Grill Master Crate

It's a three-hit combo- a brass knuckle meat tenderizer to soften up the meat, the hickory smoker box for extra deep flavor penetration, and pro-style thermometers to pull the steaks off at exactly the right moment.
  • It's a three-hit combo- a brass knuckle meat tenderizer to soften up the meat, the hickory smoker box for extra deep flavor penetration, and pro-style thermometers to pull the steaks off at exactly the right moment.
  • Bone Doctors' BBQ sauces- the unexpected king of the Man Crates BBQ taste off.
  • The accessories that every man needs to get to Grillionaire status.
  • Put your Ryu fists of fury to use in the kitchen.  Give the steaks a quick work over with the brass knuckle tenderizer and the sweet science.
  • Can you say "Om-nom-nom"?
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The Right Tools for the Job

There's a line that separates the amateurs from the professionals. It's certainly in the training and the experience, but folks often forget about the importance of your equipment. Just like you can't win a NASCAR Cup in your grocery-getter, can't crush a golf ball into orbit without a high-end driver, and aren't going to take a trophy buck without a zeroed-in tack-driver, your grilling game will never go next level without the right gear. You gotta have the right tools for the job.

Like a Grill-ionaire

Fortunately, you don't need to shell out a mountain of cash to get the equipment you need to get you to grilling nirvana. We've included some of the best accessories that every man needs to get that Grillionaire status.

Our Grill Master Man Crate includes a cast-iron smoker box and some hickory wood chips to get you started. Set the smoker box on the grill as it warms up, soak the hickory in some water, and drop 'em into the box as your meat grills. Take note, men: real flavor shouldn't come from a bottled labeled "liquid smoke."

We threw in a set of four steak thermometers, too. You may say, "hey, Team Man Crates, isn't that cheating?" And we say, "nay." There's no dishonor in knowing how done your steak is. And when you cut into a perfectly-cooked slab of beef, you too shall understand that G.I. Joe wasn't kidding when he said that Knowing Is Half the Battle.

And because "the right tool for every job" means that sometimes you'll require some brute force, we've included a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer. Nothing blows off the steam from a long, hard day at work like beating your meat into submission.

Bone Doctors

We search tirelessly, every day, to find the best-in-class goods to put in our crates. Hundreds of sauces came and went, the grills burned for weeks, until finally a victor emerged. An unexpected dark horse, a little-known operation out of Virginia became the Cindarella story of the Man Crates grilling taste-off.  We proudly present Bone Doctors' BBQ sauces- a pair of masterpiece sauces and a brilliant spice blend.

So fire up the grill, and call your agent: after all, you're about to go pro.

Grilling Gadgetry

  • Brass-knuckle Meat Tenderizer
  • Cast Iron Smoker Box
  • Set of 4 Steak Thermometers
  • Dried hickory wood chips

Zesty Downpour

A double sauce gift box & spice blend:

  • Original BBQ
  • Carolina Bold BBQ
  • Premium Spice Blend


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 11/11/2015 Caitlin Grill Master Crate 5

      Great gift!

      Super fast shipping! Got this as a gift for my grill master dad who is always difficult to buy for (most dads are I feel like). He LOVED it! Especially opening the crate with the crowbar.. Made it all the more "manlier". So glad I came across this website- genius idea folks!

    2. 11/8/2015 Jodi W Grill Master Crate 5


      I purchased this for my father-in-law's birthday and he received it on the desired date. It was wrapped in duck tape, and he had the best time opening the crate just to find out what was in it. It's so hard to buy something for a man who has every thing so this website and gift idea was the most brilliant thing I could come across for him.

    3. 10/20/2015 Hope Corsette Grill Master Crate 5


      I sent this to my brother-in-law for his 50th birthday. I wish I could have been there to see him open it. Apparenty is was sealed quite well. He got his hammer then used the crowbar. Then had to do the same with the spices. Ha! Everyone should have to put a little work into opening their gifts. He likes to grill so he really loved the gift.

    4. 09/1/2015 Lowla Grill Master Crate 5

      Hit The Jackpot for a Gift

      My Father Inlaw loved this crate, he was so excited he laid everything out on the table and poured over it for an hour. LOL

    5. 08/7/2015 Sarah Proctor Grill Master Crate 5

      This Gift Was A Hit

      Bought this for my dad's 76th birthday and he loved it! He loved the box and the challenge of opening it and then he was tickled with all of the goodies inside. I don't think he's had this much fun receiving a gift in ages and my mom was just as tickled watching him have so much fun. I can't wait to gift more Man Crates in the future.

    6. 07/27/2015 Dawn Grill Master Crate 1

      Didn't arrive on time

      I ordered this crate 2 weeks ago and it was supposed to be delivered today. It wasn't! It was supposed to a birthday gift for my husband. I read a few other reviews that customers didn't receive their crate on time, but I remained positive and was hopeful it would't happen to me.

      Hi there Dawn, so sorry to hear your order did not arrive on time. We do our best to make sure every package is delivered when promised unfortunately we do sometimes experience unexpected delays usually due to the package being delayed while in the hands of our carrier due to unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, truck breakdown, etc). No matter what the reason we are still dedicated to making this right for you. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise.

    7. 07/27/2015 Caitlin Grill Master Crate 2

      Great idea, but. . .

