Outdoor Survival Ammo Can

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In The Box

Rustic Rigging

  • Waterproof, indestructible 30 cal ammo can
  • Collapsible shovel
  • Paracord knife with firestarter
  • Authentic FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual
  • 50 feet of paracord
  • Emergency survival blanket
  • Emergency glow stick

Back Country Consignment

  • Pemmican Meal Bar
  • Clif Bar
  • Clif Bar Mojo
  • Field Trip Beef Jerky

How It Ships

Ammo Can
In an authentic Man Crates Ammo Can. This is a NATO spec ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

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Luxury Breeds Complacency

Softened by summoning private taxis via iPhones, air conditioned cubicles, and the bounty of Costco foods- the general population today would balk at eating squirrel.

But not you.

Tools & Knowledge

You know how to dig a lean-to, how to summon fire from flint, how to determine the cardinal directions from the sun, the stars, and moss on trees. And you're equipped with the carefully selected survival essentials we've packed into a watertight, decommissioned .30 caliber ammo can, so that when worst comes to worst, you're ready to go.


If Rambo had this kit, First Blood would have been an eight-season reality TV show instead of a 90 minute film. Castaway would have been a light-hearted buddy comedy about a man and a volley ball if Tom Hanks had the kit on hand. If the Donner Party had been outfitted with the Outdoor Survival Ammo Can, today they'd be famous for their poetic descriptions of the Sierra Nevadas instead of their darker nutritional decisions.

Don't be the next Donner Party. Get your Outdoor Survival Can, and when you finish the premium energy packed snacks within, go get your first squirrel.

Customer Reviews

    Oct 16th 2017
    Great kit to start off with and build upon

    Got this as a surprise birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law. My thoughts on it:
    1) FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual is great for survival education; was EXTREMELY happy to find it in the box.
    2) Like Rothco gear, so the emergency blanket and paracord were also welcome additions.
    3) Nice sampler assortment of survival rations.
    4) Survival shovel seems pretty sturdy, though I have not tested it in the field.
    5) Was not too impressed with the made in China, stainless steel knife. My Bear Grylls paracord knife is similar, and my Mora Companion will still be my primary, but hey, you can't have too many knives. Plus points for including a firesteel.
    6) Ammo can is metal and heavy duty; can easily customize the contents and throw it in the back of your car for emergency situations.
    I debated between 3 or 4 stars. Either the price could've been lower or a better knife could have been included. Forgo the one time use glo-stick and include a hand crank LED flash light. Shovel takes up a lot of space, instead would've liked to have seen things like basic first aid items, a compass, emergency whistle, etc how about an emergency water pouch to wash down all the survival food. Since I received this as a gift and did not pay for it myself I'm going to give it 4 stars. Great concept and good effort.

    Sandra Silva
    Oct 26th 2017
    Great Christmas Gift

    I just currently bought this for my Husband for Christmas (2017) and being the guy he is, very adventurous and likes to learn much of survival like. I can already tell that he is going to love this and cannot wait for his reaction.

    May 17th 2017
    Sent to a glamper

    I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend who prefers to glamp while I prefer to camp in a tent. I had it sent to his workplace and it was a hit! His coworkers know he's not into camping so it was funny. Now he is ready to survive the next time I take him camping with me!

    Dec 18th 2016

    This was a gift for my boyfriend. He's a police officer and avid outsdoorsman. This was a great choice...he loves it and said he was going to order these as gifts too. It exceeded my expectations, and I have a happy boyfriend, which makes me a happy lady!

    Paula Kyle Dike
    Nov 27th 2016

    This is one of the best gifts I've ever given my husband. It is real quality items. Thanks for the special gift idea - IT'S GREAT!!

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