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Jerky Heart

Surprise, beef jerky.
  • Surprise, beef jerky.
  • A beef jerky Valentine's Day surprise for guys.
  • The best, beefiest Valentine's Day gifts for men.
  • Ten tender pieces of delicious Valentine's Day jerky.
  • A meaty Valentine's Day surprise!
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On Romance

Some have called love a many splendored thing, others a battlefield. We call it confusing.

It’s not that we don’t get romance; the thrill of being showered by sweet nothings and swoon-inducing gifts makes total sense. It’s just, we don’t get anything we find romantic. Truth be told, a tub of bubbles and a pocketful of fancy chocolates doesn’t really kickstart the ol’ emotion-maker.

But the tides of tender affection are turning, and the male heart can now be cut loose from where it’s been hanging high and dry all these years. The romanced man has a new champion in the Man Crates Jerky Heart.

The Art of Meaty Romance

The Jerky Heart is a wholly-savory, hyper-sensual meat surprise of affection and flavor.

Spring the perfect romantic ruse with a sappy, heart-shaped box suggesting the tiresome chocolates of every year. But upon opening, his humdrum expectations and coarse, emotional exterior will be melted away by a passionate gesture of jerky.

There’s no sentiment words can convey that jerky can’t, but we’ll still print your blush-worthy message of tender affection inside the box--right next to ten knee-weakening flavors of tender beef strips like Sesame Ginger, Ghost Pepper, or Root Beer Habanero.

Put the “man” back in romance with a total heart-sweller that charms him in his most fluent language: savory, seasoned beef jerky!

Love At First Bite

  • Classic Jerky
  • Garlic Jerky
  • Ghost Pepper Jerky
  • Habanero Jerky
  • Black Pepper Jerky

Eat Your Heart Out

  • Root Beer Jerky
  • Root Beer Habanero Jerky
  • Whiskey Maple Jerky
  • Honey Bourbon Jerky
  • Sesame Ginger Jerky


In a super sappy, classic heart-shaped subterfuge of passion and flavor (with custom-printed gift note).

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 10/8/2016 Happy Mom Jerky Heart 5


      My son just received this for his 15th birthday. He says it's the best jerky EVER! I'm curious to see how he and his friends like the jerky pinata - what a great idea!!

    2. 08/3/2016 Thirann Dom Jerky Heart 5

      Awesome to the Max

      The beef packages are tiny, and they are supposed, just like those little chocolate samplers. This makes a perfect Anniversary and Valentine Day gift. The company does a EPIC job shipping all of my purchases with care!

    3. 05/31/2016 Dan Jerky Heart 5

      Great variety

      Awesome quality, flavors and package.

    4. 05/18/2016 Julie Jerky Heart 5

      Great Gift

      I sent this to my boyfriend after he finished a huge work project that had been stressing him out. He loved it and said it was awesome and great quality!

      Also worth mentioning - I had a bit of a small issue with the tracking of my package and the Man Crate customer service is 10/10 phenomenal.

    5. 05/11/2016 Kitty Jerky Heart 5

      Love to Love YOU!

      This gift got a great review from my HoneyMan. I gave this to him on Valentine's day and he and our son fought over the jerky. The message card that I requested to be sent with the gift was very cleverly put into the box. Loved this gift and can hardly wait for the next special occasion for my man.

    6. 02/26/2016 Tamber Jerky Heart 1

      Amazing Taste Bad Value

      I do have to say me and my husband thought this was the best tasting jerky ever. The bad is that we each only got to have one small bite of each flavor. There is less than 2 inches of each flavor and for the price is not worth it. I would rather have crate filled with full size packages of some of the flavors.

    7. 02/16/2016 Anna Jerky Heart 5

      SO clever

      I send this to my boyfriend's office, hoping the women would get a kick out of a heart shaped box, Only to open it with beef jerky... basically his favorite thing!
      It was a hit! Thanks Man Crates for having such awesome ideas

    8. 02/14/2016 Ashley Jerky Heart 5


      Bravo to Man Crates for another fantastic gift idea! My husband LOVES beef jerky, so as soon as I saw the jerky heart, I knew I had to get it for him! He was very surprised and very happy with the flavor selection! (He's actually chowing down on some right now.) What will you think of next?! Whatever it is, I can't wait! Thank you!!!

    9. 02/14/2016 StillLoveYallThough Jerky Heart 1

      Five for concept; 1 for value

      This is a great idea. Truly. However. Within the box are ten TINY morsels of jerky, each only 0.5 ounces. It's shocking how small they are. 10 x 0.5 = 5 ounces total, for $29.95. Shipping is not included in that. It's not shipped in a crate. Duct Tape is extra. So make no mistake, what you are paying for is the custom concept and custom-made box with the heart-shaped liner saying Surprise, it's meat! And for many, that alone may be worth the price of this item. But the amount of actual jerky is woefully inadequate, and I was honestly embarrassed when the lid was removed. The photo is quite misleading about the actual size of the packages. The large front space on each package? That's mostly flat, empty plastic. On the back side is a tiny shrink-wrapped lump of jerky, again, half an ounce per package. If you understand exactly what you're buying (great concept), you won't be disappointed. But my review of this item was the photo promised more edible product than was delivered, and that it was overpriced. I may not have a clear understanding of how much it costs to produce this sort of new product, but this is my honest assessment as a consumer.

    10. 02/14/2016 Unknown Jerky Heart 3

      Where's the beef?

      Loved the idea of this, and just about everything on this site! I was let down when I saw how tiny the pieces of meat were.I was almost embarrassed to give it to him cause it was so chintzy. I would have rather paid more and to receive more product.

    11. 02/7/2016 Anita Jerky Heart 5

      Perfect Gift!

      I ordered this for the hubs for Valentine's Day. He happened to be home when it got delivered so he just kept asking "What's in the box!" hehe. So I gave it to him a week early. He absolutely loved it! Will order from you guys again! Thanks!

    12. 02/4/2016 Perfect Jerky Heart 5

      Sweet & Manly!

      This is perfect! Sweet heart shaped box... with manly beef jerky inside? What else could he possibly want? Love Man Crates! You saved me with an AMAZING crate that he LOVED for Xmas, now Valentine's Day will be perfect too. Y'all make me look good!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 16 | Next

    4/5 for 16 Jerky Heart reviews
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