Outdoor Survival Crate

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  • Never go hungry. You can cook just about anything with this cookset
  • 5-in-1 multi-tool (collapsible shovel, axe, pick, saw, hammer) and a compass to boot
  • Paracord knife with firestarter
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The Call of the Wild

You heard it, and your instincts told you it must be answered. The last bar on your cell phone disappears as you drive into the foothills, all of your worries far behind in the rearview mirror. Miles from civilization, not even your cornflower-blue-shirt-wearing boss Tad can encroach on your weekend. You're off the grid.

The untamed wilderness is your proving ground. After all, there's no greater challenge than that of Man against the Elements.

The Great Outdoors

It's just you and an overgrown hinterland seething with insects and wild animals - just the way you like it. With only a few hours of daylight left, you set out in search of a suitable campsite.

Paul Bunyan had an axe and an ox, but you have a 5-in-1 multi-tool. You wield it with the strength and precision of a grizzled mountaineer. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before you trade in your sleeping bag for a log cabin, but you need to set up camp before something mistakes you for dinner.

You're a descendant of Man, and Man discovered fire. Yours is crackling merrily in no time with a few strikes of your firestarter. The camp is your domain - would-be predators keep their distance, and the chill leaves your bones.

Survival of the Fittest

In the morning, you boil water and whip up some hard-earned hot grub while consulting your dog-eared copy of the Army Field Manual. With luck, the only hairy situation you'll have is the prodigious beard that will inevitably sprout during your walkabout, but it helps to have the backup. Channeling John Wayne with a little cowboy coffee, you toast your first night of survival. Nature, 0. You, 1.

You feel invigorated. You make short work of striking camp, and take your bearings. If you end up in a staring contest with a mountain lion, you'll be ready.  It's going to be a good weekend.

Field Tested and Approved

Survival Contraptions

  • GSI Halulite Minimalist 1-person cookset
  • Multi-tool with carrying bag
  • Shovel, saw, pickaxe, hammer, hatchet heads
  • Built-in compass

Wilderness Trappings

  • FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual
  • Paracord knife with firestarter
  • 50 ft of paracord
  • Emergency blanket & glow sticks
  • Pemmican Meal Bar
  • Of course, Beef Jerky


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 01/22/2015 Pamela Shannon Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Outdoor Survival Crate

      Why didn't I think of this?!?
      I got the Outdoor Survival Crate for my Love for his birthday.....& it was the absolute perfect gift!! Period.

    2. 01/12/2015 Katelind Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Wonderful crate, even better customer service

      I ordered the Outdoor Survival Crate for my husband for Christmas, and he absolutely loved it. He is very outdoorsy (Eagle Scout, hunter, fisherman, avid hiker, etc), and as someone who thinks shopping in an open air mall counts for outdoor activity, I tend to struggle when it comes to buying him anything adventure-related. Man Crates came to the rescue! The crate wasn't shipped on time, and customer service was extraordinary. They immediately overnighted it to me, and even added something additional to the crate because the recipient is active duty Navy. Gestures like that guarantee my future patronage. I highly recommend Man Crates & their unique, fun gifts!

    3. 01/7/2015 Desiree Astacio-Alvarez Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Wesome Gift!

      Christmas 2014, I bought my husband this Survival Kit. He enjoys camping and pretending he's Bear Grylls. This was the best gift with the greatest reaction that kept going for hours. Now, all that's left to do is hop on our JEEP and get lost. :)

      I will be back man crates for your New Daddy Kit soon enough... soon enough.

    4. 12/29/2014 Unknown Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Best gift idea!!

      Just got this gift. My girlfriend wrapped the whole package. Untapped it and thought another lame gift that I have to pretend to like... WRONG!!! As soon as I opened the package and revealed a wooden crate with a crowbar I was hooked! Spent a good five minutes opening it which was half the fun. Upon opening it I realized I had got the outdoor survivalist cate. I inspected each item with curiosity. Funny thing is I don't need any of this stuff.. Well at least at the moment. Still with that said this is on the top of the list of gifts I have ever gotten because of the fun I had opening and reviewing everything. Makes me want to grow a beard buy some flannel shirts and live out in the wild. If you are having any doubts about buying this for a man throw them away and get it.

    5. 12/29/2014 Sarah B Outdoor Survival Crate 5


      My husband loved his crate! You definitely have my business for the future :)

    6. 12/29/2014 Mary Rizzo Outdoor Survival Crate 5


      This was a gift for my son in law and he absolutely loved it! He was so surprised and loved each item in the crate. You guys rock, I'm telling everyone about these.

      Thanks so much!
      M. Rizzo

    7. 12/28/2014 Cynthia H. Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Survival crate

      My boyfriend absolutely loved his crate, said it was the best gift he has received all year. Minor issue with the lid but everything was taken care of in the most professional and respectful manner. I can't wait to order another crate!

    8. 12/26/2014 Jason Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Great Gift

      I bought one for my Dad and one for my Uncle. They both really enjoyed getting them open. The whole family got entertainment out of that!

    9. 12/25/2014 Theresa Corn Outdoor Survival Crate 3

      glue vs nailed

      The glue was harder to get in to . Would have liked it much better if it was just nailed. Who ever glued it put to much glue. Not impressed at all.

    10. 12/25/2014 Myriah Outdoor Survival Crate 5


      My secret Santa loved it! The shipping was crazy fast and i would definitely buy from here again

    11. 12/25/2014 Unknown Outdoor Survival Crate 5


      My fiancé finally opened his man crate today! CHRISTMAS WIN!!! He loves it so! All the men in my house did. Only complaint is my special little note did not come in the box. It's ok though cause he would have probably thrown it away with all the papar.

    12. 11/29/2014 MM Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      for the guy that has EVERYTHING!

      Bought this for my husband a few months ago. He's a wannabe doomsday preppers and fascinated by that show. He LOVED this! The crate wrapped in duct tape was cool. He loved everything inside and started to read the book immediately. This was a very unique gift that he loved. Will definitely get others that fit his personality.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 40 | Next

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