Sushi and Sake Crate


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In the Box

  • Sushi Tools:
    • 2 Pairs of Black Tipped Chopsticks
    • Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat, 10.5" x 10.5"
    • Recipe Cards Included
    • Roasted Seaweed Nori Sheets, 0.56 oz
    • Sushi Rice, 2 lbs
    • Wasabi, 1.52 oz
    • Rice Vinegar, 10 oz
    • Soy Sauce, 5 oz
  • Sake Tools:
    • 2 Personalized Pint Glasses, 16 oz
    • 2 Ceramic Sake Cups, 1.6 fl oz

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

  • Order today and it ships within 2 business days
    Order today and it ships within 2 business days
  • Choose your delivery date at checkout
    Choose your delivery date at checkout

When will it arrive?

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Just the Way He Rolls

Master sushi chefs train for years in the heat of a crowded kitchen, ceaselessly pursuing the perfect, palate-pleasing sushi roll. Now we’re not promising he’ll reach that level of expertise, but this gift will get delivered way quicker, and, if he’s had enough saké, the results are just as delicious!

The Sushi and Sake Crate feature a pair of personalized pint glasses, ceramic sake cups, and all the tools he’ll need to prepare the perfect sushi roll. There are step-by-step recipes and techniques for different sushi rolls, but he’s on his own to figure out those chopsticks.

Bring the sushi bar straight to his kitchen, and make his day a little brighter with the Sushi and Sake Crate.

Sushi Specifics:

  • Black and gray, ceramic saké cups are perfect for pouring quiet, single-servings of saké…or dropping them raucously into glasses of ice-cold beer.
  • Painted on both ends, these Hashi chopsticks are lightly lacquered for an authentic, timeless Japanese look.
  • An essential tool for any home sushi chef, this makisu rolling mat will perfectly sculpt the ideal sushi roll.

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