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Bacon Jerkygram

The Bacon Jerkygram
  • The Bacon Jerkygram
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  • Spicy Sriracha, Honey Pepper, and Old-Fashion Maple
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Bacon As Never Before

I bet you didn't know you could make jerky out of bacon. And if you didn't know that, then you certainly didn't know that the curing process produces a crispy, moist, succulent bacon strip that retains all its bacon flavor and texture for months, making it the ultimate, portable man-snack.

A Lifetime Achievement

If medieval alchemists had accidentally discovered bacon jerky they would have stopped trying to make gold. If Edison's labs made bacon jerky by mistake he would have abandoned the lightbulb. When you try Bacon Jerky for the first time you might break down and weep sweet, salty tears of joy, which will only make the bacon jerky taste even better.

Transcendent Flavors

Luckily for mankind, Pork Barrel has the tireless ambition of a Mongol warlord. They've experimented with flavor combinations too daring, too incitive for the breakfast frying pan. The Old-Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky might be the pinnacle of traditional flavors, but the Honey Pepper Bacon Jerky will zestily blow your mind.

If we could serve you your bacon jerky as courses of haute cuisine, which they are, we would save the Spicy Sriracha Bacon Jerky for last. Seriously. Take some time with this one- don't eat it in the truck on your way home. Set aside 20 minutes. Turn off your phone and light some candles. Bacon is with you.

Want Bacon Jerky delivered in a Man Crate? Check out the Bacon Lover's Crate.

Savory Pig Strips

Three flavors of life-altering bacon jerky:
  • Spicy Sriracha
  • Honey Pepper
  • Old-Fashioned Maple


It's your meat in a box (NOT A CRATE). But not just any box--an awesome cardboard box!

Get BaconStrong!

If it’s true you are what you eat, then thanks to bacon we’re now leaner, greasier, and more meat-headed than the cast of Jersey Shore.

Eating well and exercising with bacon is the best way to cultivate mass and give your muscles the fry of a lifetime. Sure, after working out with bacon you'll be a sweaty, slobbery mess, but you'll never find a diet or fitness plan more satisfying.


gettin' "yolked" #withbacon

A video posted by Man Crates (@mancrates) on Jan 15, 2015 at 1:44pm PST


feel the burn #withbacon

A video posted by Man Crates (@mancrates) on Jan 15, 2015 at 1:45pm PST


crispy is the new creatine #withbacon

A video posted by Man Crates (@mancrates) on Jan 15, 2015 at 1:47pm PST

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 02/15/2017 Shane Bacon Jerkygram 5

      Valentine's Day Surprise

      What could be better than Chocolate and Whiskey on the day of love? DUH! BACON!!! I have the best most thoughtful wife ever! Oh and thanks for making it so simple to help my wife score major points!

    2. 11/18/2016 Casondra Bacon Jerkygram 5

      reaction- priceless

      I got this for my ex-fiance/best friend for his birthday. he's a former army special forces medic so I paid extra for the duct tape wrapping for some extra fun...his reaction was absolutely priceless!

      After receiving it, he immediately took to facebook to exclaim how all his friends are douchebags and asked who sent him anthrax. After some hesitation and random prodding, he decided to open it once he determined it was not a bomb. he didnt end up liking all the flavors but he thought it was a good gift in general. will definitely be buying gifts from here again!

    3. 09/8/2016 Emma Molina Bacon Jerkygram 5


      He really LOVED it, fast shipping and great quality, bought these as extra bacon to his Bacon crate because there's never tooooo much bacon. He received 2 crates (personalize coffee mug and Bacon crate) and this bacon jerkygram today and really enjoyed opening ALL OF THEM. It really did surprise him. He has a bacon obsession calling it a gift from heaven yet kills you slowly just like satan which for him bacon can be compared to women lol. Any who man crate you're awesome. !!!! will buy more in the future.

    4. 07/19/2016 Scott Bacon Jerkygram 1


      I love bacon, and I love jerky. So one would imagine this would be a winner. Sadly it fell short of my hopes.



      Scott, sorry to hear that this fell short of your expectations! We've tried the bacon jerky and we're completely addicted, we never put any food into a crate without the team here at Man Crates thoroughly sampling it before-hand. But, we understand that the wonderful flavors of bacon jerky-style may not be for everyone! We offer all of our customers and gift recipients a high-five guarantee, which means, if you're not happy, we're not happy. Please give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 or send an email over to and we'll be happy to help!

    5. 06/20/2016 Samantha Bacon Jerkygram 5

      Bacon Jerky is Bomb!

      Its like eating candy, sweet sweet jerky candy! Only Better, because its bacon. Cool gift for the man who loves bacon and jerky!

    6. 06/18/2016 Stewart Bacon Jerkygram 5

      Unbelievably GOOD

      My daughter sent me a JerkyGram for Father's Day. I cannot believe how good this stuff is! I'm telling all of my FB friends how good it is! CRAZY GOOD!! Go get you some o' dat!!! NOW!

    7. 05/9/2016 Ken Bacon Jerkygram 5

      Bacon Jerky

      My daughter sent me three types of your BACON JERKY for my birthday. I have never tasted anything soooo good!! My wife asked me for a piece and I refused LMAO. We may be divorced over this LOL.

      too good to be true.
      K. Knuth

    8. 02/25/2016 Jenn Bacon Jerkygram 5


      I bought this for a guy I just started seeing for Valentines Day. Had no idea what to get him so I thought this would be perfect. He LOVED it! He couldn't stop talking about it.

    9. 02/8/2016 Brandon Olszewski Bacon Jerkygram 5


      I got this as a care package from my mother and it seriously is one of the best snacks I have ever eaten! I can't stop eating it. OMG. Whoever thought of this, I just want to thank you for this treat.

    10. 02/1/2016 DB Bacon Jerkygram 5

      Buy it again!

      I sent the Bacon Jerkygram to my son away at boarding school. A great change-up from my past care packages! He loved it, as did many of his dorm mates. I will definitely send again.

    11. 01/21/2016 Nat Bacon Jerkygram 5


      My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this jerky! Your products are absolutely top quality! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

      It's my second time ordering from mancrates. This time there was an issue with the shipping address, I contacted them and they fixed the issue immediately. WONDERFUL service! Just absolutely love everything about this website.

    12. 12/26/2015 Laurie Bruce Bacon Jerkygram 5


      Our grandson had a big grin on his face when he told us about receiving and opening his ManCrates. He was very happy with his gifts. Thank you for offering such a unique and fun product.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 60 | Next

    5/5 for 60 Bacon Jerkygram reviews

    Be the Bacon Ninja


     #BaconNinja - Noun
    1. One that eats bacon in unexpected settings
    2. One that conceals bacon on their person at all times
    3. Smug son-of-a-gun that eats better snacks than pretty much everyone else  

    Yamamoto turns his dry onion bagel over, idly hoping it's waxy underside will be more interesting than its speckled top.  He's been in the conference room for two hours of PowerPoint slides on agile paradigm disruption.

    He is distracted by a furtive movement from the chair next to him. His colleague Nakamura is chewing something- an unmistakable scent escapes his mouth.

    Bacon. That sly dog Nakamura is eating bacon. But how? There is never bacon at the sustaina-bagel quarterly meeting breakfast.

    During the presenter's next animated slide transition Nakamura slips his hand beneath the conference table and retrieves another piece. Nakamura is the Bacon Ninja.

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