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Pizza Grilling Crate

The Pizza Grilling Crate
  • The Pizza Grilling Crate
  • Authentic Italian Dough and Double Roller
  • Pizzacraft Blend and Recipe Book
  • Authentic Italian Flavor
  • Delicious, Stone-Grilled Pizza
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The History of Pizza
(as told through catatstrophic events)*

There’s nothing original or appetizing about soggy, cardboard delivery pizza, and “defrost” is in no way an authentic Italian culinary technique. History itself attests to the fact that the most delicious pizzas are born of fire.

The Great Fire of Rome in 64 A.D. led to the creation of pozzolanic concrete, and thus, crispy flatbread crust. New York’s 1835 brick building bonfire inspired brick oven pizza, and deep dish style emerged after the widespread fear of wood from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The Pizza Grilling Crate transforms the destructive flames of a backyard grill into the source of life for delicious, stone-grilled pizza.

From The Fire, We Feast!

The Pizza Grilling Crate turns any ordinary grill into a flame-fueled furnace for crisp, smoky pizza. The four cordierite baking stones bring the heat to any personal pizza party, but can also be fitted together to grill pizza pies of all sizes and shapes, including all seven Tetris shapes.

For simple homemade, hand-tossed pizza crust, Passione is the dough you knead. This organic artisanal flour ground from premium hard red wheat makes amazing pizza that will have every man kissing his fingers in a grandiose manner, proclaiming “Delizioso!” in an exaggerated, possibly-offensive Italian accent.

Hot Off The Blocks

The double-down dough roller swiftly lays a level base for the whopping of toppings that can and should cover the pizza. We’re also including Pizzacraft’s authentic Neapolitan herb blend and cookbook, the primer on all things pizza with over 100 pages of recipes and resources.

Finally, we’ve custom-designed a collapsible pizza peel that transfers piping hot pies from the grill to the table with all toppings in tact.

Like gold, steel, and the rest of civilization’s most indispensable elements, pizza is best forged in fire.

*All historical accuracy subject to interpretation

It's Pizza Time!

  • 4 — 7.5" Pizza Stones
  • Passione Pizza Flour
  • Pizzacraft's Neopolitan Herb Blend

Backyard Pizzeria

  • Foldable Pizza Peel
  • 2-sided Dough Roller
  • Pizzacraft Pizza Recipe Book


In a sealed, wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/26/2017 Carol Pizza Grilling Crate 5


      I ordered the Pizza crate for my husband for Fathers Day. He had a heck of a time opening it, but finally got it open! The flour packet had opened and made a mess but we got it cleaned up and the stones and recipe book were all fine. I have contacted them about the flour. We can't wait to try it! The recipe book has some fun ideas too.

    2. 04/15/2017 Reid Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      This was an excellent gift except for the crate

      I purchased this for my brother back during Christmas, since we were younger, every year I would wrap my brothers gift so it seemed near impossible to open with out a scissor or knife. So when I came across this gift I thought this looks perfect. I watched a couple videos on youtube of people opening crates and knew I had to get it. Went through the ordering process and seen the check box for diabolical duck tape and all I could do was chuckle and check the box.
      The gift came just in time for Christmas and we had are laughs from him trying to open the diabolical duck tape on it before handing him the knife. He cut the box open and got the note card stating that the struggle wasn't over and all he got now was this little crow bar to open it. But when he pulled the crate out of the box the lid was loose and just pulled up without a tool or any effort at all. Which was a huge disappointment, because it was one of the main reasons for buying it.
      As for the contents inside though this is a really neat gift. My brother is a big griller and this has everything you need besides toppings to grill your first pizza. He had sent pictures of delicious looking pizzas and had nothing but good compliments to say about it. Thought about getting one for myself.


      Hi there Reid,

      Thanks so much for your review! I am so sorry to hear about the crate being super easy to open, we love a good challenge here and I'm bummed to hear that your recipient didn't have a good one! We would love if you would give is a chance to make this right! GIve us a buzz at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to and we'll do our best to fix this up for you!

