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Gifts For Golf Lovers

July 14th, 202310 min read
From peaceful mornings spent on the dew-covered links of a favorite golf course to that pure strike and drive that rockets through the sky, a towering representation of all that golf has to offer, golf is a game of highs...and lows. Oh, the lows. The chunked wedge shot. The three-putt for bogey from a very makeable birdie putt. The wayward drives, lost balls sacrificed to the golfing gods in hopes of just hitting that one perfect shot.

What would you call someone who is intent on being that unkind to themselves? Why, a golf lover, of course!
"Golf Lover" - a Very Strange Term

Think of a golf lover like your eccentric uncle - always talking about their latest epic shot, their most unbelievable bad break, the latest piece of equipment that will take their game to new and unprecedented levels. That's right, golf lovers, by definition, must be just a little bit...shall we say delusional? Because golf, as they say, is not a game of perfect. Yes, golf is hard. Extremely hard. But it's that love/hate relationship that really defines a golf lover. You may not understand them and what little voice keeps telling them to go back for more, but you have to love them, right?

Unique Golf Gifts for Him

It's never easy to find the perfect gift for someone's passion. They have it all. But with a little help from your friends here at Man Crates and some creative thinking on your part, we can assure you that you'll find the perfect sports gifts for men, including golf. 

Golf Balls

Wait, we said unique golf gifts for him, right? There's nothing inherently unique about a golf ball for a golfer, but when you add personalization to the mix, now we're talking. You can often personalize not only the design and logo of the ball, but the number as well.

Our Personalized Golf Ball Mini Crate comes with a golf towel, divot repair tool, and 24 monogrammed golf balls, available in three designs. That's 24 monogrammed golf balls, all ready to take their rightful place in the watery grave that is the pond in front of his "favorite" hole.

Golf Gadgets

Practice makes "Par-fect," right? Wait, are we talking about practice? We are, in fact, talking about practice. Have you seen him putt? That funky claw grip, the quick jab at the ball - he definitely needs practice. Maybe a new golf training aid is just what he needs to smooth out his stroke and start sinking more putts? Our indoor golf putting mat is a 2' by 10' bi-directional putting mat that runs...oh, about 9-10 on the stimp meter (don't worry about what a stimp meter is - the golf lover in your life will know).

Is his putting on par with Tiger, but his long game resembles a baby tiger trying to play golf? No worries. Our Practice Makes Par-Fect Golf Crate includes everything he needs to start swinging like a major champion, including the Golf Club Strike Shield and Facilitator Tool and a set of three impact-practice golf balls. Just don't let him swing toward the neighbor's window.

Other Novelty Gifts

Is the golf lover in your life really more of a beer lover, voted by his buddies as most likely to show up to the 19th hole with a brewski in hand? That's OK, too. We boast a curated selection of bar and drink gifts for men. Hook him up with a micro brewed kit so he can craft the perfect pint for a weekend 18 with friends. After all, even if his game is off, with a bit of liquid lubrication, it won't matter at all.

Remember, golf is hard. Whether you're buying a gift for your husband or another man in your life, at least if you buy him something cool, he can work on forgetting that closing triple bogey that cost him a few coins and perhaps some of his pride. Just don't forget the beer.
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