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Whiskey Connoisseur Crate

The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate was just a couple proofs away from being named The Whiskey Sean Connerysseur Crate.
  • The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate was just a couple proofs away from being named The Whiskey Sean Connerysseur Crate.
  • Induce your whiskey in a whirlpool of aerated refinement.
  • The Glencairn glass is the best thing to happen to whiskey since the wooden barrel.
  • The only form of journaling that you won't be embarrassed to tell your friends about.
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Whiskey Sidekick

Like the steeled lumberjack with his pick-up tires spinning traction-less in the snow, or the bare-knuckle boxer whose swollen eyelid needs a quick cut, sometimes even the strongest of things needs a helping hand. The bold flavor of whiskey, while remarkably strong and strongly remarkable, can be even more majestic with a hint of airy assistance.

The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate is the subtle touch that fans the warm whiskey burn into a full-fledged flavor frenzy.

The Pride and Joy of Scotland

Of course the country that legally regulates the aging of their whiskey would design the most optimal container for its consumption. Scotland’s greatest contribution to the world since the great Sean Connery is their Glencairn glass, an architectural and aesthetic feat of whiskey-mastery that fully matures your whiskey in hand and draws out the greatest of its color, body, nose, palate, and flavor.

Give your subtle swirling muscles a rest with the whiskey aerator. It’s an easy way to introduce the proper amounts of air into your whiskey without introducing whiskey stains onto that pure-silk, smoker’s robe you’re obviously wearing while indulging in such great taste.

Good Company

When your whiskey’s not in hand, keep it on hand in the laser-etched, glass whiskey decanter. Along with this monogrammed masterpiece, the Whiskey 3 Crate includes a pair of slate coasters for maximum extravagance, a whiskey tasting journal, and an assortment of deluxe peanuts, pecans and pistachios.

The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate is the subtle push that will launch your prized whiskey into a new flavor stratosphere.

Distinguished Gear

  • 2 Glencairn glasses
  • Personalized Whiskey Decanter
    (hand-made, may contain minor imperfections)
  • Whiskey aerator
  • 2 slate coasters
  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub

  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts
  • salted pistachios
  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 12/26/2016 Pamela Miller Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5


      Xmas Gift for my hubby. We had three man crates under the tree and it was funny watching them each open them. I'm thankful the cards were on the outside of the crate because that way we could be sure each man got the right crate (Hubby, Son and guest).

    2. 12/6/2016 Kayla D. Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5


      My boyfriend loved every piece of this crate. As soon as he opened it he made a trip to the store for 'some of the good scotch' and then showed me a video about the awesomeness of the Glencairn glass. Give a man the perfect gift and he's just like a kid in a candy store.

    3. 09/27/2016 Katrina Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      Man Crates makes it right...

      Ordered this crate for my husband for our 8th wedding anniversary... I'll start by saying the contents are awesome; my husband loves it. The decanter and glasses are definitely quality barware. He hasn't broken into the snacks, but I'm sure they're great, too. Now for a caveat: When ordering this, I might recommend setting it to deliver a day early, as mine delivered the day after our anniversary, which was pretty disappointing. However, Will L. stepped up and refunded the shipping costs, which was really classy and appreciated. So, thank you Man Crates for a quality gift with awesome presentation and for stellar customer service.

    4. 03/6/2016 Craig Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      put AWE in AWESOME!

      Sent this to my Brother out of state for Christmas. What a gift. He was blown away about everything. The duct tape, the wooden box, the crowbar, no instructions and finally the contents. He proudly displays the decanter and glasses in the center of his bar. This Gift MADE his Christmas and he still sends me photos when he drinks from his engraved glasses. Oh, He also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the round Ice Cubes... This product was a GREAT gift and worth every penny. His excited phone call on Christmas and the photos that followed gave me great pleasure. Thank You MAN CRATES!!!!

    5. 01/6/2016 Chelsy Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      Christmas Surprise

      My boyfriend is in to everything whiskey, so this was a perfect gift set for him. I was worried about the glass since I ordered it early and had to travel for Christmas, but it made it through that and the return journey without any issues. It was very well packaged and fun to watch him try to open it to avoid too much attention. Well worth it.

    6. 01/5/2016 Toby Selcer Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      These guys are amazing

      Ok, I wrote an earlier review with a 4 star because my crate was missing the stopper. I contacted man crate, guess what, I got a new stopper! Unheard of now days. I would give them 6 stars if I could. I use it every day! My friends are jealous. This thing is unique and cool. I'm an old dude and have pretty much anything I want (within reason of course). My wife totally caught me off guard with this gift. LOVE IT! Guys are great and stand behind their stuff!

    7. 12/29/2015 Lisa Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      Christmas awesomeness

      I got this for my spoiled husband for dinner. As soon as it showed up he kept asking "what's in the crate, what's in the crate?" Everyone who spied it under the tree wanted to know, what's in the crate. What a fun gift for someone who has everything. Thanks ManCrates!

    8. 12/29/2015 Toby Selcer Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 4

      Missing part

      I was totally shocked when I go this for Christmas. I pretty much buy things when I want them and gifts never really are things I want. This was GREAT except there was no stopper! Big disappointment. I will contact them and hope they will send me a stopper. I would have given them a five star for sure other than missing that part.

    9. 10/27/2015 Courtney Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 4

      Great gift BUT the box was a spoiler!

      I was so excited to get this gift for my boyfriend and couldn't wait to surprise him with it, he really enjoyed opening it and loved everything inside so I'd definitely say that part was a hit, and have a few other ideas I'd like to get him from here. BUT I was very unhappy because I am never one to be able to keep a surprise and he had no idea where it was coming from, until he happened to get home before me and since the box is stamped MAN CRATES,where it was coming from was a bit spoiled and may put me off from a future purchase if it will spoil the surprise. BUT very great products, very great quality and definitely what I was looking for.

    10. 10/9/2015 Kelli Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      This was so cool!

      I bought this Man Crate for my husband's birthday - he was totally surprised and loved every part of it - from opening a totally duck taped box to using the crow bar to open the crate to the surprises inside. Everything was quality and it arrived when they said it would. I'll be buying more from this company!

    11. 09/28/2015 Deborah Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      Couldn't Ask For Anything Else

      OMG! You guys are great. I went to order this gift for my dad and you were out. I called on a Sunday and your customer service was awesome. She told me you would email me as soon as they get a shipment in and it should be soon. I did get the email the next evening (the email was extremely witty), and I made my purchase. I didn't realize you include a crow bar-how funny! My dad loved everything. Even the little notes about opening the gift. You are terrific. It's so nice to get something you pay for these days. Thank you! I'll be ordering again.

    12. 08/27/2015 Kylee Carlin Whiskey Connoisseur Crate 5

      Awesome Anniversary Gift

      I bought this gift for my husband for our anniversary and he loved it. After getting lost by FEDEX and unable to find the package, Man Crates exceptional customer service helped me when I wasn't sure what else to do. I would definitely recommend this gift, great quality and exceptional customer service!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 26 | Next

    5/5 for 26 Whiskey Connoisseur Crate reviews
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