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Personalized Whiskey Crate

Every man is one step of refinement away from swapping charming anecdotes at a foreign diplomat's dinner party. This personalized whiskey crate is that step.
  • Every man is one step of refinement away from swapping charming anecdotes at a foreign diplomat's dinner party. This personalized whiskey crate is that step.
  • Check out the heavy bottom on that personalized 9 oz. whiskey rocks glass.
  • Chill out with a whiskey in your hand and some perfect spheres in your glass.
  • Document your journey into the world of aged spirits.
  • Add an optional flask and he'll never forget his name again, no matter how much he drinks.
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The Sophisticated Man

Men aren't born dressed in a sharp tailored suit with a Cuban in hand. Even Frank Sinatra, before he was the suave sultan Frank Sinatra, was once young Francis Albert, captain of the chess club with enough barbed wire lining his teeth to fence off a Toluca cattle ranch.

The transformation into manhood, like most worthwhile ventures in life, begins with a strong drink.

Bold Bravado

Handing a guest a drink is like demonstrating a firm handshake in a job interview or warming up with one-fingered push-ups before an underground kung-fu death showdown. It's a functional maneuver to establish a relaxed, confident presence.

This set of square whiskey glasses are intentionally bottom-loaded to flaunt your gravitas. And we'll laser etch your name into the thick glass so no one will forget whose sophisticated jazz flute skills they were admiring all night.

Science bests nature once again with the Tovolo ice molds. These pristine ice crystal spheres have a slower melting rate, keeping your whiskey chilled longer and tasting stronger. And aesthetically they pair perfectly with the solid slate coasters, the marble floors of the coaster world, to give your whiskey experience a more rugged, natural ambiance.

Cultured Accompaniments

Whiskey is a flavor bully, and your childish gas station junk foods will get knocked over in its bold wake. These salted pistachios, spiced peppercorn peanuts, and sweet and spicy pecans are snacks for the mature, the perfect compliment to any whiskey.

And use the drinking journal to scribble notes for the whiskey blog you're thinking about starting, or just let it peek out of your pocket so people think you have a whiskey blog. Just as rewarding with much less work.

The road to classy refinement is not for the weak of taste, and it begins with the Personalized Whiskey Man Crate. 

Distinguished Gear

  • 2 personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses (9 oz.)
  • 2 Tovolo ice sphere molds
  • 2 slate coasters
  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub

  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts
  • Salted pistachios
  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 02/23/2017 Ron Richards Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      awesome man crate

      To all at Man Crate.First off,you all deserve a toast.My wife had purchased the man crate for my 57th birthday.I had arrived home from work and found this big box on the porch.As my birthday rolled around,she was just as excited as I to get it opened.And yes,it is a well put together crate.As I held my manly,yet small crowbar,she said there is directions to open it,try harder it said,so as I had my drink in hand,I strolled out to my manly shop where I kewp my manly tools,I said sweetheart,she says with a sinful smile,yes,should I get my cut off saw,,chain saw,cutting torch or jack hammer out,she says so sweetly,just a little bigger crow bar will work,so as I eased it open,what a kick ass surprise,the personalized whiskey decanter and glasses and the treats,so rocked.Then the bigger surprise,the knife kit,and yes the duct tape would make any Nascar mechanic jealous.We sent you a picture of me working on the knife in my shop and I will say this,the whole gift crate was the best gift I have ever recieved,and yes,the wife so got a big kiss that night.So,I want to so thank everyone at Man crate for their great work and products,and I would love to have you all stop by for a good sip of whiskey and a good cigar.You have new fans of your company.And as we have a son in the Marines getting ready to deploy again,I want to order the ammo can speaker for him.Thank you all so very much,Ron& Pam Richards,Fresno,CA.

    2. 01/27/2017 Kristin Gibson Personalized Whiskey Crate 4

      GREAT with one flaw.

      I ordered a Whisky Man crate for my Husband for his birthday. I received it in great timing considering I had a personalized crate. I was also very pleased with how everything turned out on the inside, the product was GREAT!

      But, Half the fun for me to order it was to watch him try and open it. He was excited about trying to break into this cool wooden crate! I was very disappointed when I received the crate and one of the corners had lifted from the glue and was unsealed. Not wanting him to be able to use that was a wedge for the crowbar, I had to go buy a glue gun and try to glue the corner back down. Unfortunately that didn't work very well and he was able to break into the crate within minutes. I was quiet disappointed being I read on the Man Crates website that part of the hype of these crates are the point of getting into them.

