was inside. The while package is great but I was disappointed with the pepperoni straws as it was too dry and hard to drink with. I put it over a straw to prevent it from sinking in the glass but easy to bite on w/o picking up. Overall, its good!

    Apr 25th 2018
    Awesome Gift Idea

    My Son sent me this gift crate for my 61st birthday! I must say, when I first opened it I was thinking “what the hell is this!”. Then, I became obsessed with getting the crate open to see what was inside!! The product is awesome and first class... The Bloody Mary crate... best gift ever!!!

    Apr 8th 2018
    Yummy gift!

    Husband loved it and he loved the Bloody Mary mixes... we’ve been making them with Clamato for years and now the secrets out on how to make the tastiest drink ever!

    Jessica P.
    Feb 15th 2018
    Awesome gift!!

    Bought this for my hubby's Valentine's Day and Birthday gift. He LOVES it.

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