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Hot and Spicy Crate

Delicious Hot Sauces and Snack Gift for Guys
  • Delicious Hot Sauces and Snack Gift for Guys
  • Spicy snack gifts for men
  • Hot Sauce Gift Set for guys.
  • Hot and spicy jerky.
  • Hot and Spicy Crate for guys.
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Everything You Know is Wrong

Maybe you know spicy. Maybe you're in the 1% of pilgrims that have actively sought out the most painful, deliciously masochistic foods to sample, but we're betting you're not.

Smart money says this crate is going to put a welcome-to-the-NFL, Dick Butkus hit on your tongue. Proceed with caution.


Only the Strong Will Survive

Some people just want to watch the world burn one tongue at a time, like the team over at Mad Dog 357 who specialize in delivering an unforgettable lesson in life-affirming pain.

This fierce collection of hot sauces is an unforgettable intro to the delightful world of flavor-love through pain:

Boomslang Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Toss out the Tabasco. This sauce combines the unforgiving bite of Africa’s most lethal snake with the relentless heat of the infamous Ghost Pepper. Great for concocting extremely dangerous homemade chili, tacos, and tuna salad.
Mad Dog 357 Sriracha Reaper Sauce Summon the savory pangs of sriracha at your next barbecue. This truly hot sauce will raise eyebrows and burst wide the floodgates of persistent perspiration.  Add to eggs, pizza, or nachos for familiar sriracha flavor and uncontrollable eye-watering.
Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce Deemed the Spectre of Spice, even the slightest drip of this extremely hot sauce will haunt tongues and imaginations for years to come. From tamales to tikka masala, a dab of this all-purpose sauce will raise the stakes and the average body temperature of any meal.

The Peak of Heat

You've got to get into some deep psychiatry to uncover a reason why anyone would willfully snack on fire. And yet we do. Carnivore Candy’s Volcanic Jalapeno Jerky is the highest peak, the temple on top of the mountain in the pilgrimage for pleasure through pain.

We've also made the perils and delights of this journey easy to share. If people ask you why you're crying, give 'em some Hot Headz Inferno Chips and Cornfero cinnamon ghost pepper popcorn. They're not as intense as the sauces, but they pack enough punch to disperse the skeptics and silence the naysayers.

It's put up or shut up time. This crate separates the men from the boys faster than your tastebuds can fire an all-points-bulletin, full-volume S.O.S.

Consumable Lava

  • Boomslang Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, 5 oz
  • Mad Dog 357 Sriracha Reaper Sauce, 5 oz
  • Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce, 5 oz

Palate Melters

  • Cornferno, 4 oz
  • Hot-Headz! Habanero Inferno, 2.1 oz
  • Carnivore Candy Jerky: Volcanic Jalapeno, 3 oz


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 106 | Next

    1. 02/28/2017 Marianne Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      Excellent service and great products!

      I ordered this crate for my husband who is in the Army. He was in training during Valentines and I thought this would be the perfect treat for him since he LOVES HOT STUFF.
      The crate got there in time, he was really excited to open the man crate and he loved what was in there. Unfortunately two of the bottles were broken. I sent an email the Customer Service and they solved it with great professionalism and it all went very smooth. I got to say that they even over exceeded my expectations and I am pretty picky about services. So if you want to surprise someone you love and care for, I would recommend Man Crate just because they will make sure you will be satisfied with the delivery.
      Plus! They have a Military Discount for our heroes.
      High five to the team at Man Crates!

    2. 01/22/2017 JMG Hot and Spicy Crate 3

      It was ok

      The sauces tasted like vinegar , must have been old. The snacks were the best part but really was looking forward to the sauces as that was the main reason for the order.

      Hey there JMG,

      Sorry to hear you were dissapointed in the quality of the crate! I have personally tried all of those sauces and can vouch for the fact that they definitely shouldn't taste like vinegar, while vinegar is one if the ingredients typically in hot sauce, the sauces included have nother notes of flavor besides heat and I'm sorry to hear that yours didn't have that extra bit of taste. Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send us an email to, and we'll do our best to make it right, promise!

      -Team Man Crates

    3. 01/10/2017 Tim Sams Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      BEST EVER!!!!!!!!

      I got this for Christmas and it was great. Had to open it with a little force, but it was worth it. I have eaten all of its contents and wishing it full again. This is the best gift ever.

    4. 12/27/2016 Melanie Elizabeth Johnson Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      This sh!t is no joke!

      I got this crate for my husband for Christmas. He loves hot sh!t, but it also has to taste good. He was skeptical at first, then he ate the chips, which he described as "frickin' awesome" in between gasps for air from the heat. Then he tried the popcorn. That soon became a dare for our friends..."Oh, try this, you'll love it!" We got a buddy of ours to try just ONE piece of the popcorn. He and my husband's reaction inspired me to use #mantears on twitter. So then my husband tried the sauces on some tortilla chips. Oh man, his face was on fire! One of our friends even refused to try any after seeing what my husband went through! It's no joke-it's hot AND good!

