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    Tabatha Stuart
    Apr 2nd 2020
    Coolest Poker Set Ever!!

    I purchased one of the poker sets for my husband, this last Christmas. He is one of the hardest people to shop for and I I pretty much dread trying to figure out what kind of gift to get for Christmas oh, then our anniversary, then his birthday, then Valentine's Day... I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what to get until I ran across an ad for man crates. I was so impressed I ordered several items give him for Christmas and Valentine's Day. He was genuinely impressed with the creativity of the gifts he received ...he seemed to love every one of them! Especially the Exotic Jerky crate. (I believe, his favorite was the alligator). He didn't even let me have a bite...😥.

    Anyway back to the poker set... . It's quite The Conversation Piece... I don't like to share so I had to order one for myself . ... lol. We've been talking about putting together a friendly weekly or bi-weekly poker game in these poker sets are going to be the center of attention. I'm more than thrilled with everything we got from Man Crates. He needed a new belt as well so I bought the kit to make your own belt. I was very unsure as to whether he would like that or not. However, within a couple days he had his belt finished and I'm happy to say he's told me several times he's in love with it.

    It's the perfect place to order gift for the man who has everything or one who's hard-to-shop-for on any occasion.

    Nov 2nd 2017
    He was amazed and loved it!

    I got this a few years ago actually, for my now finance's birthday. I made him carry it because it does have some weight to it. The Whole time I heard "WHAT did you get me??" When he was finally able to open it, he was very surprised and absolutely loved it! It's still looks brand-new, great quality pieces, and the ammo can was an added bonus of awesome! His dad plays poker regularly and was a little envious of the white set up. I have recommended Man Crates to all my friends, seriously. It is the go-to place for men who are hard to buy for! I love man crates!

    Tiffany Mathis
    Aug 2nd 2016
    Happiest Card Shark

    My poker loving boyfriend just got his set and he's like a kid in a candy shop. He's got all the chips around him and is thumbing through the decks in awe. And his favorite part of the delivery might have been when the fedex guy threw the package against the door and he responded with his gun thinking someone was breaking his door down. Thanks Man Crates for giving my boyfriend awesome poker sh*t and an exciting afternoon!

    Spectre 28
    Jan 29th 2016
    Awesome poker chip ammo can

    Folks... Retired US Army Apache Pilot Here... Won my Man Crate poker chip ammo box in a Texas Hold'em tournament... Ammo box is legit 7.62mm... chips are as described... Vegas style... Strongly recommend to all of my military brothers and sisters on deployments... I've won a game or two in my day but coolest prize ever....

    Specter 28
    A Company 1-101st
    "Expect No Mercy"

    Mark Bidgood
    Jan 4th 2016
    Poker Set Ammo Can

    The Poker Set Ammo Can that we received was almost as good as the customer service that I've gotten from ManCrates the past two years. The product itself fits perfectly within the ammo can and has over 300 Vegas-weight chips and a couple nice decks of cards. The ammo can is legit...clamps down tight like the real ones do to keep them from any damage. Great gift and again, fantastic service. Thank you...

    Brendan Turner
    Dec 28th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    My son loved this poker set Man Crate and told many of his friends about Man Crate- He camps often and he loved the ammunition box / poker set perfect combo to keep with his camping and fishing gear.

    Thomas Carroll
    Dec 16th 2015
    Fantastic Gift

    Sent to my son who tells me it is amazing. Top quality cards and chips, and of course a very cool container. Highly recommended.

    Nov 17th 2015
    Great Man Gift!

    Awesome, I love the ammunition box it came in and so will my son. The poker chip set fits perfectly in it and it is heavy! Perfect for the man.

    Nov 12th 2015
    Great idea for the Poker Fan

    Purchased this as a surprise gift for our son who is away at college. He is a big fan of the game Poker, and we thought receiving this would be a nice surprise. Especially since his big pro set is here at home. Well, it seemed to be a big hit, upon receiving it, as we were told. Our son loves it and so do his friends. Between the weight of the delivery box and opening it to find an authentic Ammo case,.... lets say it was a total fun shock. Great gift idea with the unique packaging.!!

    Oct 16th 2015
    Love It!

    Can't express it enough. Love MC gifts. Very Unique great gifts... Only sad thing is Ammo Poker Set was a gift and now I need one for myself...!!! Love It!!

    Aug 28th 2015
    Sooo Perfect!

    My son, a career military man... said that's ok Mom, I don't need anything for my birthday. I insisted, because it was a 'special' birthday... I couldn't decide between a couple of items so I sent him pictures of both, he finally caved and selected the Ammo can... HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! He sent me several pictures of the components with the final one showing how it fits so nicely on the shelf next to his flight helmet when not in use ;-)
    The only problem we encountered was that Fedex required someone to be home to deliver the package... I had no idea, it took quite a bit of back and forth conversation (late into the night) to try and get delivery instructions to the driver as he did not leave a door tag on the first attempt.

    Aug 5th 2015
    The hubs

    The crate got here 4 days before his Birthday that was a plus and when he opened the gift he was all smiles my husband normally just smiles to make it through the day as he is not big on holidays but this was a real SMILE!

    Jun 15th 2015

    First off, I just need to say how amazing the customer service is. I ordered this for my fiance for his birthday, and it somehow made it to the wrong place. I called to see what might have happened, and they were so nice. My fiance LOVED this set. Great gift!

