Outdoor Survival Crate

Overcome the Outdoors.
  • Overcome the Outdoors.
  • Never go hungry. You can cook just about anything with this cookset
  • 5-in-1 multi-tool (collapsible shovel, axe, pick, saw, hammer) and a compass to boot
  • Paracord knife with firestarter
  • All you need to succeed in the Wild.
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The Call of the Wild

You heard it, and your instincts told you it must be answered. The last bar on your cell phone disappears as you drive into the foothills, all of your worries far behind in the rearview mirror. Miles from civilization, not even your cornflower-blue-shirt-wearing boss Tad can encroach on your weekend. You're off the grid.

The untamed wilderness is your proving ground. After all, there's no greater challenge than that of Man against the Elements.

The Great Outdoors

It's just you and an overgrown hinterland seething with insects and wild animals - just the way you like it. With only a few hours of daylight left, you set out in search of a suitable campsite.

Paul Bunyan had an axe and an ox, but you have a 5-in-1 multi-tool. You wield it with the strength and precision of a grizzled mountaineer. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before you trade in your sleeping bag for a log cabin, but you need to set up camp before something mistakes you for dinner.

You're a descendant of Man, and Man discovered fire. Yours is crackling merrily in no time with a few strikes of your firestarter. The camp is your domain - would-be predators keep their distance, and the chill leaves your bones.

Survival of the Fittest

In the morning, you boil water and whip up some hard-earned hot grub while consulting your dog-eared copy of the Army Field Manual. With luck, the only hairy situation you'll have is the prodigious beard that will inevitably sprout during your walkabout, but it helps to have the backup. Channeling John Wayne with a little cowboy coffee, you toast your first night of survival. Nature, 0. You, 1.

You feel invigorated. You make short work of striking camp, and take your bearings. If you end up in a staring contest with a mountain lion, you'll be ready.  It's going to be a good weekend.

Field Tested and Approved

Survival Contraptions

  • GSI Halulite Minimalist 1-person cookset
  • Multi-tool with carrying bag
  • Shovel, saw, pickaxe, hammer, hatchet heads
  • Built-in compass

Wilderness Trappings

  • FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual
  • Paracord knife with firestarter
  • 50 ft of paracord
  • Emergency blanket & glow sticks
  • Pemmican Meal Bar
  • Of course, Beef Jerky


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 11/13/2015 Cecily Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Awesome Sauce!

      This crate far exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried that my husband would think it was cheesy, lots of "these types of gifts" come with very low quality products inside, but not this bundle! I would definitely buy from Man Crates again and am excited to order other bundles!

    2. 08/26/2015 Juanita Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Outdoor Survival Crate

      Wish I could give this 6 stars purely on the fact that this was the first present my husband actually nodded his head and said "cool".

      The crate was fun, I knew to have a hammer close by after watching some other recipients on You Tube struggle with the crate. - but he's Manly, so he had no issues :-)

      The interchangeable tool was pretty stinkin cool - I was worried since I had done some research about this tool and saw some negative reviews - but as a backpacker, the weight and how compact it is, works for us. (and husband said, "huh, that's cool... so there's that too!)
      The meal kit is pretty clever, but I would beware of purchasing your stove until afterwards (or better research than me)... I bought a micro stove separately thinking I'd be a super clever wifey... and it didn't fit in the system. (nothing to do with ManCrate, just an fyi)
      The knife and fire starter is probably my favorite since I think it's just so clever to have that paracord wrapped up... so clever.

      In general all the items were pretty handy and a good addition to our backpacking gear.

      Thanks Man Crates - I think he may let me pick out his own Christmas gift this year... I'll be back!

    3. 08/25/2015 Angel Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Great Anniversary Gift

      I bought this for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary. He was super excited about everything that was included in this crate. He posted on his Facebook and all the guys were asking where he got it and wanted to know the cost because they were interested in getting one!

    4. 08/17/2015 Emilse Outdoor Survival Crate 4

      Outdoor man loved outdoor crate

      My husband loved everything about this crate, the only thing he pointed out is that items could have been of a better quality if you are planning on using them on a daily basis.

    5. 07/30/2015 JessyJ Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Great Gift. Husband loved it.

      James of man crates was really helpful and quick to respond to any inquiry. The first order was lost during delivery and James sent me a new one right away. I'm so happy I got it today in time for our anniversary. My husband was ecstatic when he saw the package. It's not just so cool in the outside but a lot of useful stuff in the inside. He loved it so much! Will definitely order again next time.

    6. 06/25/2015 Sam Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Dad loved it

      I sent one of these to my Dad for fathers day and he thought it was very cool! He thought the packaging was very unique and found several useful items inside.

      This was a last minute gift and man crates shipped it out right on time.

    7. 06/25/2015 Lizz Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      Father's Day

      I got this for my husband for Father's Day. He had fun opening it and loved the idea. I think the next time I order I won't get the duct tape wrapping. Other than that I was pretty impressed.

    8. 06/25/2015 Unknown Outdoor Survival Crate 5


      I got this for my son's birthday. He loved it! Great gift for the outdoor adventures guy!

    9. 06/24/2015 Shoshannah Outdoor Survival Crate 4

      Great Gift

      Dad was definitely excited to see what was inside. I was a little disappointed that the burner didn't come with the GSI Halulite Minimalist 1-person cookset. I would have paid for that being included as we will need to purchase it now.
      Otherwise it was a hit!

    10. 06/24/2015 Chelsea Outdoor Survival Crate 5

      He loved it!

      My fiance loved this gift for fathers day! He was so excited to open the box to see what could be inside. We will most definitely be purchasing from Mancrates again!

    11. 06/24/2015 Michelle S. Outdoor Survival Crate 4

      Bad. Ass.

      Bought this for my hubby for Father's Day. The crate/crow bar factor is without a doubt, fu**ing incredible. Showed up on my doorstep exactly as promised (2 days). He loves survivor stuff so this was ON POINT. He loves the book, especially. I would've rated 5 stars, but one of the corners on the crate was smashed in. Box was not damaged, so I know it went out like that prior to shipping. It's a small complaint compared to how great these products are, though. Thanks Man Crates!

    12. 06/23/2015 aaron Outdoor Survival Crate 3

      Gift for Dad

      This crate was awesome and everything was as promised. The only reason it wasn't 5 stars was the name on the box was wrong, correct address but wrong name so my dad didn't open it till after Father's Day... So he didn't get his gift in time... Great product though.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 80 | Next

    5/5 for 80 Outdoor Survival Crate reviews
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