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    Kim Turner
    Jan 31st 2023
    Great Valentine's gift for my gun loving, survival enthusiast boyfriend

    He loved this crate and was surprised when he opened it and it was full of beef jerky. My only complaint is that he won't share his jerky! Love this site, and will definitely be back for other gifts for the men in my life!

    Donna Stading-Smith
    Dec 26th 2022
    1st Time Buying 5⭐

    Outstanding!! Gave to my son and son in law. Both guys thought their jerky tasted better than expected. They loved the amo case it came in. Best Christmas gift ever 2022!! Thank you

    Edward Recor
    Jun 21st 2022
    Best gift

    Was the best Father’s Day gift from my son love it

    Feb 12th 2022
    My husband loved it!

    I’ve purchased quite a few of these crates for my husband and this one is his favorite! The ammo can is a heavy duty, legit piece of equipment and the jerky is top of the line.
    These gifts are my go-to for birthdays, Christmas, you name it.

    Happy Dad
    Dec 26th 2021
    Christmas Present for a Carnivore

    I received this as a Christmas Present from my thoughtful family, and it might be the best gift I received. Besides the Jerky being amazing, the ammo can is now filled with .223 and range ready.

    Tom Merrill
    Nov 7th 2021
    Their only getting better!!

    This is the third Man Crate my daughter has gotten me and for my 71st birthday it was just right...
    You guys have the best suppliers for the products included, keep it up....

    Wayne Schroader
    Feb 22nd 2021
    Birthday gift

    I received this from my special daughter, her husband, and son! Very surprised and excited! Going to love the jerky and already plan on putting the ammo can to good use! Very unique and I plan on getting some of these for my friends!

    Oct 14th 2020

    Got for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loved it!

    Oct 10th 2020
    Great purchase

    I bought this for my dad for his birthday. He really enjoyed the jerky and now has an extra ammo can. Highly recommend!

    Ronnie Jackson
    Jun 20th 2020
    Great gift!

    I bought this for my dad for Father’s Day, he loved it! He thought it was a great surprise and a unique gift ideal. Plus he can never have to many ammo cans.

    Jun 19th 2020
    It Was Amazing!

    I enjoyed it very much the option they gave me was amazingly great. I loved the jerky that was in this pack.

    John B
    Apr 10th 2020
    Loved it!

    My daughter sent this to me for my Birthday. The funny thing is that I duct taped one of her Christmas Gifts a year ago in place of gift wrap. Well she got me back, I thought she had it sent to her home, then taped and shipped it to me. What an awesome thing for them to offer, diabolical wrapping! The Jerky is tender and tasty. I love spicy, so the Habanero jerky was my favorite. And now I have another ammo can!

    Taylor Krogsgaard
    Feb 13th 2020
    Awesome Gift

    Bought one for my dad for his birthday and he loved it. He was super excited and said it was a unique gift that really surprised him. Very happy with how it came out.

    Heather Schrock
    Feb 12th 2020
    Awesome !

    I bought this product for my fiancé and he LOVED IT ! It’s hard to shop for him because he is very particular about what he likes. He owns a gun range so the fact that the jerky came in an ammo can was perfect !

    Vincent M.
    Jan 24th 2020
    Birthday Present

    I received one from sister over 1,000 miles away this week for my Birthday. This is a first time experience and I am truly impressed. Such B A products. Order one, you will not regret it.

    Alicia Cook
    Jan 6th 2020
    Great Gift

    Another fantastic gift for my husband. I even managed to get him to share with me. Loved the variety and loved the value. Will purchase from this company again.

    Jun 27th 2019
    Awesome gift

    I received this ammo can as a birthday present. Totally surprised. It is just a perfect gift.

    Jorge Ramos
    Jun 23rd 2019

    I was totally surprised by my grandchildren present on father's day. I love guns, the ammo can full of goodies was outstanding.

    Jun 16th 2019
    Total Surprise!

    Totally surprised my husband two days before Father's day with this ammo can. It was delivered about the time I was headed to work. I brought it into the house and handed it to him. He had no idea what it was. As I walked out the door, I told him 'happy father's day' and left him with the mystery box. I got a few texts from him later that evening while I was at work, saying how surprised and grateful he was. He loved all the food and took some to work with him on his next work day. Thank you so much for making this available for Awesome fathers like him! Have a great day!

    Dan Sorum
    Jun 13th 2019
    Even The Cardboard Box Was Awesome.

    Just got this from my wife for our anniversary. Loved it. The ammo box is very nice and will have use for a long time. The food inside was great. Even the cardboard box it shipped in was fun to read. Nicely done Man Crates.

    Brandi Moore
    Jun 8th 2019
    Best Christmas gift

    My husband received this for Christmas. He said it was the best gift he received. He is active duty army, that’s why we picked the ammo can for him!

    Judy Heiss
    May 24th 2019
    Holy Crow!

    My husband loved the Jerky almost as much as he LOVED the ammo box! He has several ammo boxes but this one was NOT plastic. This one was the USMC
    metal, just like boot camp He's a "Once a Marine, always a Marine" grandpa who would reenlist in a heartbeat and tried after 9-11. We've been married for 49 years; he is my protector and the love of my life!

    Tosh Ramsey
    Feb 21st 2019

    I bought this for my fiance for Christmas and it was everything I was expecting! The meat was fantastic, the energy bars were....interesting but still tasteful. He loved the ammo box it came in and now uses it to store some of his ammunition! thank you ManCrates!

    Julie Malecot
    Feb 16th 2019
    Best Valentine’s Day Gift

    My husband always complains that all the holidays are geared for women so when I stumbled on Man Crates I knew I found something great. I chose the jerky and nuts crate because he loves both but the crate it came in was the selling point. I was right. He was like a little kid opening his favorite gift on Christmas morning. He already has amo boxes and he says this is a “for real box”. I’m already planning my b
    Next purchase. I’ve also signed up for the reminder messages that will come prior to my two sons and nephews special days. This is my new favorite find.

    Kelley Candee
    Jul 6th 2018
    The Real Deal!

    I just ordered this for my son's 32nd birthday and
    he absolutely loved it!! He lives in Texas and I am in South Carolina so I have yet to see the product in person, but he
    texted me a picture and said it was totally legit and he has plans for the ammo case. He said the snacks inside are fantastic!! Thank you ManCrates for helping make my son's day even when I'm so far away!

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