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All reviews for Bacon Lover's Crate

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    Michael Cogburn
    Feb 14th 2023
    Record Time

    I got my Bacon Lover's Crate today for Valentines Day 2023 and had no clue what I had gotten. Removing the cardboard box was a breeze and then came the "what the heck is this?" The mini crow bar was quite cute and was just enough to remove the corner pieces from the crate with a little careful looking and prying; the main crate was glued and nailed except for one area I happened upon or I would have gone for more tools. With careful leveraging, at just the right side, the contents were revealed and I was shocked. I love Bacon and all the items were great! Thanks to my wife of 50 years for thinking that I would like this!! I actually loved it and enjoyed the challenge.

    A. Walters
    Dec 27th 2022
    Working for your food

    Man crates puts the "W" in working for your food. The crate was near impossible to open with the crow bar received. (I wonder if that's ) on purpose). The crated was nailed and glued together. It was tighter than Fort Knox! Lucky he also received the Survival crate. Being the creative that he is is used the shovel from that set to hammer the crow bar! We were all laughing and e joked the show. Once it was open he loved all of the bacon goodies.

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