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Ammo Can Speaker Kit

Ammo Can Speaker Project Kit is an awesome gift for men
  • Ammo Can Speaker Project Kit is an awesome gift for men
  • Ammo Can Speaker Project Kit components
  • Switches, lights, and antenna of the Ammo Can Speaker Project Kit
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Amp board breakdown of components and functions
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Meet the Jammo Can

This ammo can’s original contents once produced enough sound to deafen its owner several times over. Our redesign restores explosive sound to this explosion-proof canister.

Most quality speakers are either leashed to an outlet or too delicate to take anywhere. This ammo can speaker system is indestructible and can go wherever the party goes, or better yet, bring the party wherever it is.

From the beach to the backcountry, the Ammo Can Speaker Kit provides amazing, indestructible sound wherever it goes.

All Assembly Required

The NATO spec .30 cal Ammo Can is airtight, water resistant, and virtually indestructible. We’ve done the hard work breaching the sides to make room for the incoming speakers, but there’s still work to be done designing layout and drilling holes for the other inputs.

The JAB-1 Bluetooth Amplifier Board works in concert with Boss audio speakers to create supreme sound from compact equipment. The included power adapter can be charged for hours of high-powered playback, and the external bluetooth antenna and auxiliary input jack makes for two ways to rock out.

Build-A-Boom Box

All of the necessary instructions for building this powerhouse music player can be found in the Man Crates instructional guide. Most importantly, this guide also includes two high-quality curated playlists of songs from the greatest decade of them all...the 80s.

From supply drop to beat drop, the Ammo Can Speaker Kit harnesses the power of jammunition to brings the party wherever it goes.


Jam Session

  • Ammo Can with machined cut-outs for speakers
  • Boss Audio Speaker Set, CH4230
  • 5/16" Titanium Drill Bit
  • 3000mAh 3.7V Batteries, 3 units
  • 40W Power Adapter with plug
  • Lithium Battery Balance
  • 2 X 15 Watt Class D Amp Board
  • Cable bundle


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!

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    Product Reviews

    1. 04/9/2017 Steve Y. Ammo Can Speaker Kit 3

      Fun project, but there were many "challenges".

      I received this ammo can speaker project as a birthday present in March.
      This was a fun project, and the overall quality of the components was pretty good, and I hate to have to give it a three star rating.

      As in the previous review, I also had several sockets pull off of the amplifier board. I had to re-solder the sockets where I could, and otherwise solder wires directly to the board to complete the project.
      In my case, this was because the plugs from the varying wiring harnesses were very difficult to unplug once they were inserted. By having to apply so much force to try and unplug the harnesses, I literally ripped the sockets off of the circuit board.

      That being said, I was able to get it working with a butchered up circuit board and a few chopped up wiring harnesses. All in all, it's not world peace and I can live with it.

      They leave it up to the customer on how and where to install the various LEDs, on/off switch, volume control, and Bluetooth antenna. I was personally fine with that, although it may not work for everyone. I used my Brother P-Touch printer to make a label for the controls.
      They do give you a drill bit to drill the can out for them, but beware that some of the components would better be served with a smaller drill bit and subsequent hole. I didn't notice this until I had drilled all of my holes, and wish I had made smaller holes for a better fit on those smaller components.

      They also leave it up to the customer on where and how you mount the amplifier and battery balance (circuit boards). To me, the only place where they would be serviceable was on the under side of the lid. They loosely mention using double sided tape in the manual to secure them, but that was not acceptable for me in this case (mostly because of the weight of the batteries).

      I ended up spending an additional $20 or so on additional materials to mount them securely, but it worked out fine. I used Gorilla Glue to secure two 1/2" strips of plywood to the lid, and through-bolted the components to them and using machine screws and t-nuts. I noticed the amplifier emits some heat, and wanted to leave a little air space between it and the lid for heat dissipation. Therefore I used nylon spacer washers to create that gap.

      The sound is OK, but a bit tinny. Something I would expect in a small enclosure made of steel. Using a standard .50 cal or Fat 50 ammo can would likely have helped the sound and ease of working on it, but then again would hurt the unit's portability a bit. It would basically be a trade off.

      I enjoyed the project myself, but would likely not expect everyone to roll well with the challenges. Maybe if they gave us a little more to work with a and better circuit board design.

      As a side note, I did NOT contact Man Crates about the circuit board design problem. In all fairness I never gave them the chance to replace anything that broke, so this is not a reflection on their customer service whatsoever.

      Hey Steve,

      Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your board. I am a total novice and was able to get my Ammo Can assembled without managing to need to solder parts back on or solder wires directly to the board. I did manage to make my fair share of connections that needed to be popped out and replaced, and it seemed that a pair of pliers and a gentle hand is what I needed. Also, I managed to get the unit working and ready to roll with only the materials that were included in the box, while using other materials could lead to a "more-clean" setup, we've included everything you should need in order to get rolling.

      We do wish you had contacted our Customer Champion team, as we would have made this right for you right away, in fact, we still will. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll work with you to help make this right, thanks!

      Team Man Crates

    2. 02/26/2017 Joe Ammo Can Speaker Kit 4

      Speakers in a metal box

      I purchased this kit for my self just for fun. When it arrived one of the speakers was damaged. I contacted Man Crates with a picture of the damage and they sent me a replacement right away. I purchased some self adhisive car speaker insulation to line the ammo box with. I saw several people on YouTube do this. I helps with vibrations and other things. Once everything was all wired and I was going to mount the amp board I miss judged the placement and accidentally ripped off the the volume contort pins. Frustrated on doing that I removed all the connections and ripped off another hook up. I was so mad that it happen. I re-soldered the one I ripped of connector and all. The volume control was not as successful. I had to just solder the pins on withought the connector. Then one of the connection point ripped up. It was still connected to the circuit so when I hooked up the volume cable very carefully and had it all back together and remounted in better locations it all worked. I then used high temp hot glue so it will never move. Music sounds good on the box. Podcasts are hit and miss depending of the production quality. So over all it was a fun build despite my fumbling and the wire connectors breaking. It will be fun to bring it the pool and beach.

    4/5 for 2 Ammo Can Speaker Kit reviews
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