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Knife Making Kit

Knife Making Kit
  • Knife Making Kit
  • Shape the perfect knife
  • Mold to perfection
  • Form-fitting leather knife sheath
  • Maple scales for the handle.
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The Knife Life

We don’t know much about the guy who wrote, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” except that he probably wasn’t using swords right.

Ask any honest farmhand, Japanese chef, or the two most dangerous ninja turtles, and they’ll tell you a sharp blade is the most virtuous and versatile tool a man can wield. A trusty, fixed blade won’t bend, break, or stray from its owner’s side; when the going gets tough, the tough get cut.

But unlike men and Socialist paychecks, not all knives are created equal. We’ve found that the knives guys trust most are the ones they make themselves. The Knife-Making Projects Kit gives every guy the opportunity to design, craft, and perfect his new best friend.

Shanks For The Memories

The Knife-Making Kit is fronted by a 440c stainless-steel Shawnee Skinner blade crafted in Japan, home of the samurai. This hollow ground blade features a thumb notch for easy maneuverability and invincible durability to outlast its maker.

We’ve blurred the line between trendy, polished tools and dangerously sharp fashion accessories by including Burl Maple handle scales, classy brass bolsters, ornately-designed mosaic pins, and a top-grain, vegetable-tanned leather sheath. The knife will develop a unique character through hours of shaping and staining.

Handle With Care

A dependable knife should instill fear and misgivings into its foes, not its handler, so we’ve included all the tools needed to rid it of stray splinters and exposed wood.

Like the chisels of Michelangelo, a gamut of rasps and files, graded sandpapers, and a portable bench vise will give birth to a perfectly palm-fitted handle. And for final touches, a wood finish to pull out the unique grains of the Burl Maple handle.

The Knife Making Kit is everything needed for hours of crafting in the garage, and a lifetime of handling out in the world.

Blade Buddies

  • Shawnee Skinner Blade
  • Maple Handle Scale Set
  • Brass Bolster Set
  • Leather Pouch Sheath
  • Mosaic Pins

Shape, Sand, and Finish

  • Man Crates Knife Making Guide
  • 2-Ton Syringe Epoxy
  • Rasp & File set
  • Graded Sandpaper Set
  • Bench Vise
  • Wood Finish


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 01/12/2017 John Medeiros Knife Making Kit 5

      Wicked Awesome Stuff

      My wife gave me this fantastic Knife Making Kit for Christmas. All the components are high quality, and the Instruction Guide is comprehensive and easy to understand. Just be sure to READ It prior to crafting this fine instrument. I did not, and obliterated a few components. The folks at Man Crates
      (Amer J., Customer Champion) were understanding and surely amused, but nevertheless; ensured the
      customer-damaged replacement parts were sent out promptly. Outstanding products and customer support equals a return customer.

    2. 01/11/2017 Jacquie T Knife Making Kit 5


      Those are the words my son used to describe how he felt about this as his Christmas gift! I am so pleased! I think a site aimed at men for men is a wonderful way for us ladies to buy for the men in our life without, as you say, the 'fluff'...Thank You Man Crates for making shopping easier for us!!

    3. 12/26/2016 Knottme Knife Making Kit 5


      I had doubts . . . 5 star reviews on everything? No way. Well. YES way. The box impressed him. The card, the way it was packaged, the kit, it all impressed him. Best gift I ever bought him! Where have you been all my life?

    4. 11/17/2016 Steph Ryder Knife Making Kit 5

      Perfect gift

      I bought this kit for my boyfriend for his 30th birthday. We're both huge fans of the tv show "Forged in Fire" and he loves talking about knives. The kit was a huge SUCCESS and he started making his knife immediately. All in all it probably took him about 5 days to make, working 1-1.5 hours per night.

    5. 09/28/2016 Denise Willet Knife Making Kit 5

      25th Wedding Anniversary

      I bought this for my husband for our 25th Wedding anniversary. Finding something "silver" for a man just isn't that easy so I thought it's the right color! My husband said it's the best gift EVER! Our 23 yr old son said the same thing and is now asking for one for Christmas. I wanted him to have something that he could remember our big day and pass it down to our son later so this was perfect. LOVE all the tools it comes with and can't wait do order more at Christmas time. This isn't my first, I ordered him the Red Heart box of Jerky for his birthday last month! Thank you MAN CRATES! You are now all over Facebook with pictures we posted!