      Team Man Crates

    3. 12/31/2016 Lauren-Elizabeth Serpas Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      Epitome of Everything Grunt-Worthy...

      I got the Pizza Grilling Crate for my fiancé for one of his Christmas gifts this year, and the grin and twinkle in his eyes rivaled anything displayed by our two year old gazing at his loot under the tree! His crate was under the tree encased simply in it's Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon, no frilly, cheerful, Santa cartoon-clad nonsense necessary. The slight imp-like smirk spread dramatically into a full-on maniacal, Joker-esque leer when he found the crate and crowbar inside! This couldn't have been a more perfect gift for him... and he has boasted of this gift to all his fellow Cave Dwellers; prepare for the possibility of a viral outbreak of orders from the New Orleans, LA area! Awesome presentation and amazing product!

    4. 12/28/2016 Jason Hemmelgarn Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      Awesome Surprise Birthday Present

      My wife struggles to surprise me (her words, not mine) and hit it out of the park this year. This mystery box showed up at my door... I was unfamiliar with what MC was.... She called my kids down, and I went to work. To my surprise... a crate was nestled inside the cardboard box. Along with a crowbar. With a little effort ( I didn't need to go to the help website..) I was able to crack it open and find some incredibly handy tools for pizza grilling. Will be using this ASAP.

    5. 12/13/2016 Tysann Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      Great Gift for an Impossible Recipient

      My sister was asking me for birthday ideas for my husband. He is notoriously impossible to shop for. He's the type who if he wants something, he'll just go buy it. It's maddening. She sent me the link for a man crate because we have grilled pizza in the past. I figured it would be something different and something I could use if he wasn't interested. The day that his crate arrived, my husband urgently called for me to come downstairs. I discovered him wielding a miniature crowbar with a bewildered look on his face. He then started to open the crate, which probably would have been present enough for him. He was excited to see the contents though. He went and bought a small pizza oven just because of this crate. We had family over for homemade pizza night, and he proudly rolled the dough out and carried the pizzas to the oven on his collapsable pizza peel. Needless to say, this crate was a huge hit.

    6. 08/29/2016 Rebecca Greene Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      He loved it!!

      I got the pizza grilling crate for my fiancé for his birthday. He was so surprised when he opened it to find a wooden crate and crowbar. When he finally got the crate open and discovered what was inside he absolutely loved it. Pizza and grilling are two of his favorite things. He can't wait to try it out next weekend and to bring it camping with us. It was such a success I've already ordered the knife making kit for my dad for Christmas.

    7. 08/15/2016 Shauna Pizza Grilling Crate 4

      Great except for one, small detail

      So my husband was super excited to pry open this crate. He had been talking about making pizza on the grill ever since we got our Primo, and loves how you can piece together all of the stones to fit the size of pizza you are making.
      The one tiny detail that almost ruined the whole thing is that the box that the crate was packed in (Not the shipping box) had a sticker right on top that said exactly what crate was inside. My husband tried to look away, but did see the word "pizza." That took away some of the surprise for him. Maybe use a code on the label, or cover the label over with a funny sticker before packing it in the shipping box? That was the only real bummer. He had a lot of fun prying the crate open.

    8. 06/24/2016 Ami Pizza Grilling Crate 5

      Great choice!

      I first got my husband a Man Crate last year for Father's Day. It went over so well, I decided to make it an annual thing. This year, I decided on the pizza grilling box and it was an awesome choice! It's not even a week after Father's Day and we've grilled pizza twice. My husband absolutely loves it and to him, it was the perfect box for US. This is something he can do for the two of us, and it's not just about him or to make him happy. That's one of his favorite things about this box. We haven't tried any of the recipes in the book yet, but they are certainly on our list! :)

    5/5 for 8 Pizza Grilling Crate reviews
    Number of things that can’t be fixed with duct tape or WD-40: 0.

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