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Baconology Kit

Anyone can bring home the bacon, but making the bacon at home? Now, that's a true baconologist.
  • Anyone can bring home the bacon, but making the bacon at home? Now, that's a true baconologist.
  • The Baconology Kit is the master class in making the most beloved meat snack man has ever known.
  • Bacon Curing Salt
  • New to bacon-curing? We'll hold your hand every step of the way. Not for guidance, but to keep your from eating it before it's absolutely perfect.
  • Baconology Kit thermometer and smoker bag
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Bacon It Rain!

It’s impossible to go wrong with bacon, but only true students of the curing craft know just how right bacon can be. After pounds and pounds of delicious experimentation, we’ve divined the optimal seasoning and sizzling conditions for frying up prime time swine.

The Baconology Project Kit is spreading charcuterie skills to the masses and filling houses round the world with the savory smell of self-actualization.

Curing Your Bacon Blues

When it comes to amazin’ bacon, the power is in the powder. We’ve tinkered and toiled with countless rubs and curing salts to optimize the ideal recipe. Any pork belly caressed with these sweet and savory swine refiners will be flavor heavy and fry ready in no time.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Bacon

Bacon isn’t bacon without the soft, lingering embrace from the smoke of an aromatic American hardwood. We’re sending Cameron’s Smoker Bag, which is basically an expensive, complex smoker in bag form, and a dial thermometer to keep the bacon from burning.

The Baconology Project Kit is a masterclass for savory slices of bacon season in triumph and sizzled to perfection.

Cured and Cooked

  • Man Crates Bacon Curing Instruction Manual
  • Secret Rub Recipe
  • Bacon Cure
  • Hickory Smoker Bag
  • Dial Meat Thermometer


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!


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    Product Reviews

    1. 12/11/2016 Alan Homan Baconology Kit 5

      Makin Bacon

      Manly arts such as flying jets, riding cross country on a motorcycle, designing and building my own homes. Learning to paint with oils, running a small business, baking my own breads. Brewing beer, distilling and aging whisky. But
      I never bought a 5 pound pork belly until a week ago. Local butcher, apply the rub from Mancrates, bag and wait....but... I have never built my own cold smoker either. I had a week to complete that project. A little design and engineering from youtube and the web helped. Combination apple wood and hickory!! Stunning results. Notes: too salty and a little over smoked. Easy fix after slicing the belly into 1 pound slabs. Just soak in water to reduce the salt and smoke. Perfection. Bacon with eggs, bacon with roasted brussel sprouts, bacon bits with tofu and vegetables and bacon with bacon.

    2. 07/26/2015 Paul DiStefano Baconology Kit 5

      Father's Day

      Got this for Father's Day as well. I received the bacon a few days later as it says in the description. Cured it. Had the opportunity to actually smoke it in a real smoker however, I was curious to see just well the "smoker bag" worked, so I tried it. It came out perfect. I've never had bacon this delicious. Awesome gift.

      Paul DiStefano

    5/5 for 2 Baconology Kit reviews
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