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  • Choose From 3 Wildly Addictive Flavors (24 oz each)
    • Original Man Chow
    • Love Chow
    • S’more Chow

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    Order in the next 6 hours and it ships today
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

When will it arrive?

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Wow Him With Chow!

Man Chow is our absolute favorite snack, and not just because we invented it. Salted pretzels, ginger-spiced cookies, and chocolate-smothered cereal bits coated with gourmet speculoos cookie batter and a double helping of powdered sugar? We’re drooling just talking about it.

Honestly, the only downside to Chow is that it eventually runs out. But now, you can easily reload the pantry with three mouth-watering flavors of that sweet, sweet chow.

Crush his cravings with even more Man Chow, the sweetest and most satisfying treat!

Three Chows, All Wows:

  • Classic Man Chow: The original Man Chow is one serious snack. Made of quality ingredients and drowning in chocolate and powdered sugar, it’s guaranteed to satisfy his sweet tooth…and the rest of his teeth, just to be safe.
  • Love Chow: Lovingly infused with dark chocolate and delectably dried strawberry slices, this Man Chow is guaranteed to tease and tantalize his taste buds.
  • S’More Chow: Featuring chunks of milk chocolate, mouthwatering marshmallows and a generous helping of golden graham crackers, this Man Chow makes the perfect fireside snack. Or bedside snack. Or any other side snack!

Customer Reviews

    Joan Self
    Jul 15th 2021

    It was totally awesome

    Jul 15th 2021

    Got my husband for Father's Day, he LOVED it. I was on the fence about getting this at first..... but I am back here just to get him another one, because he loved it.

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