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Personalized Growler Crate

The Personalized Growler Crate is great for craft beer lovers.
  • The Personalized Growler Crate is great for craft beer lovers.
  • 64 oz. personalized growler and pint set.
  • Delicious beer-flavored candy.
  • Craft beer tasting journal.
  • Label your freshly filled growler with chalk.
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Straight From The Source

Some quests are more honorable than others, and with all due respect to men collecting stamps and state quarters, we’re focusing on a far loftier goal: the quest to enjoy every microbrew in America straight from the source.

This journey, while extremely delicious, is also extremely difficult. A devout band of drinking buddies must canoe for miles, caravan for weeks, and forsake all adult responsibilities to achieve the fullness of flavor.

These brave souls are our modern-day keg-quistadors in search of the mythical Fountain of Booze.

Jug Life

A knight would never ride into battle without his trusty steed, sharpened steel, and self-righteous sense of divine approval, and neither should you embark upon the quest for quenched thirst without a personalized steel growler.

The road between breweries is long and dry, and only 64 oz. of cool, carbonated brew will carry your spirits onward. Top it off at each stop, chalk details directly onto the mini-keg with the white chalk pencil, and share generously with fellow pilgrims along the way in a pair of classic screenprinted pint glasses.

Always remember, your quest is valiant, and the growler is laser-etched with your name, so carry it with pride throughout the land.

Drink Beers For "Research"

Your thoroughly documented taste will live forever in the annals of time in the 33 Bottles of Beer Book. Log textures and flavors as you sip, and present the book upon entrance to any brewery to ensure they bring out the good stuff.

Get ye quest for eternal refreshment underway with the Personalized Growler Crate.

Exploration Equipment

  • 64 oz. Personalized Mini-Keg Growler
  • White Chalk Pencil
  • 2 classic pint glasses

Drinking Buddies

  • 33 Bottles of Beer Book
  • Brew Candy


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 08/29/2017 Penelope Personalized Growler Crate 5


      I sent this ManCrate as a Thank You gift for a beer loving friend. He loved the personalized growler and everything else in it. ManCrate isnt your average gift basket. I will definitely be ordering again!

    2. 06/24/2017 Derek Personalized Growler Crate 5

      Best Ever

      The 4 ladies in my life got this for my birthday. Should have read the "Pro Tips" on the inside of the wooden crate which was very well designed to be challenging to open. Super cool idea! Couldn't be happier with the growler quality and will be taking it to a party filled with frothy joy tonight. Cheers!

    3. 06/19/2017 Irene Silveira Personalized Growler Crate 5

      HE LOVED IT!

      I purchased this for my boyfriend for Father's Day,. It arrived VERY quickly and the crate is so awesome, he was giddy to open it but waited until we saw each other to open it in front of me. Watching him open the crate was so funny, we were cracking up. When he opened it, his eyes lit up (rare for him, he's very seldom surprised) and he was pleased to see the growler. When he read it out loud, it cracked me up because I didn't realize the growler had "I'd tap that" on it. Oh my gosh, what a great touch I can't believe I didn't notice that! Personalized with his name, the beer book, candy, and glasses....It really made his Father's Day special. I will continue to order from this site AND I've spread the word. The video itself on my Facebook is triggering reactions from all of my friends requesting the website. You guys are AWESOME!

    4. 04/22/2017 Briana Jordan Personalized Growler Crate 5

      The gift was awesome but we couldn't fill it

      I bought this for my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary. He had no idea what the crate was and loved figuring out how to open it and the contents. The growler is perfect and unique. The only problem is when we went to fill it, the restaurant/brewery refused because there was no alcohol warning label printed on it. Not sure if this is a regional thing or what but I was disappointed.

      Man Crates Edit:

      Sorry to hear that you were unable to fill your growler locally. You are right, that is a regional law. Most filling stations in areas affected by that law offer decals that you can stick onto your growler that have the required alcohol warning. You can also find those decals for purchase online. Hopefully you'll be able to get a sticker slapped on that growler and you'll be on your way. if you have any more trouble please give us a call at 866.902.7260 and we'll do our best to help make it right!

      Team Man Crates

    5. 02/13/2017 Leslie Personalized Growler Crate 5

      Great Gift!

      I bought this for the boyfriend who has everything, and he loves it! He and his son make their own beer, so this was the perfect Valentine gift! He had fun getting into the crate (took him a while!!!) and likes that as much as the growler! :) Arrived a day earlier than expected, too!

      I LOVE this site and can't wait til our anniversary in September to find another gem!

    6. 12/27/2016 Ann Personalized Growler Crate 5


      I bought the growler crate for my son and son-in-law and the pit master crate for my husband as Christmas presents. I ordered just a few days before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised that they were able to personalize the growler and still ship in time for Christmas. I made the men wait until all gifts were opened and then presented them with their Man Crate. We had so much fun watching them try to open the crate - it became a competition - who could open theirs first! They had a blast and were equally happy with the contents. Really unique idea and excellent quality! Will definitely be ordering from Man Crates again!

    7. 12/16/2016 Happy Camper Personalized Growler Crate 5


      I got this for the man who has almost everything. and he thouroughly enjoyed it!! Got it "gift wrapped" in duct tape. I've got to tell you, literally everything about this was GREAT. Opening it was a total "guy thing" and general pain-in-butt (which was the idea & he had a blast). Better yet, the goodies inside were of high quality. Could not be happier. Will order from these guys again. They ROCK!

    8. 10/28/2016 Heath leibowitz Personalized Growler Crate 5

      Just short

      While everything is perfect, when it comes to pouring that perfect beer, things can get a bit messy. Since the outer rim is very high, getting the first pour, and subsequent perfect pours is hard and many party fouls will ensue.

    9. 08/2/2016 Robert Penney Personalized Growler Crate 5


      I received this as a retirement gift, what an interestingly fun and different gift. I really like the Growler and contents, but I have to tell you it was more exciting and fun to try and pry the crate open to see what was inside. Very fun and different gift to receive.

    10. 06/23/2016 Kelly Personalized Growler Crate 5

      Fun Stuff!!!

      The personalized growler crate arrived a day earlier than expected, so just sayin' the man got his present a day early! The kids and I couldn't wait! It was fun to watch everyone's anticipation and the time it took to get inside;-) Wonderful idea! He commented several times how much he loved his birthday gift. After 25+ years of gifting, this was a fun one!

    11. 06/19/2016 Damon Personalized Growler Crate 5


      My daughter bought this for me for Father's Day, and I was quite literally laughing out loud as I did battle with the crate using the my trusty, laser-etched crowbar! Once I declared victory over the crate, I was thrilled to find the awesome little keg inside with the two accompanying pint glasses. The keg is very sturdy, and attractively made. I have not measured it, but it does not look big enough to be a full 64 oz. I'll need to check that out.

      All, in all, I love it!!

    12. 06/15/2016 Nancy Personalized Growler Crate 5

      AWESOME gift!!!!!

      I got this for my husband for our 13th anniversary today! He absolutely loved it. From opening it to the contents. Great deal! I will be getting more for other guys in my family!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 21 | Next

    5/5 for 21 Personalized Growler Crate reviews
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