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Retro Gamer Crate

  • Warning: this crate may obliterate entire nights of sleep. 2 classic Nintendo games waiting to be beaten and plenty of old-school fuel give you the sugar rush needed to hang tough.
  • Return to the halcyon days of sore thumbs, sugar binges, and high scores.
Orders received M-F by 3pm ET will be shipped same day. Weekend orders ship on Monday.

Retro Gamer Crate

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Before there were streaming services, before there were all-in-one media boxes, a video game console had one purpose. And when you got one for your birthday, you flipped out like the meaning of your entire existence on planet Earth had completely changed.

That momentous birthday seems shrouded in the mists of time. Your library of obsolete video games is the only reminder of those halcyon days when a sore and calloused thumb was a badge of honor.

Today's game systems are undeniably cool, but sometimes you just want to play - No menus, no movies, no fluff.


It's time to give your game collection new life. Muscle memory kicks in as you power through the classics on a Retro-Bit NES console. You remember the laser-like focus required to smash the backboard in NBA Jam. There's an entire section of your brain dedicated specifically to Street Fighter 2 combos. And you can thread the needle in Gradius better than Luke Skywalker barreling down the Death Star trench.

A Winner is You

A suite of sweets courses through your veins, mana from a lost age, endowing you with inhuman energy and endurance as you recondition your once-dominating reflexes. Revel once again in your accomplishments as you best the most unforgiving 8-bit games.


  • Retro-Bit NES Console
  • Two classic Nintendo game selections
    (crates are pre-sealed and assortment varies)
  • Red Vines
  • Bottle Caps
  • Mike & Ike
  • Nerds
  • Now and Later
  • Jaw Busters
  • Pop Rocks
  • Pez
  • In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar, without bows, ribbons or fluff.
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Product Reviews

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  1. "...coolest gift ever"

    Posted by Megan on 07/25/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    I bought this for my husband for our 4th anniversary. Once he had it all opened and laid out he said "this is probably the coolest gift ever!" The kid in him came to life in an instant! He was playing DinoKing with our 2 year old within minutes of opening the crate. I am not sure I will be able to top this gift! Thanks Man Crates!!!!

  2. Retro Gamers Delight!!!

    Posted by Leslie Rhodes on 07/22/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    Man crates are the BEST!!!!!!!

  3. fathers day gift

    Posted by sha on 06/23/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 4 stars)

    gift was great. my husband is enjoying his new toy.
    Shipping was an issue for me. I ordered it early and selected an arrival date but man crates forgot to send it so I didn’t get it till Tuesday after father’s day. I was refunded the shipping cost but i still would have liked to get my gift when it was promised

  4. Retro-Gamer crate

    Posted by Shari on 06/23/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    My husband, who is an avid gamer, absolutely loved his crate. He reverted back to his wee self and it was awesome to watch. Superb customer service!!!! Will be ordering more crates for sure. He even repackaged everything and brought it into work to brag. Major points for this chick. ;-)

  5. He loved it!!

    Posted by Unknown on 06/18/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    He was all smiles! definitely a hit!

  6. Retro-Gamer Crate

    Posted by Dawn on 06/15/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    My husband LOVED getting this for Fathers Day from my son! They went to a used game store and bought more retro games and played all day.

  7. Amazing

    Posted by Katie Robidoux on 06/9/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    Nothing beats watching a man in his primal state. It started with the grunting and yanking with his manly mancrate crowbar, as he wiped sweat off his brow. Then when it began to break open it turned to girlish cries of glee. He was so happy I was afraid I would have to type "he weeped tears of joy", thankfully it stopped with the squealing, and he dug into the box. Ohhh I love that candy, and WOW I wanted this game wayyy back when.. You know because we are like cave men, and old and stuff. He was thrilled and I captured it all on my handy phone camera and instagrammed the entire affair! Thank you MANCRATES for the best Father's Day gift I could have given my husband. It was so good I gave it to him early!

  8. It's quite awesome

    Posted by Brad on 06/3/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    So yeah, what's not to like, a crowbar and a crate for a 40th birthday present? I took a few minutes admiring the crate before I tore in to it. Out spilled the goodies of my childhood. Candies you used to secret away so you didn't have to share them, and, more importantly, the NES system. I dug the games out and found RC Pro Am and much to my dismay, Home Alone. Fortunately after one call to customer service, they replaced it with something far more bad-ass. I can't complain, awesome toys, and simply amazing customer service!

  9. Loved It

    Posted by Karen on 05/29/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    I had this delivered to my husband's office as a surprise anniversary gift. We are in our 30s so we were kids when the contents of this box would not be "retro" so it was a fun gift that impressed his office mates. It is also cool to be able to send something "manly" when most gift sites are lame or female-oriented. My hubby does not want flowers or chocolates or PJs.

  10. Perfect Gift!!

    Posted by Liz on 05/25/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    This was the greatest gift for my boyfriend. I was feeling really bad about being out of town for his birthday but I paid the extra shipping to make sure his crate arrived on his birthday and he was blown away. He was so happy and couldn't stop talking about how it was the best gift he's ever received. Incredibly unique and the perfect gift for someone who is difficult to buy for.

  11. Retro Gamer crate

    Posted by Angela on 05/7/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    Absolutely amazing gift for any guy! I was so excited for this to come and watching my bf open the crate with the lil crowbar was like my own gift...soo funny! Next time I wanna go for the duck tape one

  12. The Bomb!

    Posted by Walt Liggett on 04/27/2014 ( Retro Gamer Crate 5 stars)

    Getting harder and harder to get a fortysomething gamer the right birthday gift. My son went absolutely bananas when he got his mancrate. His favorite item? The Captain America Pez dispenser!!!

Showing reviews 1-12 of 34 | Next