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    Feb 6th 2016
    Gift for BIL

    They seemed very pleased

    Jan 5th 2016
    Loved it!

    I gave my fiance this crate for Christmas since he always said he wanted to learn how to be a bartender. It's a creative, fun, and thoughtful gift...he loved it!

    Dec 25th 2015 Perfect

    I bought this for my fiance as a Christmas gift. It quicker than I had expected (awesome shipping and processing). I could not wait to see him open it. Finally, Christmas Day he tore through the wrapping paper. He got to the box and was confused for a minute. "What am I supposed to do?" I told him we could look at the directions but he's a guy and guys don't need directions. So eventually he got it open and absolutely loved it. It came with quality-made items and lived up to it's hype. The Man Crate is definitely a worthwhile purchase. I highly recommend this awesome concept, even for the manliest of men. Thanks Man Crate Makers People!

    Nov 20th 2015
    Super Fun!

    Awesome crate, was a party hit!

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