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    Jun 24th 2021
    He loved it

    My dad loved this. As an extra bonus, he said it reminded him on the one his dad used. My mom loves the smell of the after shave. She's already asking where to get more.

    jean Davies-Montemayor
    Dec 4th 2020
    Man Create

    My husband loved it last year. But can't buy replacements

    TiAnn Taylor
    Feb 4th 2020
    My Dad Loved It!

    I bought the Clean Shave Crate for my father for Father's Day last year and he loved it so much that it has now become a tradition. I want to spread the love and give this amazingly awesome gift to my brother as well. Please keep me updated on when this one will be available again.

    Mark W.
    Oct 5th 2018

    I received this crate as a gift. The highlight is clearly the Shave Brush and the Razor. These two components are beyond belief The brush is hefty and solid. The razor is well made. These are actually better than the shave brush and safety razor I remember my dad using. The shave is fabulous. What a great gift.

    Stan Smith
    Oct 25th 2017

    Received this crate as a gift. The shave brush and the razor are unreal. The brush quality is something that I didn't think existed any more - it's that good. I can't wait to get up and shave!

    Yazzie H.
    Feb 14th 2016
    Classic Look

    My husband absolutely loved his man crate. It was a total hit. He told all his friends & family about it. He could not wait to shave. Watching him crack open the crate was the highlight of my morning and Yes!!! I did manage to capture it all on video. Thank-you man crate for making this Valentine's day so very special for him. The delivery was timely and everything was included. I will most definitely be shopping from here again.

    Jan 29th 2016
    He loved it!!!

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he LOVED IT!!! He had so much fun opening it and uses his items every day. He has a nice beard that he really cares about and loves using the products on a daily basis. He still tells people about the crate and items in it. Definitely a great product and will come back for more! Thanks Man Crates!

    Dec 28th 2015
    Christmas gift

    Gift for my father in law and he LOVED it! The quality of the items inside are wonderful! Thank you Man crates!!

    Rene Mabe
    Dec 26th 2015
    A Merry Christmas from Oregon

    The packaging was great! He finally took his hammer and chisel to the lid. He loved the kit. The quality is top notch. Definitely a home run on the Christmas list!

    Victoria Sievers
    Dec 25th 2015
    The Best Gift Ever!

    I'm not sure what was the best part -- seeing my man opening the crate or his delight at seeing the goodies inside. A great gift that I highly recommend! PS: take pictures or videos of you guy pointing the crate. Priceless!!!

    Dec 16th 2015

    Was first nervous about shaving with a old fashion double edge but got the knack of it right away and enjoying the close shaves. I use in conjunction with a product called RazorGuard and one blade lasts me about 60 days!

    Carlene Smith
    Dec 2nd 2015
    My husband loved it! I got it right this year!

    He could not stop talking about this gift! He loved the packaging and everything inside! The gift was a total hit!

    Nov 21st 2015
    Amazing product

    After getting this product as a birthday present from two of my best friends, I could not wait to go home to try the product. After using it for two weeks now I can say that this product is quite amazing. Now I have to keep my father and my son away from it. Thank you Chris L. and Sasha P. for the present.

    Sep 10th 2015
    Man Up, Shave Down

    After wrestling with the fist full of iron that is the ManCrate crow bar, my brother pried open his path to facial hair freedom and was instantly impressed. Knowing that our grandfather shaved with the same style of razor and we envied his setup, this was the perfect 30th birthday gift. The oil is a nice pop and makes you feel like your grandfather's heir to the throne, the beaver hair does an outstanding job of lathering up the sandpaper-style stubble protruding from his pores, and the heavy razor handle makes you feel like your razor is gliding across a fresh sheet of ice as it eliminates any follicles along the way. Not only that, but the aftershave is a crisp and refreshing burn and they even threw in a towel that we dampened, heated up, and placed over his face to allow a gentle steam to top it all off.

    Yeah, he loved it.

    Jul 26th 2015

    I got this as a birthday present for my boyfriend. He uses this product everyday and was more then thrilled with it. I'm throughly impressed with everything that came within in this kit, and so is my boyfriend. Also the Customer Service is amazing!! I wanted this gift delivered on a certain date since it was for his birthday. There was a mix up and it went out right away. All it took was one phone call and the recalled the original box and set up a new shipment for the date that I wanted. You guys are awesome!!! I look forward to doing future business with you guys!

    Jul 22nd 2015
    Big hit!

    Bought the clean shave kit for my hubby. He loved the creative packaging and was impressed with the "beefy crowbar". Great quality with all items in the crate. Nicely done, man crates, nicely done!

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Best Gift Ever

    My father in law loved this gift. He thought it was the best gift ever and it was very reminiscent of what was used back in the day. the duct tape was a plus and added excitement to the gift.

    Jun 7th 2015
    loved it

    I bought the shave man crate for a friend and he loved it. He did not have all the products that was promised to him in the crate so I called customer service and within 5 minutes they sent out the replacement pieces with no problems what so ever. I will continue to buy products from the site because the boxes not only Rock but so does there customer service!

    May 22nd 2015
    so cool

    Got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. Also loved the crashes it came in, he had fun opening it up.

    Sandie Hampton
    May 15th 2015
    Hubby's 10th Anniversay present

    It was quite a hit. Hubby loved the duct-taped box and then to be further amused with the wood crate and crowbar. When he saw what qas inside, he couldn't wait to shave. He really liked the bergamot after shave and he HATES to wear aftershave. Thak you for allowing me to continue the tradition of giving him a unique gift. You guys are the bomb!

    May 5th 2015
    Great Gift!

    Gave this to my dad for a birthday present, he loved it! My husband was a little jealous so I may be buying another one. Fast shipping as well. Thanks Man Crates!

    May 1st 2015
    Great Gift

    I bought this a month ago for my brother's birthday.
    Delivery time is super great, I got my package in 3 days, the crate is an awesome idea and the quality is fantastic.
    My brother loved it.
    Worth every penny.

    Apr 13th 2015

    Got this as a gift. Best thing I've ever received, no joking. I'm finally shaving like a real man, and it's so dang worth every minute you spend in the mirror, grooming my ruggedly ugly face. It's kind of like Jesus himself is giving you smooches as you shave like Grandpa used to do.

    Feb 24th 2015
    Two Thumbs Up!

    I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's day and he absolutely LOVED it! He ran around showing all of his friends how awesome the crate was along with everything inside. Not to mention how great his shave is now! Best gift ever.

    Feb 18th 2015

    Thank you so much! My boyfriend LOVED this! And so do I. His manly beard needed the TLC this crate provides. YALL ROCK!

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