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    Bill Liggett
    Jun 23rd 2021
    Backyard Steakhouse Crate

    A Father’s Day gift that was long overdue. High quality utensils.Crate was a pain in the butt getting open, but well worth it.

    Shelley T.
    Feb 14th 2019
    My Husband loves every part of the crate!!

    First off I have to say WELL DONE on sealing the crate. 7 1/2 mins to open it!! (Once he saw who it was from he wanted to open it immediately even though it wasn't Valentines Day.) Loved watching every agonizing minute of him trying to open it. A few curse words at who ever sealed it (props to you) and wood flying in lots of directions and he got it open. He was very happy with everything!! He carefully inspected everything and said it was well made and we look forward to him using it very soon. He doesn't use steak sauce on his steaks because if you need that you haven't made your steaks correctly, so we will plan on using them on our hamburgers. He will be using everything else, even the apron, for the next time we grill out. So thank you to everyone that put this crate together... you have gained 2 more fans of your products!!

    Caitlin Bravo
    Jun 9th 2018
    Perfect for the Grill master in your life!

    Whether it’s for a beginner or a seasoned griller, this crate is perfect! The grilling tools are good quality, and come in a cool tote. The rubs and sauce are tasty, and the scrape tool is genius! Perfect for the outdoor grilling in the summer!

    Jun 8th 2018
    Great Gift!

    Received this yesterday and it’s great! The utensils are heavy duty, the sauces and spices smell delicious, and the apron is a perfect size! Can’t wait to grill a steak for dinner tonight.

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