The Clean Shave Crate

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  • The most stylish gear you'll ever keep in your bathroom.
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  • The complete three-step shave kit from Imperial Barber Products
  • Steel and chrome hardware from Parker Shave Co. dispatch chin hairs like weeds under a rider mower.
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You're a Fixer-Upper

You've been sporting a scraggled chin since Ashton Kutcher wore his first trucker hat. You've single-handedly lowered the developed world's standard for business casual to levels not seen since Martin van Buren's sideburns left office in 1841. One time you may have borrowed your girlfriend's pink razor from the shower to clean up for your cousin's wedding.

It's dawned on you that the adult world isn't taking you seriously and you're ready to do something about it.

We Mean Your Face

Like the tender moment you wish you had with your dad when you hit puberty, we're going to re-teach you how to shave, and we've assembled the most stylish collection of gear you'll ever keep in your bathroom to help.

We'll ship everything you need for an old-school badger brush lather, a heavy-weight chrome razor and blades for an incredibly close shave, and all manner of preparations to keep your chin follicles and skin cells in perfect, moist harmony.

Do yourself a favor and get cleaned up.  Reacquaint yourself with that handsome devil in the mirror and see if the world doesn't open up to you.

Field Tested and Approved

Premium Goods

  • Silver Tip Badger Brush
  • Parker Razor
  • Pack of 5 Shark Chrome Blades
  • Classic Shave Mug
  • Leather Dopp Kit
  • Shave Towel

Face Buffers

  • Imperial Pre-Shave Oil
  • Glycerine Face Soap
  • Bergamot Aftershave


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 04/13/2015 Matt The Clean Shave Crate 5


      Got this as a gift. Best thing I've ever received, no joking. I'm finally shaving like a real man, and it's so dang worth every minute you spend in the mirror, grooming my ruggedly ugly face. It's kind of like Jesus himself is giving you smooches as you shave like Grandpa used to do.

    2. 02/24/2015 Nikki The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Two Thumbs Up!

      I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's day and he absolutely LOVED it! He ran around showing all of his friends how awesome the crate was along with everything inside. Not to mention how great his shave is now! Best gift ever.

    3. 02/18/2015 Maggie The Clean Shave Crate 5


      Thank you so much! My boyfriend LOVED this! And so do I. His manly beard needed the TLC this crate provides. YALL ROCK!

    4. 01/6/2015 josh The Clean Shave Crate 5

      christmas shave

      This was a gift from my fiance and it was amazing. I love shaving and using the oils and she loves the way I smell after. Leaves no roughness or blochy irritated skin. Every man deserves a shave this good.

    5. 12/30/2014 Jim The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Super crate!!!!

      Got this for Christmas and used it that day, great shaving products, best shave i have had in a very long time. It was awesome to bust the crate open with the crowbar!!!!

    6. 12/30/2014 AJ The Clean Shave Crate 5

      My Dad LOVED it!!

      I don't know what was more enjoyable, watching him open it and comment on the ducktape wrapping or his face when he saw what was inside the crate!

      Thank you for making a great gift idea for the men in our lives!

    7. 12/27/2014 Melanie St John-Tidwell The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Close Shave and Quality Skin Care

      I purchased this Man Crate as a Christmas gift for the love of my life. He really enjoyed using the crow bar to open the box!

      The kit's shaving mug, brush, razor and skin products are all items of quality. The shaving kit reminded the recipient of his beloved grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. I give this gift my highest recommendation!

    8. 12/26/2014 kristi lee streamer The Clean Shave Crate 5

      As Awesome as promised!

      This was a Christmas gift for my husband. We all enjoyed watching him open the crate. Our 6 yr old thought it was especially funny. He enjoyed opening each item and said it was one if his best gifts. The items are top quality and he looks forward to using this gift. Nice job and thanks!!!!!

    9. 12/22/2014 Hayes The Clean Shave Crate 5


      Awesome idea, perfect execution....everyone agreed best gift

    10. 12/22/2014 Jamie The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Platinum Baby

      In a word, perfect. My jaw hit my desk when I happened across this kit, as just earlier in the day my dude had mentioned he wanted to be more dapper (who doesn't?). Fantastic gift, you guys are my go to for birthdays and holidays from here on out!

    11. 12/21/2014 John The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Great gift!

      the folks at work chipped in and we purchased this for a holiday present for the boss... The look on his face opening the crate was priceless lol... You guys are great... Ordered it on a Saturday and got it on Monday or Tuesday .. Amazing....keep up the great work!

    12. 12/15/2014 Desiree The Clean Shave Crate 5


      I got this for my husband for Christmas, and we decided we couldn't wait so we each opened one present last night. LOL. His was this crate. He was thrilled! He took everything out very methodically, inspected it thoroughly, and put it up in the dopp kit. Then, after he'd done that and put the crate away, he disappeared into the bathroom. He came back out and his face was as smooth as a baby's behind, much better than even the most expensive razors I've been buying him lately. He's very satisfied, and pretty darned excited about his new stuff too, so I'm extremely happy. Mancrates is AWESOME!! Thanks guys!

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    5/5 for 25 The Clean Shave Crate reviews
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