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Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal)

The Micro-Brewed Kit, brew small batches with big dreams!
  • The Micro-Brewed Kit, brew small batches with big dreams!
  • If you're having trouble reading custom micro brewing instruction manual, maybe pump the brakes on your "extra-curricular beer research" for the moment.
  • Hoppiness is close to happiness.
  • It's not the amount of beer being brewed, it's the amount of the brew being beered...think about it.
  • The Micro-Brewed Kit, brew small batches with big dreams!
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BYOB (Be Your Own Brewmaster)

Beer is the Rosetta Stone of humanity, the one universally consumed and celebrated thread tying every culture and era of civilization together. The Sumerians wrote hymns to the exhilarating nature of beer, the Chinese experimented extensively with rice fermentations, and there’s even cursory evidence of beer predating human history. (Those monkeys were crafty!)

In past days, the brewers were the esteemed men of the world, the gatekeepers to the ethereal knowledge of medicine, pleasure, and the divine. Nowadays, we’ve degraded the ancient craft to big industry corporations and a shoddy baseball team in Milwaukee.

The best way to restore rightful honor to the lost art of beer brewing, to bottle your impeccable taste on the most intricate level, is to do it yourself.

Get Weird With Your Beer

Start stocking your well-curated home bar with well-aerated home beer brewed in your very kitchen. The Micro Brewed project kit features the floral and citrusy aroma, balanced flavors, and American pedigree of Centennial Hops and a SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Recipe that pulls everything out of the way to let the Centennial hops speak unimpeded.

And these hops have a lot to say.

The 1.5 gallon Little Bubbler gives more head room than a topless Jeep Wrangler for the most robust of beers, yet is small enough to fit comfortably in a Brooklyn wash closet of a studio apartment. The one gallon batch size invites more freedom and creativity into your recipes, so you can embrace your artistic genius unimpeded, with less pride to swallow if your secret ingredient is less hit and more miss.

Fermentation Activation!

Racking, measuring, sanitizing, and bottling: all things you will soon be intimately familiar with. Intimately. We’ve curated the ultimate collection of tubes and jib-jabs to transform simple ingredients into a beer that will make friends and colleagues enjoy, respect, and deeply envy your brewing expertise.

Carry on the legacy of first-rate fermentation and inject some hoppiness into your happiness with the Home Brewed project kit.

Brewing Brouhaha

  • Micro Brewing Instruction Manual
  • 1 Gallon Carboy
  • Air Lock
  • Bottle Caps
  • SMaSH IPA Kit
  • Pump Siphon

Brewing Brouhaha (cont.)

  • Bottle Capper
  • Sanitizer
  • Bottle Filler
  • Tubing
  • Carbonation Drops


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!


Become the True Brew Master

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    Product Reviews

    1. 02/26/2017 Dan H. Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      That was fun!

      I received this as a gift and became a home brewer in a day. The kit had everything I needed, hops, malt, etc. I cooked it up on a Saturday morning, the wort smell stunk up the house, after cooking, put in my man cave for 2 weeks. I just bottled & capped it this morning. It will be ready by St. Paddy's!

    2. 02/13/2017 Alyssa Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      Customer service has your back!

      I received this kit a week before I wanted to give it as a gift, and unfortunately the carboy was shattered to pieces upon arrival. I called customer service and they immediately agreed to send me another full kit to arrive within the week. After a few days I called to check the status of my order, but customer service could find no record of the first replacement that was supposed to be sent out. Could have been a huge bummer, BUT Luke at customer service saved the day and sent me a replacement part that shipped over the weekend and arrived just in time, in tact.

    3. 01/14/2017 Thérèse Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      Buy It!!

      Man Crates is *amazing*.
      The entire kit is of high quality, and obviously well thought out.
      Customer Service is unprecedented. I needed a replacement due to an accident (my fault). They sent out the replacement immediately. Received the day after the call. This gift was greatly appreciated by the receiver.
      I HIGHLY recommend this kit, and *anything* Man Crates.

    4. 04/28/2016 Rose Tharp Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      worth it!

      I got this for my fiance for V-Day. Although there was an initial equipment issue, they replaced the broken part quickly and included a consolation package of beef jerky. Once we were able to start the process, it was a fun experiment. Even though it takes two weeks to ferment and another week or two to carbonate, the unique flavor was worth the wait. I only wish it came in a crate! Considerations: the two varying sets of instructions are confusing, and customers will need a pot with plenty of extra room for boiling (10-12 quarts). Thanks for a great gift and awesome customer service!

    5. 01/13/2016 Barry Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      Great Gift!

      Bought one for my son and son-in-law (and one for me) for Christmas and they couldn't wait to get started. The instructions get a little fuzzy because there are two different instructions that display different cooking times and the amount of yeast to use so we split the difference. Fun experience and in two weeks I'll give it a taste!

    6. 12/25/2015 Theresa Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      He loved it!

      He was really excited when he opened it Christmas morning. Had everything he needed to make his own beer, and he is a true beer lover! Will be skipping the worrying I usually do over presents for guys, I'll just get him a man crate from now on.

    7. 08/22/2015 Denise Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      Micro Brewed Kit

      I bought this for my sons 38th b-day. I wanted something other then the same gift as always. I googled unusual gifts for men & found your web sight & wull for sure order more gifts in the future. Your packaging is very unique & fun! my son looked like a kid opening it up. He loved it! And it also was very great that I could order it & have it shipped to his house.

    8. 07/23/2015 Deborah Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5

      Micro Brewed Kit

      I bought this product for my oldest son (a chemical engineer)for his birthday. He was very impressed with the quality of materials and how complete the set was. I had found other brew kits online, but they were made of plastic and other inferior materials that taint the flavor of the "brew" so this was a great find for a great price. Overall, I am completely satisfied with the product and the company. It was delivered the next day! I will absolutely be purchasing other items from Man Crates in the future!

    9. 06/25/2015 Unknown Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) 5


      The staff is incredible! Was very knowledgeable about their product and had great recommendations. I picked this for my dad and he was super excited about the whole thing!

    5/5 for 9 Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) reviews
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