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The Oscar 500's: The Ultimate Sunday Funday

Posted by Man Crates on

Introducing the first-ever Oscar 500's—an all-day extravaganza of cars and stars. Confused? That’s totally understandable...because we made it up. But this thing’s gonna catch on quick. On Sunday, two very different events will take place. You’ve got the Daytona 500, with its beer-guzzling, fist-pumping fan base. Later the same day, Hollywood’s 89th Academy Awards will bring out the fashion-forward cinemaphiles.

At Man Crates, we have fans of both events. So that got us thinking. How can we bring everyone together for an amalgamation of heart-racing slingshot passes and heart-wrenching acceptance speeches? With a grid, of course. (Drumroll) We give you the 1st Annual Oscar 500's Squares Pool Sheet.
Oscar 500's Squares Pool Sheet

How it works
Before you start thinking, “Whoa, that grid is giving me flashbacks to geometry class,” relax. It works just like the Super Bowl squares pool. On steroids. Partygoers, friends, family members, neighbors, crossing guards and that guy who always says hi to you at the donut shop can play. They just buy squares for a nominal price and mark their territory with their initials. PRO-TIP: If you have trouble filling out the grid, offer up a BOGO deal to everyone.

How to win
Of the 40 NASCAR drivers, there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finisher. Highlight those rows. Then, when the Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Picture Oscars are announced, you can line up the pool winners accordingly. Divvy up the prize money however your pool participants want. You can have fewer prizes at higher amounts. Or you can even spread around more excitement by giving smaller prizes to other winning combinations or rewarding the squares touching the winning ones. Want to hand out a truly memorable prize? You could toast the winners with the NASCAR Barware Crate.
NASCAR Gifts for Men

Or reenact a red carpet moment with the Phone-tography Pack.Photograghy Gifts for Men
Normally, mash-ups aren’t a good thing when it comes to racing. But imagine a world in which NASCAR fans embrace Meryl Streep, while movie lovers cheer on Chase Elliott. This Sunday, during the Daytona 500 and Academy Awards, it’s hip to be square. Just remember to thank us in your speech for the award for awesomest party ever.