Bass Whisperer Crate

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In The Box

Bass Traps

  • Top-water weed Pivot Frog or Spin-R-Bait
  • Mid-range Warpig
  • Shallow-water Pitbull
  • Trusty Worm Blower

Scaly Supplies

  • 6-pack Neoprene Insulated Cooler
  • Portable Dial Scale
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Sunflower Seeds

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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One Fish, Two Fish, Impending Doom Fish

In all the years mankind has waded through water, no man, woman, or child has ever been eaten alive by bass—and we intend to keep it that way.

Bass are devious creatures, scheming insidiously in their watery depths. We don't know why they're so hell-bent on consuming human flesh or how they're melting the ice caps to sink our planet into their watery ambush. All we know is they're up to no good.

While we would never stoop to their lowly level by feasting on them, we want them to know we could. With every catch and release, we whisper in their scaly little fish ears, "Go tell your friends there's a new sheriff in town."

We are the Bass Whisperers, humanity's last line of defense against mass bass digestion.

Hook, Line, and Sucker

Power and precision are useless against these murderous sea-beasts. You can only catch a bass with a swift angling of poetic justice. This lure set capitalizes on the insatiable gluttony and cowardice of these greedy sons o' fishes by feigning helplessness, then executing a strong left jab with a sharp right hook.

The Pivot Frog tangoes sans-tangle in the top-water weeds, the Warpig emits a seductive Siren-song in the mid-range waters, and the Pitbull will skim scour the surface with the reckless fury of Liam Neeson if a largemouth bass had just kidnapped his daughter.

Nightcrawlers are usually easy-pickings due to their docile nature and lack of limbs, but give your worms the Schwarzenegger Treatment with a good, ol' fashion worm blower, and those pumped up water pythons will be armed with irresistible allure and unyielding strength.

Sentry of the Sea

The bass whisperer is a lonely, thankless role, but a band of bottles always make for good spirits. The neoprene-insulated cooler ensures your drinks stay as cold as the blood coursing through your veins.

Eternal vigilance is the cost of liberty. Equip your vessel to record the growth of these water-breathing death bringers: a portable dial scale for science reasons and a good pair of needlenose pliers, because they don't need to keep the hook to get the point.

Keep your loved ones safe and those savage bass at bay with the Bass Whisperer Crate.

Customer Reviews

    Hanna Martens
    Oct 12th 2017
    The Perfect Gift

    I got this for my boyfriend, who is a great bass fisherman, loved the challenge of opening this crate. Everything inside was exactly what he liked and needed.

    Feb 14th 2017
    He Loved It!

    Got this for Valentine's Day and it's been sitting by the front door for a week. I couldn't wait any longer and let him open it tonight after he had spent the day getting his boat ready for spring. He got a kick out of the witty card, laughed at the crate being glued shut, and was excited for each and every item he pulled out. "Can't go wrong with pliers and these aren't even rusty!" and "I've never blown a worm, but I'll give it a go!" were just a few of his excited statements. The Bass Whisperer was a hit and I can't wait to get him another crate when Father's Day rolls around. Thanks for making MY gift the one to top this year!

    Gayle S Watkins
    Jan 30th 2017
    Not the Reaction Expected

    I bought my husband the Bass Whisperer Man Crate for our 22nd wedding anniversary. He enjoys fishing at a local reservoir in spring/summer. My thought was that he would be pleasantly intrigued by the duct taped cube-like delivery. Instead, he seemed annoyed to have to use a box cutter to cut open the shipping box. My thought was that he'd smile at this unusual crate labeled, "Man Crate," and laugh as he pryed it open with the crow bar, appreciating the manliness of it all. Instead, his reaction was miffed; like he thought it was stupid. When he pulled each item out of the crate, the look on his face was like, "what the heck is this and what the heck am I supposed to do with it?" He did not know what the worm blower was, so clearly I made a bad gift choice for him. When he saw my disappointment with his reaction, he thanked me for the crate and said the sunflower seeds tasted better than the David brand. If your guy is the ho-hum type - nothing phases him - hard to impress, don't buy a Man Crate, because he just won't "get it."


    Hi Gayle,

    Thanks for your feedback, and I'm so sorry to hear the gift fell flat! Anything you buy from us is covered by our "High-Five Guarantee, which says, we're not happy until you are! At the least we can accept a return for a full refund, or we'd be happy to help you find a gift more suited to your husband from our site. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to and we'll do our best to help make this right!

    Team Man Crates

    Dec 28th 2016
    Pretty Cool

    Ok, so I don't "get" my husband's interests at all. I can't imagine fishing or hunting for any period of time. That being said, I didn't "get" this crate, but the reviews were good, so I thought "what the heck"? and ordered it for Christmas. He loved it. I think it was the best present I've gotten him in 11 years. The crate top was glued on and he got it off easily, so I would recommend the duct tape. He thought that would have been hilarious. I don't know... for a chick, I didn't "get" it, but that's maybe what made it so cool to him. Happy husband!!

    Apr 27th 2016
    "By far the coolest thing I have ever gotten"

    I sent this to my husband at work just as a surprise and was shocked by how much he loved it, my only regret is that I didn't get to watch him try to open it! What I thought would just be a somewhat expensive "just because" gift (the male version of flowers at work) turned in to "By far the coolest thing I have ever gotten". Whoa :) Will be sending one again in the future.

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