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FINCEPTION: The Turducken of Trout

Posted by Man Crates on

For too long, the deliciousness of trout has gone underutilized and underappreciated. We've created a gourmet trout book of ingenious trout recipes. 

Introducing Fin-ception: The Turducken of Trout.

Finally, there’s a delicious, pescetarian-friendly feast, so your crazy Aunt Judy’s aversion to meat will never again force the family to endure the horrors of Tofurkey Thanksgiving.

We’re going to teach you how to impress your friends and earn the reluctant respect of your enemies with this fish-in-a-fish feast!


1 whole cleaned salmon (6-8 lbs)

1 whole cleaned trout

2 lemons

Fresh dill

4-5 sprigs of fresh Rosemary

Garlic and shallots

PREPARATION: Butterfly and debone both the salmon and trout, then remove the gills.

These techniques are taught in pages 5-7 of TROUT: Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast, as well as assorted pages on the Internet.


First, stuff the trout with fresh dill and lemon slices. Rub coarse sea salt into the flesh of both the trout and salmon.

Next, close the trout and insert it into the salmon.  

Push it forward into the body cavity until the head comes through into the mouth of the salmon for optimal presentation.

Stuff with lemon slices, rosemary, garlic, and shallots and bind with twine.

Bake or grill at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for roughly 1.5 hours, until trout is cooked.

Serve to a full table, and receive your standing ovation.

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