    5. 12/26/2016 TD McGee Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      A Fabulous Gift!

      I order The Man Crate for my fire-eating son, and he fully respected the heat. I got a chuckle watching him pry into the crate, but there was no joking around when it came to the sauces - they was legit. The Man Crate is the perfect gift for a fire-eater.

    6. 12/25/2016 Techmassey Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      Surprise Christmas Present

      My wife really went all out looking for something fun and interesting. It was not gift wrapped/duct taped but I quickly realized there were no "pull here tabs" or convenient edges to use for leverage.

      After about 10 min or so I manage to get it off and found a glorious bounty of awesome & pain!
      I'm a serious hot sauce guy and this is hands down just an awesome gift for a hot sauce lover in your family.

      In terms of the contents, I have not finished going through all of them but the Cornferno Caramel Corn is a winner. Watching my father-in-law try a few kernels and then suddenly jump like he saw a ghost was awesome!

      I also really liked the Mad Dog Sriricha Reaper Sauce. It has a good steady heat but rich in flavor. I'll be mixing this into my Sriricha Hot Salsa for the ultimate combo!

    7. 11/6/2016 Charles Mader Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      Birthday Present!

      Tested some asseninely spicy sauces from the Man Crates I got for my birthday today while learning Java (i'm a glutton for punishment), I've come to the following conclusions about some of Ashley Foods products...

      Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition is full body annihilation hot. It has notes of garlic, cayenne, vinegar, pennies, and bear mace with a delicate tear gas/fire extinguisher powder and cilantro finish. My taste buds were completely shot afterward. 7/10

      Pure Ghost is much like the above without any extracts of any kind from the plutonium sauce. It tastes a little sweet, a little smoky, and GOD DAMNED HOT! Not necessarily a "I regret my existence" hot like the 357 Gold Edition but more of a drooling desperate repentance for all that you've done in life. Then it tastes sweet again. 9/10

      Reaper Siracha is really good. Makes you sweat and or cry a little but is WAY more tolerable and doesn't taste like pennies and bear mace. It's like Sriracha Rooster Sauce sat down quietly in contemplation and lit itself on fire whilst questioning the nature of its own existence, realized it was on fire, ran around the room a few times and tried to put itself out with artisanal powdered spices. 9/10

    8. 05/20/2016 Kaleigh Hot and Spicy Crate 5


      They are not kidding about this sauce- IT IS NO JOKE. I ordered for my spice loving husband. He is no wuss when it comes to hot foods. The jerky and chips alone were a force to be reckoned with. I watched him and his brother cry through dinner when they put the Mega Death Sauce on their burritos. It was hysterical. All and all the box was great fun! The only way it could have been just a bit better is if the diabolical duct tape was put on the wooden crate itself and not on the cardboard box. It did not slow him down much. Excellent customer service and product- will definitely order again!

    9. 01/29/2016 Abby Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      Awesome Customer Service

      Got this for my Dad's birthday. He loved the whole concept, thought it was hilarious, especially since we gave it to him out at a restaurant. Can only imagine what our server thought about the guy at her table prying open a box with a crowbar! But even better than the gift was what I experienced after. There was a small mistake made with my order. Nothing that affected my dad's enjoyment of his gift. I contacted the company and Molly was super quick with a response and a great resolution! Was more than I was expecting, even knowing from previous reviewers that this team gives great service! I definitely recommend them and will be ordering again in the future!

    10. 01/26/2016 Jackie Hot and Spicy Crate 4

      Great Gift

      I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! He was very touched that I got him a "project" rather than just a gift. I will definitely be buying more gifts from man crates in the future!

      He actually realized rather quickly that the bottom of the crate wasn't gorilla-glued shut so it only took him a few minutes get it open.

      Generally speaking, the prices are pretty unreasonably high for the amount of product you receive. If it weren't for the awesome packaging and presentation, I probably would not purchase from here.

    11. 01/4/2016 angie Hot and Spicy Crate 4

      hot and spicy

      i was pretty awesome, and the husband loved it, however....It is REALLY hard to get into. the super duper industrial grade glue is a little much. he broke the crow bar trying to get in. I would buy this and other products again, but, i will make sure we have extra a hammer.

    12. 12/29/2015 Denise Hot and Spicy Crate 5

      Most Fun Gift!

      I recently gave this crate to my brother-in-law for Christmas. It was fun watching him try to open the gift. With the "gift wrapping" and the actual crate, it took him about 20 minutes to finally open his gift. Once he finally saw what was inside, he loved it. I would order again.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 106 | Next

    5/5 for 106 Hot and Spicy Crate reviews

    Man Crates Guide to Scoville Units

    So you plan to journey to the far shores of flavor, to the realm of insanely spicy.  You yearn to lean over the edge of the world and gaze through the sundered souls and broken bodies of those that lost their grip on sanity, just to see if you can pull yourself back.


    Welcome, Pilgrim.

    Spice is merely pain- glorious in affirming the mortal bonds between mind and flesh.

