Tips for Hosting the Best Summer BBQ

July 5th, 202310 min read
How to Host a BBQ

Hosting a BBQ is one of life's great joys for those of us who love…you know, hosting BBQs. It can be as easy and simple as you like, or you can opt for the Clark W. Griswold barbecue party option and really take things to another level. Think tons of lights, music, and Cousin Eddie off eating all the dessert before anyone else can indulge. But for the day to run as smoothly as a Chick-fil-A drive-thru line, here are a few of our favorite tips for hosting your next BBQ.

Get Organized

Wait, do you have to get organized before you host a BBQ? Who knew there was actual work involved? Well, to pull off a barbecue party that will live on in legend and make you the barbecue god you were born to be, a few organizational tips will help. Don't worry, this list will pale in comparison to that “honey-do” list you've been forgetting about for, oh, several years now?

The first task is to determine what kind of barbecue party you're throwing. Who is on your guest list? Will kids be invited, or is this a big-kids-only party? Formal or informal? Once you have answered those types of questions, you're ready to make the important decisions. Like, considering what kind of plates and utensils you want to use. Paper and plastic make for easy cleanup which you will appreciate. Doing some prep work the day before your party will save you not only time, but valuable stress relief.

Choose a Menu

Ah yes, the fun part of planning a barbecue party. The menu. Nearly no one will object to big, thick, juicy cuts of steak, sizzling on the grill causing partygoers to drool like your pooch. But steak is expensive. So, you may want to opt for a simpler menu, say, hot dogs and hamburgers. Brats are another great option, especially as the season approaches autumn.

Grilled chicken is another great option - feels fancier but doesn't require a lot of effort. Slap on some sauce and you'll look more put together than your better half.

You probably aren't ecstatic about preparing mom's potato salad or Aunt Judy's classic Jell-O mold, but that's understandable. Instead, a few favorites from the old deli case are perfectly acceptable substitutes.

Provide the Right Drinks

OK, this category is vying hard for the most fun category to contemplate. Lemonade, iced tea, water, soda - all great choices. But it's summer and it's time to let the hair down for those of us who have it. Perhaps a liquid trip to the Rocky Mountains is more in line with your idea of a legendary BBQ? We have beer lover gifts that even the most hardcore beer connoisseur will appreciate. Or maybe there's an aspiring bartender in your group who would just love the opportunity to craft the perfect summer cocktail? Having many drink options ensures you'll please even your most high-maintenance family and friends.

Set the Mood

This is where you can let your creativity flow. Whether you prefer classic and stylish or a bit more quirky and kitschy, you can go as hard as you want. Hanging strands of lights adds the perfect ambience as the sun sets. Tie it all together with the perfect playlist - if you're following a theme (say, 80s hair bands), the music will be the icing on the cake.

How Do You Entertain Guests at a BBQ?

Wait, can't they just entertain themselves? I mean, you're providing the food and all of your charming charisma, right? Well, perhaps a few games might help. The best backyard gifts are the ones that the whole family can enjoy. Ring toss, pinatas, and wiffle ball are great options for children, while the grownups can partake in classic athletic contests like corn hole and bocce ball. And if you're seeking to cement true legendary status, hire a local band.

Remember, kids - grilling gifts for men don't have to be boring. Whether he's a grill master or just dipping his toes in the grilling pond, put the exclamation point on his next barbecue with Man Crates. 
Welcome summer with a bang and host the best BBQ of the season! Get tips on creating the perfect summertime meal, drinks, and create an unforgettable experience for your family and friends. Get started now and plan your summer BBQ today!

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