    6. 09/23/2016 Canadian girl Knife Making Kit 5

      He loved it

      I bought this for my favorite coworker's birthday and he said it's the coolest gift he's ever received. Thanks Man Crates!!!!!
      Just wish I could have got it in an ammo container!

    7. 08/19/2016 John Mahon Knife Making Kit 5

      You call that a knife? That's not a knife! THIS IS A KNIFE!!

      I have just created something to be proud of! It looks great! Feels great... It IS great because I created it! The tools that come with the knife kit are all you need,...that and some patience. I bought three kits, one for each of my sons and one for me the minute they got them they immediately called me to say it's the coolest gift ever....I agree! I was the first to finish, I'm looking forward to see how theirs come out and all of us sitting around eating meat, and doing manly stuff. I'm going to get another and hang it in the other side of my hip, how cool is that!!!

    8. 06/28/2016 Tom O'Keefe Knife Making Kit 4

      A Good All-In-One Kit

      My wife gave me this for Father's Day, and, no, im not her father. She just likes to have an occasion to give me nice things that she knows that I'll like.

      The kit has everything needed to build a first-quality knife. The only not-included thing I needed was a drill motor, and I opted to use a sanding block to finish the handle.

      Although I have a bench vise, the included one was useful, and good quality. I could leave my existing vice in place on the other side of the workbench and mount the included one, that has a bench clamp, in a convenient place. The included files are good quality (Great Neck), and two of them wasn't in my current inventory.

      In addition to various grades of sandpaper, the wood rasp is most helpful in quickly removing the excess handle stock.

      The instructions are succinct, and humorous. I liked the "Whia, cowboy!", when the blade sizing step was presented. You need to have some basic knowledge of the use of basic tools, but not too much. I thought the instructions about the bolsters made the work seem overly difficult, but it really wasn't. Or, I didn't do all that was described, but I'm happy with the result.

      One suggestion is that the knife-builder employ all the patience that can be had, when shaping the handle material. Allow plenty of time for the shaping, there's a lot of material to remove, and, to do it right, the tang and wood need to bee perfectly flush. I ran out of the medium grit sandpaper while bringing the wood to the tang. The kit could have included one more sheet.

    9. 06/3/2016 Nathan Knife Making Kit 4

      Pretty Awesome Gift...

      Was very excited that from the time of order to the arrival of this project kit from Man Crates, was in a blink of an eye. Pleasant surprise because I'd been waiting for this to return back into stock for about 2 months. Woohoo!
      I ordered 3, one for my father, one for the father in-law and of course one for myself. Booya!
      As someone that uses hand tools on a daily basis, I was a little shocked to find that when my kit arrived the tools that were shown on-line and again displayed in the literature included was that the hand tools (and vise) were that of GreatNeck and NOT the MIT-Tekton tools being advertised (visually). :( This would of typically warranted an auto 3 star rating, but the kit is seriously awesome and fun, so a solid 4.
      It must also be noted that the wood handles are not Burl Maple, but is actually Curly Maple for those who know the difference. Regardless, the kit is complete and will warrant several additional knives once the original blade has been finished. Highly recommended.

    10. 04/10/2016 Calli Elliott Knife Making Kit 5

      Amazing Gift

      Purchased this item for my husbands birthday. Paid the extra to have the duck tape wrapping which is an inside joke for us. Needless to say it was packaged properly and everything was included. Took us a while to find the wood stain as it is a tiny package but all in all it is well worth the money. I like the fact that he now carries around a knife that he made personally and he wears it with pride daily. Great gift!

    11. 03/2/2016 Alexandra Knife Making Kit 5

      Won Best GF Award

      Surprised my boyfriend with this kit just because! As soon as he opened it he wanted to start on the project! He completed the whole thing in about 9 hours! He said it was actually really fun and cool to make the knife by himself! He's very proud of the knife and it turned out awesome!

    12. 02/13/2016 Jackson Platsky Knife Making Kit 5

      Couldnt be happier!!!!

      I gave my girlfriend an engagement ring for an early Valentines Day gift, and she reciprocated with this kit. Clearly I won out on this trade, not to mention chose wisely. I have had it now for 18 hours and am getting ready to stain my handle. I couldn't feel prouder to have crafted this knife with my own hands. Cant wait for my next project!!! My only request would be that ManCrates offer a re-up kit with another blade, handle and bolster kit, or at least offer a link where I could purchase them to start on my second knife.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 16 | Next

    5/5 for 16 Knife Making Kit reviews
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