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All reviews for Soft Pretzel and Beer Cheese Making Kit

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    Kelly L
    Dec 30th 2017
    agree with the one review.

    The pretzel making part is fun and they are delicious, but leave out the cheese part, no ingredients for the cheese part are included (but the activating tablet/Vegetable Rennet) and once you purchase the ingredients, its a two day process.
    My husband would actually like to buy more, but minus the cheese.

    Brittany Hortert
    Dec 27th 2017
    It’s only a pretzel making kit

    The package comes with almost all the ingredients for the pretzels which is great! But it’s a bit misleading because there is not a single ingredient for the beer cheese. Just a website link on what you have to buy to make it. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if the title hadn’t said it was a pretzel AND beer cheese making kit. A little bit bummed, but my guy like the pretzel making kit part :)

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