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    Jennifer wife of Pleased Ricky
    Feb 20th 2021
    Salt Addict’s Dream!

    I got this for my husband. The account I also put in his name. But I have to review and tell you he was so happy and loves the salt so much he ordered a grinder for them so they would last longer. Lol! He puts salt on everything even salads so this was quite a treat for him. Looks like I’ll be ordering more when he runs out.

    Elizabeth Pickering
    Jun 10th 2020
    Salt lover's new best friend

    I bought for my husband for his birthday as a last minute gift. He puts salt on just about everything even if it is already cooked with salt. He opened the package and was so excited to see the different flavors of salt. He put a little of the hickory smoked on his lunch and absolutely loved it! He's thinking of all the different dishes he can use each salt on. He may never use plain table salt to flavor his food again!

    May 23rd 2020
    Salt sensation

    I got this for my salt loving momma, and this is her report, it was a hit: OMG!! Sriracha is TO DIE FOR!! Loving it on a big bowl of Brussels sprouts as we speak! Bacon is delish. Great, real flavour...not artificial. Hickory smoked seems to be truly smoked. Smells amazing. Rosemary Lemon will be great on a roast. I really like how true the flavours are. Just one wish: The jar could use a sprinkle lid so you can shake out the salt. You currently need to pinch it with your fingers to deliver it to your food. But then you get to lick your fingers so I have no idea what I’m talking about! :)

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