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Disc Golf Crate

Straight like a hunting arrow and floaty like the ghost of whatever that hunting arrow hit, this 165g-175g putter holds an exceptionally long and stable glide.
  • Straight like a hunting arrow and floaty like the ghost of whatever that hunting arrow hit, this 165g-175g putter holds an exceptionally long and stable glide.
  • Designed for long-range distance and pinpoint accuracy, this disc sits between 155g-173g and is a versatile driver for all types of throwers.
  • Carries 10-12 discs, includes a built-in drink holder, and will look great on that one guy in your group who keeps being unanimously elected as the caddy.
  • This can koozie can hold a 12 oz bottle/can of choice and comes with sunflower seeds.
  • Can koozie can hold a 12 oz bottle or can of choice
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Roll Out and Hole Out

Golf may be a gentleman’s game, but some guys prefer avoiding the word “gentleman” when describing their sporting endeavors. Enter, disc golf.

From the outside, disc golf looks like a bunch of college-stuck drinking buddies goofing off under the guise of a sport that involves little strenuous activity outside the occasional tree climb; but when you look from the inside...well, it’s basically the same, but now you’re the one with the beer.

The Disc Golf Crate has the starter essentials to get any beginning disc golfer out onto the course and into the bushes and back onto the course and back into the bushes, etc...

High Tech Frisbees

MVP is the NASA of disc golf in that they’re near the top of their industry and they also don’t care to donate supplies to our prospective Man Crates Space Colony. MVP utilizes GYRO Overmold and Fission Microbubble technology for a steadier, sciencier flight with extra glide.

The MVP Tesla Proton Distance Driver has long-range, pinpoint accuracy, and the MVP Electron Atom Putter has a steady stable glide. They’re the ideal one-two intro combo and can be stashed in the MVP Cell Starter Bag along with the other 8-10 other disks bought or scavenged for in the future.

Discourse on the Disc Course

The disc golf courses are hot and rugged, so durable hydration containers are key. The Matte Black Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Beverage Holder can hold a 12 oz can or bottle of any liquid of choice. We’re also including BIGS Sunflower Seeds, the unofficial and unaffiliated snack of the PDGA.

The Disc Golf Crate is the perfect new hobby for the golf guy who thinks the nineteenth hole should come eighteen holes earlier.

Disc-y Business

  • MVP Cell Starter Bag
    (holds 10-12 discs)
  • MVP Tesla Proton Distance Driver
  • MVP Electron Atom Putter

Parts for the Course

  • Matte Black Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Beverage Holder
  • BIGS Sunflower Seeds


In a sealed, wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 09/13/2016 COLLEEN Disc Golf Crate 5

      Awesome birthday present for my guy!

      A wonderful shopping experience from start to finish.

      I stumbled across this company while searching for birthday present ideas for my husband's 55th birthday. I wanted to give him a collection of fun, unusual, handcrafted gifts. I loved this idea so much that I made an exception to it being "homemade" and bought the Frisbee golf crate. So glad I did! I had it gift wrapped in the duct tape and the opening of the crate was both a workout and fun to watch (TIP--take a video!!!).

      I think I received the crate within 2-3 days of ordering (I needed it right away).

      You will not be disappointed with a purchase from Man Crates--sure you can buy the stuff in the crate cheaper but you are buying a unique gift giving experience, not just the stuff inside. My husband loved it! DEFINITELY splurge on the "gift wrap"!

    2. 08/29/2016 GENA LITTLETON Disc Golf Crate 2

      Misleading Picture

      I realize it doesn't say specifically in the description that it comes with the the disc golf basket but I thought it did as the pictures are very misleading.
      Hi Gena,

      Thanks for your feedback! I'm sorry you felt our picture was misleading!

      We try our best to let you know in the product description on all of our product's pages about which specific items are included in that particular crate. We also try our best to show the product in action, which in this case is showing it in use at a disc golf course, and displaying the crate on a basket (typically baskets are around 5 feet tall and weigh about 120lbs, definitely not something we could fit in a crate, but luckily you can find them set up at disc golf courses around the world).

      Again, so sorry you found the picture to be misleading. Please give us a call or send off an email if there's anything we can do to help make this right!

      Lead Customer Champion
      Team Man Crates

    3. 06/9/2016 Kristie Disc Golf Crate 5

      My husband loves it

      My husband has been getting back into disc golf and this crate is perfect for him. He didn't own a bag to put his discs in and I knew he wouldn't buy one on his own. He loved the crate (didn't want to open it lol) This is the best crate for him! I know we will be ordering more.

    4/5 for 3 Disc Golf Crate reviews
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