Personalized Whiskey Crate

Every man is one step of refinement away from swapping charming anecdotes at a foreign diplomat's dinner party. This personalized whiskey crate is that step.
  • Every man is one step of refinement away from swapping charming anecdotes at a foreign diplomat's dinner party. This personalized whiskey crate is that step.
  • Check out the heavy bottom on that personalized 9 oz. whiskey rocks glass.
  • These slate coasters will keep your tabletop whiskey neat and put the "man" back in gentleman.
  • The perfect personalized upgrade for the man who refuses to let social norms interfere with his whiskey love.
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The Sophisticated Man

Men aren't born dressed in a sharp tailored suit with a Cuban in hand. Even Frank Sinatra, before he was the suave sultan Frank Sinatra, was once young Francis Albert, captain of the chess club with enough barbed wire lining his teeth to fence off a Toluca cattle ranch.

The transformation into manhood, like most worthwhile ventures in life, begins with a strong drink.

Bold Bravado

Handing a guest a drink is like demonstrating a firm handshake in a job interview or warming up with one-fingered push-ups before an underground kung-fu death showdown. It's a functional maneuver to establish a relaxed, confident presence.

This set of square whiskey glasses are intentionally bottom-loaded to flaunt your gravitas. And we'll laser etch your name into the thick glass so no one will forget whose sophisticated jazz flute skills they were admiring all night.

Science bests nature once again with the Tovolo ice molds. These pristine ice crystal spheres have a slower melting rate, keeping your whiskey chilled longer and tasting stronger. And aesthetically they pair perfectly with the solid slate coasters, the marble floors of the coaster world, to give your whiskey experience a more rugged, natural ambiance.

Cultured Accompaniments

Whiskey is a flavor bully, and your childish gas station junk foods will get knocked over in its bold wake. These salted pistachios, spiced peppercorn peanuts, and sweet and spicy pecans are snacks for the mature, the perfect compliment to any whiskey.

And use the drinking journal to scribble notes for the whiskey blog you're thinking about starting, or just let it peek out of your pocket so people think you have a whiskey blog. Just as rewarding with much less work.

The road to classy refinement is not for the weak of taste, and it begins with the Personalized Whiskey Man Crate. 

Distinguished Gear

  • 2 personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses (9 oz.)
  • 2 Tovolo ice sphere molds
  • 2 slate coasters
  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal
  • (optional) personalized black matte flask

Luxury Grub

  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts
  • salted pistachios
  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 03/5/2015 James Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      A stiff drink.

      Few things in life compare to the warming feeling of a man crate resting in 10" of snow, propped against my front door. After a hard day's work, traveling through winter storms and wading through the incessantly weak willed political games of my office compatriots, a stiff drink is exactly what I needed.

      And Man Crates delivered. I ripped my cargo-esque box open with my bare hands, casting aside the stage prop of a crowbar they offered me. Once open, I carefully pulled out my prize. Men don't rush, but neither do we dawdle; we move precisely at the speed we mean to. That is to say, I pour myself a glass of the fine aged whiskey right on the spot.

      Refinement overtook me, and as the firewater culled my weaknesses, I remember feeling the distinct sense of three more chest hairs instantly sprouting forth. I finished my savory drink, then proceeded to wrestle bears before bed.

      Thanks, Man Crates, for delivering a great product.


      James, we're glad that we could help the person awesome enough to get you such an awesome crate that helped to warm your body and soul. If you wish to trim the hairs (more of which will undoubtedly appear with continued use of your Whiskey glasses), we humbly recommend our Clean Shave Crate. Enjoy, and raise a glass in our honor.

    2. 02/26/2015 Cindy Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      anniversary gift

      loved the packaging! very pleased with the craftsmanship and content of the whiskey crate! delivered within the timeframe I was expecting and my man is happy! Thanks so much!

    3. 02/24/2015 Mari Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Manly little package

      The ship time on this product (it being personalized and all) is legit awesome! The glasses have a great hefty feel to them and don't look cheap like others do. The slate coasters are a nice touch. The crate isn't monstrous so it's perfect for office deliveries too! My boyfriend loved it and I can't wait to surprise him with more!

    4. 02/24/2015 Annick Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Perfect gift!!

      I bought this for my husband on his 30th birthday and he was soooo happy! He was like a child... That was the perfect gift for him!!! Thanks for the excellent service and fast shipping!!

    5. 02/24/2015 Unknown Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      my husband loved this!

      Great concept- he loved the stones, personalized glasses and the snacks! Very happy! Heard about it on the Stern show.

    6. 02/20/2015 martha Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      he loved it !

      I bought this for my boyfriend for valentines day. I told he can only use the crowbar that comes with to open it. It was fun watching him open it. It was awesome to watch his eyes open up when he sees what is inside . It was great !

    7. 02/19/2015 Melissa Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      SUCH a cool gift!

      I bought this crate for my fiance as a sort of cheer up package. Something about tearing into a create to find personalized tumblers just made him happy! I love the personal touches, the quick shipping and great selection. I think there will be more man crates in my man's future!

    8. 02/19/2015 Brooke Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      A Home run!

      Great gift for the man who has everything! My husband loved the personalized glasses and looks forward to showing them off in his bar. I enjoyed watching my husband try to carefully (he knew there was something breakable inside) open the crate with the enclosed crowbar. We will most definitely be sending Mancrates to other difficult to buy for family members.

    9. 02/18/2015 Unknown Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      one of a kind

      My husband loved this, glad I was able to buy him something he could/would use!! Great quality too, nothing cheap!!

    10. 02/17/2015 April Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Awesome Valentine/Anniversary Gift

      He loved opening with crobar! He also loved the items inside!! Great Gift!!!!

    11. 02/17/2015 Diana Personalized Whiskey Crate 4

      Whiskey Crate

      I was surprised at how quickly the order arrived even though it had personalized glassware. Unfortunately the slate coasters took a beating during shipment. The corners are all chewed up so they aren't really square or matching anymore.
      I also got a bit of a glass sliver from the front of the whiskey glasses... from the etching process I suppose.
      All in all - it is still a cool gift, and more importantly, my husband liked it - I will order from ManCrates again.

    12. 02/17/2015 Laura Personalized Whiskey Crate 5

      Unique Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

      My husband is one who has everything, or if he wants something he goes and gets it, even if their is a special occasion coming up. Extremely difficult to buy for. This crate was perfect; unique with a personal touch. He loved opening it, and especially loves the flask and how well made the glasses are. I will be using these for other men in my family that are hard to buy for.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 138 | Next

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