      I absolutely loved the products inside and he was excited about every item in the box. I just wanted to give you all a heads up the part of the purpose of this crate, was sort of defeated.

    3. 12/30/2016 Scott Personalized Whiskey Crate 5


      Received this for Christmas and was incredibly happy. I started drinking Scotch this past year and the wife found this. Tonight is my birthday and I will be breaking in the glasses with my Scotch drinking buddy!
      I think the wife has ne covered for gift giving for the foreseeable future!

    4. 12/13/2016 Chris Killingsworth Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      I goofed up

      I wrote a review yesterday titled Great but.... I received a very rapid, funny, polite, and every other positive adjective I can think of from Stacia Cunningham (give that lady a raise). Bottom line, she wanted to make everything she could to make it right but also pointed out to me that I hadn't actually ordered the duct tape for the crates. With that said, they still wanted to make right even though it was My goof up! Man Crates, y'all are the best!

    5. 12/12/2016 Chris Killingsworth Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Great but....

      I am no stranger to Man Crates and they never dissapoint with the gifts. However, for the second time in a row I paid for the duct-tape wrapping and didn't get it. I love your gifts but come on guys, you're slipping.
      Man Crates Edit:

      Hey Chris,

      Man, that's a total bummer, so sorry to hear you order has been sans duct tape twice now! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll hook it up bigtime for you.

      Team Man Crates

    6. 11/29/2016 C. Bradley Kreutzer Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      what a thank you gift

      i received this as a thank you gift. the family was all watching as i tried to open the crate after about 5 minutes i went to the garage to get more tools, determined to get it open (hammer and knife) what i found was just the greatest surprise and items i will use and remember a close friend for the rest of my life

    7. 11/29/2016 Inna Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Back again.

      My husband LOVED his man crate. He uses the glasses and the ice maker on regular basis. Here I am again buying one for my nephew. Great gift for a man in your family!

    8. 09/6/2016 Beckah Flanick Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      My husband LOVED it!

      So I ordered this for my husband for his birthday. It arrived the day that it was promised, and he had so much fun breaking open the crate with the crow bar. The quality of the glasses, flask and other components of the crate are phenomenal! It didn't hurt that I also gave him a bottle of Maker's Mark to test things out. ;) He was so in love that he immediately got onto the website to check out what else Man Crates sells. We will be lifelong customers. :D

    9. 08/26/2016 Leigh Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      He LOVED it!

      I bought this for my husband for his 44th birthday. Watching him get into the crate today was fun, he made a bit of a mess of it. The whiskey glasses were perfect. We liked it so much that I'm ordering the beer glasses for my brother's 40th! Great gift ideas!

    10. 08/24/2016 Del Personalized Whiskey Crate 4

      Great gift but came broken

      Got it as a birthday present for my brother in law. Everyone was intrigued as to what was in the box. It was fun watching him open the crate but once open he found a shattered glass and one of the slate coasters had a chipped corner. The second glass was intact and it looked great, he especially liked that his name was on it. Great gift but it was a big let down that one of the glasses was broken. I have ordered man crates before and this was the first time that something was damaged. Definitely recommend Man Crates.



      Hey Del,

      So sorry to hear that your order arrived with a glass broken!! We'd be more than happy to replace that for you! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise!

      Lead Customer Champion
      Team Man Crates

    11. 08/10/2016 Ashley Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Great customer service

      I just did a exchange of gift from cigar humidor to whiskey crate. Thank you Robby & Molly for helping out so quickly with my gift exchange. It was a pleasure talking to you and you guys are awesome.

    12. 07/14/2016 Alexis Personalized Whiskey Crate 5


      I bought the personalized whiskey crate as a gift for a friend's birthday. I had the glasses customized with his name, it came with everything listed in the item description, nothing was damaged, crow bar wasn't left out and I even chose to pay the extra money to have it wrapped in duct tape--just for the satisfaction of the struggle I knew he would go through to open it up! I ordered it a month and a half in advance. Chose the day I wanted it delivered & it arrived on time, on the day I chose. Undamaged. He was so happy & could not have turned out better! I definitely won the award for most badass present this year!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 252 | Next

    5/5 for 252 Personalized Whiskey Crate reviews
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