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Zombie Annihilation Crate

  • More than just tools of the trade, this cache has every essential close combat weapon to ensure annihilation.
  • Equipped for close combat and for setting up camp, you'll be the envy of post-zombie apocalypse survivors everywhere.
  • Made of forged steel, the Gerber® Gator Combo Axe features Gerber's signature Gator grip and includes an additional knife in the handle. The ultimate close range weapon. Throw if necessary.
  • Ultimate paracord knife with fire starter. It's like the cuisinart of survival tools.
  • For covert, low-profile travel through hostile territory, the Gerber® Gator Machete Jr. is the perfect machete for lightweight travel.
  • First aid, survival guide and heavy-duty Gorilla Tape (what can't you do with duct tape).
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Zombie Annihilation Crate

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Take the Offensive

It’s 28 days later and we’re organized, supplied and effective. Our defenses hold back the walkers nightly. Our daylight patrols have gotten faster and more aggressive—the leadership of true veterans makes all the difference.  

Extermination Gear
The team used to come back shaken up and terrified; now its all swagger and bragging about re-kill counts. Swanson says he put down a dozen in one excursion. It’s all about having the right tool for the job, be it digging a latrine, chopping firewood, clearing brush, or dispatching the undead.

Expanded, walker-free green zones and improved regimentation back at camp have really raised the quality of life around here. We’ve got a water well and designated garden plots for squash and cabbage. It’s been a solid month of SPAM and canned soup, I’ve never been so excited about vegetables in my life.


ribbon-icon.png We have shipped our last Twinkies.

A can of Spam will be substituted until a solution to this crisis is reached.



Keep evil at bay:

  • Gerber® Gator Machete Junior
    • 10.75" high-carbon steel blade
    • Gator-Grip
    • NOT A TOY
  • Gerber® Gator Combo Axe and Knife
  • Gerber® Gorge Folding Shovel
  • Combination Paracord Knife with Built-in Firestarter


Essentials for the fight:

  • Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
  • Zombie LED Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Spam. Delicious, delicious Spam.


In a sealed wooden machete case with a laser-etched crowbar, without bows, ribbons or fluff.

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  1. Awesome!!

    Posted by Unknown on 09/13/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    Got this as a gift for my husbands birthday. He had a lot of fun opening the crate. I don't think I have ever seen that big a smile over a gift. Definitely going to remember this site!

  2. LOVE IT!

    Posted by Ariana on 09/3/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    I got this for my boyfriend as a housewarming gift, I couldn't wait for him to open it! The crate was a little hard to open, but when he finally pried the top off, he was so excited! I was a bit disappointed that there weren't any Twinkies, but other than that, everything was amazing. We've even used the ax already!

  3. Finally, not a personalized pen set!

    Posted by America on 08/23/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    Not that there is anything wrong with personalized pens, anagramed mugs, or cheese baskets, but gifts available for guys are lame! I live in a jungle, and couldn't go shop for a birthday gift for my guy. (True story) Everything I found on the internet under the guy-gift category was so effeminate, and definitely not what a girl like me gets a man like him. Seriously, nothing says I want your body like a personalized set of pajamas??? Those things should come with an optional letter opener, so the receiver can just stab himself repeatedly before hitching his bleeding heart to the chick who bought him the flannel chastity jammies...... Unless they are footed pajamas, because those are cool.

    My one suggestion: Option to stuff a red lace thong in with the packaging peanuts. Nothing says "I love you" like a gerber, zombie survival guide, lace thong, and a package of twinkies.


    - satisfied customer

  4. This made Dad so happy - the duct tape "wrapping paper" was one of the best parts!

    Posted by Heather on 08/4/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    My Dad was so happy with this gift. He said the items inside the crate were really good quality.
    One of the best parts was trying to get through the duct tape "wrapping paper." I definately recommend adding the duct tape!

  5. AWSOME!

    Posted by Gucci Zercheyv on 07/30/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)


  6. Daily Tool Use

    Posted by Lesli on 06/23/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    Bought this crate for my 49 year old husband for Christmas. He thought it was a joke and put it aside without opening. Several hours later, after opening the crate in private, he came to me like a kid exclaiming how awesome and of good quality the "tools" in the crate were. We live out in the middle of the woods and he uses the tools almost daily and thanks me often for the practical Christmas gift I gave him.

  7. zombie crate

    Posted by Blake on 05/30/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    this has to be the coolest thing ive ever gotten as a gift. i like the whole crate thing with all the sharp objects in it to fend off the zombies when that day comes. cause its gonna happen. id recommend everyone get them one of these. coolest thing ever

  8. Father in law loved it!!! Saweet!!

    Posted by Stephanie on 05/14/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    He loved it! Made me look good, and the customer service I received was stellar!

  9. Turned 30 year olds into children!

    Posted by Amber on 04/14/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    I bought this as a surprise gift for my husband's 30th. He and his friends loved that it was duct taped shut and much fun was had watching him fight it open. Once he realized it was a man crate he was thrilled, once he saw it was the annihilator pack he actually jumped up and down! The party was a surprise and the crate just sealed it. It was a blast watching 10 grown men fight to see who would get to pretend to fight off the pretend zombies (trees). For the price you get amazing gear and its a ton of fun! It was simple to order, they kept me up to date on its shipping and arrival, I got exactly what I ordered, and it made my husband's party! I can't wait for the end of the year to do the same for my brother :)

  10. 17 year old's dream come true!

    Posted by Shiela Futch on 02/22/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    So my mom bought this for my dad for his birthday and raved about it so I decided to buy it for my seventeen year old son. He absolutely loved it!!! I am officially the universe's best mom ever according to my son. Thanks guys for making two of the most important guys in my life birthday's awesome!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  11. Best Wife Ever - Coolest Valentines Gift I have ever recieved

    Posted by Tom Scales on 02/14/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    27 Years old. Just left the British Army after 7 years. Just got married in December as well as moving to MI to be with my lovely wife.... then this happens!!! WELL DONE MAN CRATES WELL DONE!!! I cannot express enough the childish joy I felt prizing open my Man Crate, (which by the way is a seriously cool idea for packing), and finding a Zombie Apocalypse Survival kit!!! That amazing girl was already pretty high in my estimations of best human being in the world but this just tops it! So Glad I married her, So Glad I can now offer her the protection she deserves when the hordes descend! ONE HAPPY GUY RIGHT HERE!!


    Posted by SHANNON BRYANT on 02/13/2014 ( Zombie Annihilation Crate 5 stars)

    I sent this Man Crate to my husbands work. He does contract work for the military and is surrounded by "men." ( None of them ha d ever opened a real crate before. I wanted him to have an audience to his AWESOME gift. He had a crowd of about 10 guys around him when he finally pried the crate open. They were in awwww of how manly this gift was. He told them that his wife sent it and that not only was I the coolest wife ever, but I could really cook too. That sent them over the edge and back to their desks. Hope this helped your Jacksonville Florida market, because they were all going to your website... Thanks for making me " THE COOLEST WIFE EVER!!!"

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