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    Marellen Pierce
    Dec 26th 2022

    I bought 5 different crates, and it was a huge hit for Christmas. They loved the crates. I'll will be buying for other occasions.

    Ashley Lee
    Jun 17th 2019
    Awesome gift!

    This crate was so fun! I purchased it for my dad for Fathers Day. He is super hard to shop for and he loooved this. Everything was better than expected and customer service is amazing!! I definitely recommend.

    Angela Ritsman
    May 23rd 2019
    Love this company and this crate!

    I purchased this crate for my husbands birthday. He loved opening the crate! It’s such a unique gift and opening it is half the fun. Once he opened it, one of the bottles was broken, so I emailed to see if I could get a replacement. I was emailed back right away and a replacement bottle was sent out, free of charge. Unfortunately fed ex didn’t seem to understand the term “fragile” and the replacement was damaged in transit again. I emailed again to let them know and again got a response right away and a second replacement was sent out immediately, and again free of charge. They even threw in a package of beef jerky for my troubles. This company gets 5 stars for communication and customer service! Everyone I spoke to was so nice and accommodating. Will absolutely buy from them again!

    janet fisher
    Dec 25th 2018
    sriarcha crate

    I bought this for my son-in-law--he had a hard time opening it so he opened it from the bottom,,he didn't want to break the crate and he loved it so was fun watching him trying to open it.

    Dec 19th 2018

    My wife bought this for me for Christmas and I loved it. It was fun opening it. I loved all the food and hot sauces that was in it.

    Kayla Burroughs
    Jun 12th 2018
    Inhelica was a hellova' service consultant!

    My brother came home from overseas so I wanted to surprise him with a little hello "Time to get sauced!" treat! He received the wrong crate order, but the service consultant at Mancrates, Inhelica, immediately began working on a plan to express order his crate along with an additional treat to boot! Thanks for remedying the situation!

    Shelley R.
    Apr 18th 2018
    Great Gift and Better Customer Service

    I ordered this for my husbands birthday, unfortunately when we received it the bottle had exploded in shipping. I called the company and they said they would send another one out right away with overnight shipping, no further questions asked. I didn't receive it and figured it got lost somewhere, so I called back. I happened to speak with the same gentleman from the first call, he sincerely apologized and said there was a labeling issue but would get one sent out right away again! He even refunded my shipping from the original order! He also told me he would call me back to check on the status. If that isn't GREAT customer service I don't know what is. I will definitely be ordering from this company again!

    Michelle Crantek
    Apr 6th 2017
    Awesome Surprise

    Ordered this for my husband just because he loves sriracha and I can hardly ever surprise him. He enjoyed everything in the box! When we received the sprayer for the sauce, it didn't work. I called customer service and they sent a working one right away and even included an extra snack! The customer service is on point. I will be ordering again!

    John Gardner
    Feb 16th 2017
    Father's Day Fun

    What a great gift idea! My wife gave me the sriracha box for Father's Day. The presentation of the box in the mail and the fun of opening the crate was perfect. The box is filled with great food and snack items. I can't wait to use the spray pump sriracha bottle. I even smashed my finger with a hammer while trying to pry the box open! I hope I get another one next year!

    mike smith
    Aug 6th 2016


    Dawn Williams
    Jun 2nd 2016

    Got the sriracha box for my husband for his birthday. He just looked at the crate for a minute like what?? He seemed to have a good time opening the crate with the crowbar and was excited about the unique products inside. My 6 year old was totally jealous and asked for one for his birthday! I will definitely order again!

    Melinda Wray
    Feb 17th 2016

    I got this for my husband for Christmas last year and it was a hit, He LOVED it !!! now the crate is stained and he put with hinges on the lid and handle is the crow bar. guess what hes getting for our anniversary woo hoo LOL
    Melinda Wray

    Heather Fingland
    Feb 15th 2016
    Gift for Overseas

    The recipient of this crate was my brother-in-law who is stationed overseas with the Navy and of course he LOVED it. I can't say enough great things about how easy it was to place an ship the order overseas. All his coworkers are jealous! Thank you for making it so easy for us to surprise him.

    Feb 13th 2016
    Valentine's Day Winner

    My husband is almost impossible to surprise, but this crate did it! He loved everything about it (especially the popcorn), and is even planning on using the crate in his workshop. I will absolutely be ordering another crate for him in the future.

