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    Dec 22nd 2021
    What a great chair!

    My son gave me this chair for my Birthday. It was the most fun and practical project gift I could have gotten. It is comfortable and charming. I took a few hours sanding and sizing the staves, went with the natural wine stain color, assembly was surprising quick. It smells great too. My wife threw a couple of cushions on it, now she appreciates how comfortable and roomy it is.

    Thawnee Soares
    Dec 26th 2022
    Not what expected

    I have purchased several products with Man Crates, but this was by far the most disappointing.
    1. A screw was missing, but nothing a trip to Home Depot couldn't fix
    2. My husband is 6'2.8 tall and 195lb, the chair was not comfortable at all. His back was more than halfway up the back of the chair.
    3. When sitting on the chair, it tilts all the way forward, it is not firm. I'm 5.4 tall and the chair turned forward with me :(

    I confess that we were disappointed with the result. The chair became just an ornament, quite expensive, in the house.

    Man Crates Response: Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this gift missing the mark! If you haven't already, definitely reach out to our team of Customer Champions who are standing by and happy to help with any order troubles you may have. They can be reached at

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