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    Jeff Shrader
    Aug 23rd 2018
    Cigar Humidor

    This has to be one of the greatest gifts my daughters gave to me. It is perfect. As a matter of fact it is perfect. When ever I get a new load of cigars in I always put them in this Humidor to get them stabilized. The darn thing works amazing well - love it, love my daughters for giving it to me.

    Edward Babaian
    Jan 3rd 2018
    All-around awesomeness.

    I received this as a gift from my brother and will now be purchasing a few for a couple of my friends. Quality product, excellent lighter, and for those who don't know, the Xikar cigar cutter that it comes with is one of the best cutters you can have. Xikar's come with a lifetime warranty. Anyway, awesome stuff.

    Dec 7th 2017
    Cool Item

    Loved the concept of this item and it is very unique. However, it defeats the purpose of having the Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon option for $10 if someone writes in big letters "cigar humidor ammo can" on the tape. Kind of kills the surprise. lol

    Alissa Eberbach
    Dec 19th 2016
    Amazing Customer Service

    This company has one of the best customer service teams I have ever worked with. When I ordered the humidor, I forgot to add the percentage off I had, I emailed them and within an hour they emailed me back and applied the discount. The item shipped incredibly fast. Down side the item came with a few dents, but when I reached out they quickly resolved the issue no questions asked. They even went ahead and sent a new one out without any hesitation and is having fedex come pick up the old one. 10/10 - I will definitely order from Man Crates again! Thank you Man Crates!

    Melinda P
    Dec 10th 2016

    I ordered this as a Christmas gift from my brother who likes both cigars and guns/ammo. The humidor itself is built into the ammo can, which was a pleasant surprise. I am soooo happy with my purchase and I'm sure my brother will feel the same way. It was also nice that I received it within a week of ordering. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

    Aug 22nd 2016
    Husband Bragged To All His Friends

    I cannot tell you enough how much my husband loved getting this as a Father's Day gift! He bragged to all of his friends what an awesome gift I gave him. My husband is an avid gun shooter and loves to smoke the occasional cigar so receiving a gift that tied these two loves together... PERFECTION!

    Jun 11th 2016
    A Very Happy Birthday

    My future wife got me the Ammo Can Humidor and Lighter for my birthday and I can tell you this is the BEST Humidor out there! The torch in the classic Zippo style is just "too cool for school"!

    May 17th 2016
    Love it !!

    My daughter in law bought me this for a Christmas present. It really is the coolest present I've had in a long time. All my buddies want one (or mine). Highly recommended !

    Apr 29th 2016
    Man Crates...


    Hubby love, love, loved it! My brother was sooooooo jealous he called his wife (right after mu hubby opened it) and said, "Here talk to Sis, she just gave Scott a really awesome birthday present and I want one too!"

    Mar 30th 2016
    Perfect Re-enlistment Gift

    I got this for my boyfriend's re-enlistment present and he absolutely loves it! The product arrived two days after shipping and in perfect condition.

    Feb 5th 2016
    Very Happy

    There was a minor crack in the wood and I was so pleased by the kind and accommodating response from Charlie to help! They had run out of more from the holidays but as soon as more were in, a new one was sent. My husband was so happy. Great company and wonderful to work with! Thank you Charlie!!

    Jim Kirkendall
    Jan 18th 2016
    Christmas Present

    Wife got this for me for Christmas. She nailed it. Humidor works well, check it once a week and refill as needed. Having a military background, easiest opening ammo can I have ever used. The aroma that comes from the can when I open it is like the aroma that one finds in a cigar store humidor. As soon as they come back in stock I am ordering one for my son, an Army SSGT.

    Dec 28th 2015
    So amazing!

    I got this for my boyfriend for Christams. He has a humidor alreayd but i figured he might want a neat looking one. When he opened it he was super shocked that the ammo case was a humidor. Right away he took all his cigars from his other humidor and transfered them into this one. He was excited about the lighter and the cutter. I was so thrilled to see how much he liked this gift.

    Dec 27th 2015
    Great gift!

    Got this for my husband as a Christmas gift in Dec 2015 and he loves it, especially the ammo case that surrounds the humidor. And he was excited about the quality of the cutter and the lighter that came with the case. As a nod to Man Cates customer service, I opened the case shortly before Christmas to add a cigar to complete the gift when I realized there was a crack in the wood inside the case. I contacted customer service and they rushed me a brand new crate to replace the cracked version! And I still got in it time for Christmas. Amazing customer service on their side!!

