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    Feb 19th 2023

    Bought for my fiancé for Valentine's Day and it was definitely a hit! Wasn't sure how well it would be, but definitely worth every penny

    Dec 29th 2021

    I sent this to my dad for Christmas. He is so hard to shop for. He loved this gift! He was so excited for his “meat treats”! Thank you so much. I will be shopping with you again for my dad and boyfriend.

    Dec 12th 2020
    My new favorite company

    I can’t speak for the jerky but I had to return this item as the person I bought it for asked for something else. Not only was man crates really cool with it but they had Fed Ex come to my front door to pick up the item. Easiest return ever especially during the xmas season when lines are long. I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised with the weight of the box and I will keep this company in mind for future gifts. Thank you Man crates!

    Sep 15th 2020

    I sent this to my boyfriends apartment for just a small gift, it came a day early and he loved it! This whole website is really a life saver for girlfriends/wives! This is my second purchase and I’ll absolutely be back for more! Thank you Man Crates!

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