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    Dec 28th 2022
    Have Purchased Many Different Crates for Different Events, a hit every time except with this one....

    Everyone I have had a crate sent to has absolutely loved it! I think this is one of the best hidden gems I've ever found. I ordered a couple of items to split between family members for Christmas and was so disappointed to find that the "Sandwich Cookies" box was open and 1 of the 4 single wrapped cookies was missing. Apparently an employee got hungry before closing the box? Made me sad to know that the amount of money I spent on the crate would short the customer of the product. To be honest made me wonder if all of the other Man Crate gifts I've purchased and sent had all of the items intact or not, since I'm not usually present for their opening. It doesn't mean I won't purchase again in the future but to say I am a bit disappointed &/or worried about all of my other orders is an understatement. With that said, I do love Man Crates they have very cool products, fun ideas, great assortments & I love that you can personalize items, as well as send different ranges/different types of crates depending on the occasion. Thank you!

    Kerrie Cannon
    Dec 27th 2021

    I got 2 Man Crates for my husband for Christmas and so far we've only tried the chocolate drizzle kettle corn and it's very stale. Kind of reluctant to try the other goodies in the Chocoholic create

    Mar 4th 2021

    Great , customer care got delivery out in time and the person enjoyed the goodies , their favourite being the caramel corm

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