    Tami Howard
    Feb 11th 2016
    Totally Impressed!

    I ordered this kind of last minute for a Valentine's Day gift for my Sriracha-loving boyfriend. I ordered it on the 8th of Feb and paid about $13.00 for shipping to get here on time (2 days). When I tracked the package through Fed-Ex, it said it would take 6 days. I emailed customer service and received a FAST response from a "Will" who explained that tracking system is not always accurate and it should still arrive in the 2 days. What impressed me was he offered another shipment FREE of charge if my package didn't arrive by the 10th and he would over-night it to assure it would be here on time. The package DID arrive on time and it is HEAVY! I am sure my boyfriend will love it, the packaging alone is impressive! But I was blown away by the customer service. Great job!! I will definitely order again and recommend! :)

    Jan 30th 2016
    Merry Christmas

    My daughter bought this for me for Christmas. While I received very nice and thoughtful gifts from my kids, this was exceptional. I love(d) it!

    Dec 30th 2015
    Christmas gift for a girl!

    I ordered this crate for my nail lady, yes I know it's a man crate but she loves Sriracha. She is all of 4 feet tall and had a heck of a time opening it. She absolutely loved it after about 30 minutes of struggling to get it open. Just want to say that you can gift these to women too!

    Dec 29th 2015
    Fun Christmas surprise!

    About the product: I bought this crate for a good friend for Christmas. I don't know what he loved more the contents or the packaging! He devoured the jerky and is infatuated with the sprayer, it's going on everything (as it should) the crate was exactly as advertised - tough to break into, which is so much fun!!!

    About the service: There was a bit of a glitch and my order didn't ship right away - luckily the superb customer service agents at man crates were on it right away. Once they noticed the mistake, they sent it via expedited international shipping right away. I can't say enough good things about my experience dealing with the people at man crates... I'm from Canada and they made the crazy exchange rate easier to swallow. I don't mind paying for a quality product and exceptional service.

    Dec 28th 2015
    Merry Christmas!!!

    After the great success with the Man Crate I got my husband for his birthday, I bought the Sriracha crate and Exotic meats jerky gram for my dad for Christmas. He's tough to buy for, but he likes HOT and spicy foods. He's also a retired engineer and enjoys problem solving. This gift really fit the bill. It took him a while to get the crate open but he enjoyed every minute. He was impressed with the packing and variety of the items and even enjoyed trying to make everything fit back into the crate. My brother, another engineer and problem solver really wanted to help out....Guess what he's getting for his birthday!

    Dec 28th 2015
    Perfect Christmas Gift!

    My husband loves Sriracha and is hard to shop for. Soooo, this is perfect! He loved everything in it, especially the "Pain Is Good Fire-Roasted Green Srirach-AH Pepper Sauce". Very tasty and actually not as hot as we anticipated which was good because sometimes when hot sauce is too hot, it just as fun to eat. I highly recommend this crate.

    Dec 27th 2015
    Manliest way to eat Sriracha

    For Christmas, we bought this crate for our uncle, who LOVES Sriracha on everything! He was so excited about having a crate under the tree, and even more stoked about a crate full of things he didn't even know came in Sriracha flavor!


    Dec 25th 2015
    Great gift for my son-in-laws

    This was a great gift! The unusual packaging stoked a race to see which was the strongest "man" and prolonged the anticipation! The products were were "cool" and very well received. Will definantely do this again!

    Dec 9th 2015
    Awesome birthday gift

    I bought this crate for my dad's birthday. He loves anything Sriracha, so I knew he would love this! This was the first time I had ordered from ManCrates and I was very impressed. Unique gift ideas, fast delivery and a very happy dad!

    Dec 8th 2015
    Legit birthday Gift!

    I was soooo excited to give this to my boyfriend for his birthday, I was low on money and this was the only gift i had, Once he started opening it i could see the joy and wonder in his face! This is an amazing gift idea!!! I will be doing this for more occassions!!

    Dec 7th 2015
    Lots of work

    I got this as a gift from my girlfriend and after figuring out how to open it with lots of cursing the makers. I was completely happy with it. The sprayer was the greatest idea I have seen and am pissed I never thought to do that. Everything in it was amazing and a great combo. Thanks for this idea

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