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Troutdoorsman Crate

The Troutdoorsman Crate is the ultimate gift for trout fishermen.
  • The Troutdoorsman Crate is the ultimate gift for trout fishermen.
  • Grill trout over the campfire with this easy grill tool.
  • Canvas Fishing Creel
  • Man Crates Exclusive trout recipe book and citrus-zesty seasoning.
  • Kershaw folding filet knife for fresh camping meals.
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Catch And Release The Flavor

Unlike their conniving, malicious aqua-brethren: bass, trout have earned our utmost respect. We think the world of their graceful agility, grandiose color patterns, and overall trustworthy character.

They are beautiful, emotionally-complex creatures, and if there was a way we could enjoy their delicious meaty insides without angling and gutting them, we would. Alas, the universe is cruel, and the best we can do is give them a most honorable end.

A Fresh, Flavorful Farewell

To make their journey into eternal slumber as comfortable as possible for the fisher and the fished, we’ve selected a Canvas Creel with a waterproof lining and breathable mesh sides. This bag can hold a handful of trout and insulating greenery, creating a fresh, preserving eco-purgatory for our cherished chums as they await their Glorious Zesting.

The Kershaw Fish Fillet Knife is the only trout trimming tool that does right by our fallen fish friends. The stainless steel blade makes for intricate cutting and compact storage, and its texture grip handle is water and fish-slime proof.

And for the camping troutdoorsmen in pursuit of the freshest feast, the Fire Grill gets trout over an open cooking fire in no time. This portable stainless steel wire cage attaches to any stick for a quick, crispy dinner, and honors the slain with a traditional viking burial.

Delicious Fish Dishes

The most worthy tribute to a caught and cooked trout is to ensure its death was deliciously not in vain. For the trout traditionalists, the zesty citrus O’Fish’ial Blend Trout Seasoning ensures every trout reaches its finest flavor potential in life and beyond.

We’ve unlocked the mysteries of supreme trout flavor in our tell-all book of ingenious meal creations--TROUT: Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast. From tasty fish tacos where the fish is the taco, to perfectly cooking a fish inside a fish, this Man Crates exclusive cookbook will make that trout wish it was alive to taste itself.

The Troutdoorsman Crate equips every guy to properly commemorate his catch with the freshest, most flavorful fillets imaginable.

Man Crates Exclusives

  • TROUT: Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast
  • O'Fish'ial Blend Trout Seasoning

Trout Trappers

  • Canvas Creel
  • Kershaw Fixed Blade Filet Knife
  • Grandpa's Grill Holder


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/3/2017 Jeffrey Bean Troutdoorsman Crate 5


      My friends at Southwest Airlines sent me this as a get well gift after open heart surgery. First I can't use it until I get better so it couldn't be more perfect. I can't imagine a more thoughtful fun or creative gift. I'll be using you in the near future. Thanks for your quality and best of luck with your bright future!

    2. 02/18/2017 Kim Bryan Troutdoorsman Crate 5

      Great Gift!

      I wanted something different for my stepdad, and seeing we had purchased from here before for my husband, I knew this was the place to go. He thoroughly enjoyed it! He told me the items were quality, not just inexpensive stuff thrown in a box. He's going to put the crate back together to reuse it for something. Excellent gift!!!!

    3. 12/20/2016 Paul Troutdoorsman Crate 5

      wow awesome

      my wife sent this perfect gift to me love it Susie your the best man crates very cool

    4. 12/28/2015 Angel Troutdoorsman Crate 4

      Pefect gift for the fisherman!

      Our fisherman loved his gift, especially the knife!
      The bag that came with this crate is a bit small, but all other items are great! He loved the crate, which is a great touch to the overall gift!

    5. 12/25/2015 Alanna Troutdoorsman Crate 5

      A great gift

      The troutsdoorman crate was a great gift and loved by the friend that received it.

    5/5 for 5 Troutdoorsman Crate reviews
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