    Proud Father
    Jun 10th 2015
    Naval Aviator Poker Set

    Sure, you can call it the Ammo Can Poker Set too but I bought this for my son as he leaves college with a commission in the U.S. Navy on his way to flight school. What aviator doesn't need a compact kit to carry cards and high quality chips? He will be well prepared and will be ready to host many poker parties thanks to this kit.

    Jun 8th 2015
    Apex Poker Set

    What can I say about this set that hasn't been said already? LOTS OF THINGS.

    First of all, let's start with the basics the case is boss. I'm active duty, so it strikes a special tone for me to get a set that comes in a case like this. The fact that Mancrates doesn't erase or paint over any of the other information on the case is appreciated as well, while it may be mumbo jumbo to civilians, to me it lets me know that it's belted 7.62 ammunition. You know, the stuff dreams are made out of. It's also cool that when they added their brand to the bottom, they used the right paint! It's the right yellow, it's not glossy, it looks as if the case was originally manufactured with their name on it.

    Secondly, when they said that the chips are "composite" it's probably because their lawyers are not allowing them to say that they're freaking indestructible. I mean seriously, I received this present from my brother-in-law and was around my nephew when we opened it up. We were quick to start playing and as soon as we did, my nephew (as most nephews do), wanted to run with the big dawgs, and started demanding chips! Only to start slamming them into the table like he was being accused of not liking candy! Composite you say? Nay, they're not allowed to tell us what they're truly made of and that's okay. Carry on gents.

    Finally, the cards. If you don't take a moment of silence to bask in the glory that is these custom made cards the first time you open the pack, punch yourself. You are looking at the hands down best playing cards I have ever laid eyes on. Grubby little trolls in casinos in Las Vegas have dreams about card designs like these. Seriously. And they're not the cheap kind that get soggy on the random puddles of whiskey on the table from manly brawls, they are made of the stuff that drink up that whiskey and tell you to up your bet!

    If you want to buy this set, sweet. If not, that's cool too. Just letting you know what you could potentially own.

    Jun 2nd 2015

    Got this gift for my boyfriend and he liked it a lot. It's very heavy but very compact which makes it easier to store than traditional poker sets. I like that it came in the ammo can but it would have been more fun if it also came in a crate. Overall great gift and I highly recommend it.

    Best Girlfriend Ever!!
    Feb 23rd 2015
    Awesome gift for someone that has everything!!!!

    This is the perfect gift idea for someone that has everything! I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He loved it and so did all his friends. Perfect conversation piece, too! High quality contents and the ammo crate is the real deal. Very satisfied with the service and shipping! You can't go wrong with this product!

    Feb 17th 2015
    an awesome idea for a gift!

    Got it for my boyfriends dad. He loved trying to open it! Thought it was the best thing loved the chips and cards thought the whole thing was wonderful!

    Jan 21st 2015
    freaking awesome idea!

    I must say it is difficult to shop for men sometimes and I was down to the wire wrapping gifts for christmas with still NO CLUE as to what in the world to get for my brother and dad. The looks on their faces was priceless and both got a huge kick out of the man crate idea! Even though I was late in getting their gifts the turn around time receiving the merchandise was incredibly fast considering the holidays bogged down with zillions of packages shipping. So THANKS!!! Completely and totally 100% satisfied.

    Carl L
    Jan 15th 2015
    Totally worth it!!

    Just got my new Ammo can poker set, and it is AWESOME! It was delivered to my work and everyone thought it was very well put together. Got home and was having some fun with it and went to clean up. Counted my chips because my kids had been playing with me, only to discover that I must have done something right. I had all my chips and then some. I know it says 300 chips, in the description, but I can lose a few and still have them all. Thanks Man Crates team for being awesome and giving me more fun than advertised. Can't wait to get the guys together and break in this wonderful new set.

    Stephanie C
    Dec 29th 2014
    A perfect holiday gift!

    I had to wait to order because this crate was so popular, but I registered for the mailing list and Man Crates emailed me right away when more were available! I ordered that morning (6 days before Christmas) and the package came on Christmas Eve! I thought I was going to have to deliver a belated Christmas present to my man, so I was pleasantly surprised at its perfect timing!

    He absolutely loves the set, the cool army case and is even more thrilled that I have now sanctioned poker in our home!

    Thank you for making it a very Merry Christmas, Man Crates!

    Dec 29th 2014
    Best Gift Ever

    Gave this to an ex Navy Seal, he absolutely loved it. Thank you very much!

    Binh H.
    Sep 19th 2014
    If you are serious about Poker....

    You should get this if you are serious about Poker! Got this for my brother and he could not be happier. The staff at Man Crates are awesome. Sam G. was particularly helpful.

    Aug 4th 2014
    Above and beyond the call of duty

    While sending this to my ex-boss, retired army, the package got lost somewhere in the hospital and never reached him. Man Crate redelivered the product to his home at no extra charge! He was quite pleased!

    Jul 9th 2014
    Not a bomb

    Your gift was the hit of the urology floor. While we, or at least I, was reasonably confident that it was not ammunition, it was a cause of speculation before we figured out how to open it. While the urology floor has many things it doesn't have a crow bar. But we finally figured out how to open it, any many were relieved that it was not a bomb.

    You gave us all an enjoyable afternoon. I should have started a pool on what was in it, with me getting the pot of no one guessed correctly.

    Thank you, it was truly enjoyed.

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