    Dec 27th 2015

    I purchased this for my boyfriend for Christmas...he loved it. What a great man gift. I will definitely purchase from here again.

    Dec 11th 2015
    Cigar Humidor

    I purchased this for my husband about a year ago and to this day he says it's the best humidor he has. He loves it and keeps it in the kitchen next to his scotch....and I'm ok with that because he really is the best.

    Nov 24th 2015
    Perfect Man Gift!

    Gave this to a friend for his 60th birthday. He's one of those guys who has everything and I wasn't sure what to get him. I knew he smoked an occasional cigar and thought he'd love the ammo case being that he's also a firearms enthusiast. This gift blew his mind! He loved how unique it was! I was so excited that it made him so happy!

    Molly Cassady
    Nov 22nd 2015

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my Dad who has the best of everything he's ever even thought he might want. He absolutely loved this humidor from the unique design to the quality of the product. He just told me that he'd taken it on a trip and it sounded like he was a little surprised at how well it worked. I guess he'd secretly assumed that if it was in my budget it probably wasn't up to his standards, but not this time! He raved about how fresh the cigars were and that it was the perfect size to travel on top of just looking really, really cool. Definitely hit a home run with this one, so happy with my purchase!

    Nov 10th 2015
    Great gift and well done

    Gave this to my husband for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. The ammo box humidor sits proudly on our bar where he intends to keep it. Very clever packaging by the way. The cutter and lighter were also top notch.

    Nov 10th 2015
    Crazy good!!!

    I bought this for my husband's 61st looks like real armed forces box and very hefty in weight...lined in cedar!! If you are looking for a man's man gift...THIS IS IT!! I can't say enough...I would buy again and again 100 times over!! My husband thinks it's pretty cool and immediately started using his new toy!

    Maryellen Brown
    Oct 26th 2015
    cigar man crate

    I sent the humidor man crate to my brother as a birthday present. He commented on the high quality of the pieces and was impressed by the detail in the ammo case humidor. He was very pleased with his gift

    Oct 4th 2015
    Totally AWesome

    Thank you Man Crate & Special thanks to your customer team member Meghan M..

    My husband & I were celebrating our 1 year Anniversary(9/20/2015) out of town and I needed his gift to come before we left. I paid for two day shipping which would have gotten the crate to us before we left unfortunately something happened in shipping and was not going to get to me in time.

    I immediately contacted customer service and got Meghan on the line who was so friendly and super helpful she got the team on it and was able to redirect and reship out the crate that we rec’d the next day just in time. :D

    I got my husband the Humidor totally Awesome . ( a very cool concept and built really nicely)

    He was stoked No pun intended... Lol

    He loved it and it goes well in his man cave!

    Thanks again Man Crate I will definitely make another purchase from you again.


    Sep 29th 2015

    It was delivered on time; guest appeared to have liked it.

    Sep 8th 2015
    Love it!

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday present. He was so excited when he opened it and realized what it was, he was like a 10 yr old at Christmas. It's definitely a great present for any cigar aficionado.

    Sep 8th 2015
    Overall satisfied

    I purchased this as a birthday present for my Sweetie.He is also a hunter and a pro gun advocate. So I knew that is the humidor turned out to be less than efficient he could rip out the wood and use it as an ammo box. He absolutely loved it. It is definitely original and i was overall pleased with it. The only thing I could recommend that would make it better is a removable hygrometer so that it can be calibrated. I threw another one in with the stogie stash that was calibrated to see if it was holding true and it wasn't. I did, after initial use of it, opt out of using the humidity device and instead threw in a couple of humi packs at 69 and humidity is now maintaining a 69-70 reading depending on the room that it is in. He transfers the ones he wants for the upcoming week or 2 into a smaller humidor to keep at a 72-75. I really loved that it was original by design. The other perks being the lighter and the cutter with 2 built in punches! They were definitely a home run. Received in good timing and great shape. Customer service was excellent when I called in right after lacing my order for questioning. You just can't wrong with this humidor or with man crates. Next purchase will be something that comes in the wooden crate with the crowbar! Thanks Mancrates!

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