    The first step in your journey is to learn the language to describe that pain. You must learn the Scoville scale, the yardstick for those that want to describe the difference between 'excruciating' and 'unbearable'.

    A Common Tongue

    When early pilgrims sought words to share the sensations wrought upon their tongues by the intense heat of their foods they needed a unit of measurement.  It was agreed that the essence of a spice would be extracted from the food and five willing souls would agree to blindly judge its heat. Such spices tasted in isolation overwhelmed the senses and defied both useful description and comparison.  To the everyman a jolokia pepper and a habanero pepper are both "Really damn hot."

    The brilliance of Scoville's process was to dilute the spice with equal parts sugar solution, over and over again until the spice was neutralized. The number of times that the spicy extract had to be thinned before the heat was imperceptible to the five judges became the Scoville rating for that spice.


    The tongue is imperfect and the Scoville method an impure science, however it was sufficient for the early disciples of pleasure through pain to begin their transcription of somatic experiences into holy spicy writ. We're going to require some astronomical numbers to describe the level of spice you're going to encounter.  We'll rely on a physical analogy to ground ourselves, converting Scoville units to pounds of weight to drive the relative measure of pain we're describing.

    Scoville Ratings as Weights

    The Jalapeño- 3,500 Scoville Units

    The Jalapeño- 3,500 Scoville Units.  A Full Closet Vault- 3,500 lbs  


    Let's begin with a basic pepper, a staple of Latin American cooking- the Jalapeño pepper.  One doesn't have to venture further than the bar in their village to find Jalapeños on nachos, stuffed Jalapeño poppers, or jars full of pickled Jalapeños. Call it the first small step of your journey, a gateway pepper that's readily available and likely to lead to experimentation with heavier spices.

    Cayenne Peppers- 25,000 Scoville Units

    The Cayenne Pepper- 30,000 Scoville Units.  The Hubble Space Telescope- 24,500 lbs


    The Cayenne Pepper is what gives Korean kimchi it's kick, what gives Szechuan Chicken its wings. In western cuisine it's often the dangerous ingredient that turns a mild chili spicy. At almost ten times the Scoville units than the Jalapeño, the cayenne commands respect amongst the bold and inspires fear among the timid. If you struggle to handle the pain the capsaicin in cayenne peppers delivers, you're not ready for this journey.

    Turn back.

    Habañero Peppers- 200,000 Scoville Units

    The Habañero Pepper- 200,000 Scoville Units.  A Blue Whale- 200,000 lbs  


    An ancient Amazonian pepper, the habañero pepper changed the course of culinary history when the Conquistadors learned of it.  Weighing in at a whopping 200,000 Scoville units, the habañero was hotter than anything in the known world at the time.  It was carried on the wings of flavor-crazed demand through Europe's trade routes and into far-east Asia so quickly that habañeros can be found in traditional recipes hundreds of years old in cultures around the world.  Due to it's early, widespread adoption one must consider this a mainstream, though still dangerous, pepper.   

    The Jolokia Pepper- 1,000,000 Scoville Units

    The Jolokia Pepper- 1,000,000 Scoville Units.  Antonov An-225 'Cossack' 1,000,000 lbs


    To understand how hot the Jolokia pepper is let's talk about how heavy the Antonov An-225 'Cossack' is. The largest plane ever constructed by the Soviet Empire, the Cossack was designed to carry space shuttles on it's back and entire platoons of tanks in its cargo hold.  To refuel once with unleaded gasoline would cost roughly $143,788. There is no heavier earthly flying machine, and practically nothing hotter than Jolokia peppers.

    To eat Jolokias is to lick Satan's palms

    Also called Ghost Peppers, Naga Chilis, and the Vegetable King of Pain, Jolokias aren't a natural pepper, but a hybridized product of multiple pepper strains.  Only man could invent something so cruel. There are few occasions where man may cry- eating Jolokias is one of them.

    Don't be afraid. This is exactly what you wanted. Eat some Jolokia chips. Slather a hot dog in After Death Sauce.  Complete your journey.

    Hot Wing Roulette


    Here's a Fun Game

    Make or buy a delicious batch of thickly sauced barbeque chicken wings. That thick sauce will provide an opaque chamber that we can load up with lethal hot sauce later on.


    Everyone that wants to affirm their love of life puts their name on a slip of paper in a hat.  Pull two slips to determine who will face off in Hot Wing Roulette. Blindfolded, the participants sit opposite eachother with a wing in front each of them. Dress one wing with a healthy slather of Blair's After Death Sauce.


    Eat your wings with gusto.  Any hesitation is a clear sign of weakness and grounds for disqualification.

    Who wins? We're not really sure, but one person will get a mouth-scorching to remember. Pro-tip: If you put hot sauce on both wings while the contestants are blindfolded you double the chance that each one gets the hot wing from 50% to 100%.  Sounds like a win to us.


    Want to play?

    Send a Friend the Hot & Spicy Man Crate today.

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