      Got this for my husband for Father's Day. Really liked the concept, but the whole reason I got the crate was the smoker and it failed miserably. Followed the directions exactly and it didn't work at all, which was a huge bummer. Not sure if we'll get any use of the meat tenderizer and found that the electronic instant read thermometers work better. I guess sauces and spice are fine but a disappointment given it's not cheap.

    8. 07/26/2015 Erika Grill Master Crate 5

      Boyfriend Loves It

      Got it for my boyfriend's birthday. Thought the whole man crate idea was great. Thinking of ordering more stuff from this website, including the shaving crate for my brother.

    9. 07/16/2015 Mrs. Green Grill Master Crate 5

      What an experience!

      Our friend absolutely loved the gift–– he had so much fun opening the crate and then discovering all the goodness inside! Awesome one of kind gift and experience.

    10. 07/15/2015 Betty Grill Master Crate 5

      Great Crate

      I bought this crate for my boyfriends birthday. He loved it. He likes to grill and this was perfect for him.

    11. 07/3/2015 Leigh Foster Grill Master Crate 5

      bumps with happy ending

      There was a glitch with my order but I contacted Mancrates and they quickly (and very politely) found the problem and made every effort to correct it. Once it arrived, tho late, the look on my husband's face as he opened the box to see the crate then opened the crate to see all the goodies inside was worth the wait! He eagerly took each item out of the crate, smiling the whole time. He thought the crate was "a really cool gift" with the steak thermometers being his favorite item. Thank you very much for making it 'worth the wait'. Thank you for being so nice and quick to rectify the situation. I REALLY admire and appreciate it.

    12. 06/26/2015 Krystal Grill Master Crate 5

      Dad was over the moon!

      My daddy got this for his father's day and was just amazed at the idea of a gift in a crate. He loved trying to open it and was having trouble so he went to the website and laughed at how they told him to open it. After he finally got it opened he LOVED IT! He loves to grill and was excited about the individual meat thermometers. He can't wait to try the spices. He was ready to fire up the BBQ right then. Thank you for making this a wonderful father's day he will never forget.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 97 | Next

    5/5 for 97 Grill Master Crate reviews

    Guide to the regions of American Barbecue

    Barbecue- a word so glorious you practically smell it as you read it.  A word we use to describe a piece of backyard equipment, a category of food, and a summertime verb, because barbecue is more than any of these things- it's our way of life.

    We can distinguish barbecue from grilling by it's lower cooking temperatures, longer cooking times, and use of smoke to infuse extra flavor.  Like everything truly American, barbecue is a shared national passtime defined by regional traditions. Let's compare the classic American Barbecue styles.

    Kansas city barbecueKansas City Barbecue

    Kansas City, Missouri, has been home to the most popular style of American barbecue for over 100 years.  When you think of the tender ribs or chicken covered in thick, slightly sweet sauces that you get at your everyday neighborhood diner, it's probably in the Kansas City style. The tomato, vinegar, and sugar flavors in Kansas City sauce are so bold and distinctive that some people pour this sauce onto grilled meats and mistakenly present it as barbecue.

    Bone Doctor's Original sauce is an elegant, powerful, and most importantly, delicious expression of the Kansas City style of barbecue sauce. Kick off your American flavor tour by making your next batch of ribs with the hickory smoker box and a liberal slathering of Bone Doc's original sauce.

    Texas Barbecue Quick FactsTexas Barbecue

    In Texas, barbecue means beef. In the state where everything is bigger, hotter, and arguably better, Texans can generally agree barbecue means slow cooking beef until it's fall-off-the-bone tender. However in classic Texas style, the state is divided on a lot of the details beyond that- central, eastern, and southern Texans have distinct variations on flavor and process.  Forced to make generalizations, we'd say look for longer cooking times, more emphasis on peppers in the sauce, and beef for days to characterize classic Texas style.

    North Carolina BarbequeNorth Carolina Barbecue

    Perhaps the most regional of the sauces, many unlucky Americans may never have encountered true North Carolina barbecue. Tomatoes are notably absent in Carolina sauces, completely replaced by a bolder, balanced blend of vinegar and peppers.  Carolinian barbecue is almost always pork, and if done well is always delicious.

    The Southern Bone Doctors are no strangers to the art of Carolina Barbecue- their Carolina Bold sauce uses apple cider vinegar to deliver amazing flavor to pulled pork.  Get some.  

    Memphis Barbecue Quick FactsMemphis Barbecue

    The dry rub. The anti-sauce. Memphis is home to some of the best rib eateries in the world, and the world's largest pork barbecue competition. Dry rubs rely entirely on the interaction between the natural juices and flavors in the meat to convey the carefully mixed peppers and spices.  In Memphis, the long smoking process is like a 40 year marriage between meat and spice- the two spend so much time together that they become literally inseparable and better for it.

    As much about process as specific ingredients, great chefs personalize and perfect their dry rub mix over years. You can get started with Bone Doctor's premium spice blend. If you didn't already know, you'll find that ribs don't need to be covered in tomato sauce to be finger-licking good.

    BBQ Quick Facto-graphic

    We felt that American Barbeque regions were important enough to get their own infographic explaining the character and differences between the regions.  And telling you how many cows are born in Texas.


    Guide to American BBQ

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