The Clean Shave Crate

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  • The most stylish gear you'll ever keep in your bathroom.
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  • The complete three-step shave kit from Imperial Barber Products
  • Steel and chrome hardware from Parker Shave Co. dispatch chin hairs like weeds under a rider mower.
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You're a Fixer-Upper

You've been sporting a scraggled chin since Ashton Kutcher wore his first trucker hat. You've single-handedly lowered the developed world's standard for business casual to levels not seen since Martin van Buren's sideburns left office in 1841. One time you may have borrowed your girlfriend's pink razor from the shower to clean up for your cousin's wedding.

It's dawned on you that the adult world isn't taking you seriously and you're ready to do something about it.

We Mean Your Face

Like the tender moment you wish you had with your dad when you hit puberty, we're going to re-teach you how to shave, and we've assembled the most stylish collection of gear you'll ever keep in your bathroom to help.

We'll ship everything you need for an old-school badger brush lather, a heavy-weight chrome razor and blades for an incredibly close shave, and all manner of preparations to keep your chin follicles and skin cells in perfect, moist harmony.

Do yourself a favor and get cleaned up.  Reacquaint yourself with that handsome devil in the mirror and see if the world doesn't open up to you.

Field Tested and Approved

Premium Goods

  • Silver Tip Badger Brush
  • Parker Razor
  • Pack of 5 Shark Chrome Blades
  • Classic Shave Mug
  • Leather Dopp Kit
  • Shave Towel

Face Buffers

  • Imperial Pre-Shave Oil
  • Glycerine Face Soap
  • Bergamot Aftershave


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 12/15/2014 Desiree The Clean Shave Crate 5


      I got this for my husband for Christmas, and we decided we couldn't wait so we each opened one present last night. LOL. His was this crate. He was thrilled! He took everything out very methodically, inspected it thoroughly, and put it up in the dopp kit. Then, after he'd done that and put the crate away, he disappeared into the bathroom. He came back out and his face was as smooth as a baby's behind, much better than even the most expensive razors I've been buying him lately. He's very satisfied, and pretty darned excited about his new stuff too, so I'm extremely happy. Mancrates is AWESOME!! Thanks guys!

    2. 12/9/2014 Unknown The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Great birthday gift!

      My husband loved his gift and it was wonderful to see him trying to break into it.
      Awesome kit and awesome quality!

    3. 12/1/2014 Haley The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Anniversary gift

      The crate was awesome and my husband loved everything until he shaved! He said the blade was like shaving with a plastic knife! Very upset about the should be the best part!

    4. 12/1/2014 Aimee Hite The Clean Shave Crate 5

      He loved it

      My fiancé loved this! He grows a beard in record time and regular razors just didn't get the scruff. He also has allergies to soaps and scents so I had to be careful with the soap but the soap in this shave kit has had zero reaction! When he opened the box he didn't realize it was an actual crate but was like a kid getting a new toy with how much he was grinning with excitement. :D Thank you for the wonderful product!

    5. 11/26/2014 Unknown The Clean Shave Crate 4

      Great Birthday Gift!!!

      Fantastic gift for any man with facial hair!!! Husband was stoked when he got into his crate and saw all the bits and pieces to his kit.
      The only reason I did not give this a five star rating is because there were two items missing which I obviously didn't realize until he opened the crate. He did not receive the small leather bag or the after-shave balm which was very disappointing.
      For the products he did receive I am very happy with the quality and style of the gift.



      Hey there, so sorry to hear that your order came without some of the items inside! Since your review is anonymous our customer service ninjas don't have a way of hunting your order down. If you see this, please give us a call right away at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right for you, promise!

    6. 10/22/2014 Cassie The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Unique anniversary gift

      I ordered the crate for my boyfriend who lives in a different state and he loved it! These crates are fantastic, because they're unique and fun!

    7. 10/9/2014 Kelly Vitale The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Best Birthday gift ever!

      I order the crate for my husband a month ahead of time, and gave a specific date for it to be delivered. Knowing we would be busy, I didn't want to forget at the last minute. They delivered exactly on time and gave me email confirmation and tracking info immediately. My husband was thrilled! It was sent to his office, and it was definitely high-five worthy. Even the ladies came in to see "what was in the crate". It came with everything he needed, and all the products were great quality and smell so good. The only thing I would add would be a small can of shaving cream...since not all guys are accustomed to using soap, and some instructions. My husband is very intelligent, so I ha not doubt he will figure it out, but there is a bit of a learning curve when switching to this type of shaving, so instructions or tips would have been a nice touch. No complaints here, still a terrific kit for the price. Highly recommended.

    8. 08/15/2014 Tyler Shipe The Clean Shave Crate 5

      Manly Men Maintaining Man Scruff!

      I bought 6 of these for my groomsmen and myself, and let me tell you, the testosterone level sky-rocketed the second the FedEx man dropped it off. The manliest man, with beard of white, that was the FedEx delivery man even told me that he was a woman when he started his route, but by the time he got to my house, he stated he was retiring from the package-delivery business to become a full-time lumberjack-pirate. He then mounted his t-rex and flew away, punching a plane that crossed his path. I understand his meaning, as my beard grew three inches as I watched him fly into the sunset.

      Needless to say, I needed to shave. The man shaving kit is legit. From the first time I shaved using it, to every time after, from the second the blade cut the first hair, my house was covered in attractive woman, just trying to find out what exactly it is that is so strongly attracting them to my house. I now have to wear sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around my head, just to keep the ladies at bay. That much testosterone is dangerous out in public.

      Definitely Man-Approved.

    9. 06/23/2014 Jacqueline Scott The Clean Shave Crate 5

      My Dad Loved It!!!!

      I got this kit for my dad for my parents anniversary. He loved it. From opening it to picking out every well crafted item. Thanks guys! This wasn't my first crate and it won't be my last.

    10. 05/28/2014 Brittany Smith The Clean Shave Crate 5


      I bought this crate for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! He's big into retro style everything and he always said he wanted to be able to shave like they do in Mad Men. However, after doing some research on other kits, I questioned the quality of the items in the crate since some of the items sold by themselves are rather expensive. I received the package within a very reasonable time and when he opened it, we were both so surprised! He loved the crate idea and all that came in it! The quality is so incredible and he said that it was the cleanest shave he's ever had. I was very, very pleased with the website, company, and the product and I will buy from them again, without a doubt! I already have my Father's Day gift picked out :)

    11. 05/13/2014 Jacqueline Perrone The Clean Shave Crate 5

      The Clean Shave Crate

      this shave crate was amazing, our son just turned 31 and we sent him this crate, he was blown away. He loved the product and he really liked using the crow bar. Thanks for coming up with this manly idea just for him.

    12. 05/12/2014 AD The Clean Shave Crate 5

      He loved it!

      Guys are harder to shop for than women I'd say......he loved this though and said it's def one of his top gifts he's received which was a huge relief. It is a great box!!

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