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Bloody Mary Crate

Make delicious Bloody Mary cocktails with bacon!
  • Make delicious Bloody Mary cocktails with bacon!
  • Demitri's Famous Bloody Mary Mixes
  • Awesome Pepperoni Straws and Bacon Rimshot
  • Add your own toppings to make the ultimate Bloody Mary cocktail.
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The Drink You Can Eat

Some drinks pair well with meat: a single malt scotch with slow-cooked ribs, Imperial IPA with hand-cranked sausage, or pinot grigio (if you consider that a drink) with tilapia (if you consider that meat).

But the Bloody Mary does more than pair well. It fully embraces the mighty flavors of meat, resulting in a delicious cocktail that doubles as a balanced brunch. Introducing, the gourmet, meat-infused Bloody Mary Crate.

The Spice Specialist

The Bloody Mary is the pizza of cocktails; it’s best served cold on a Saturday morning while slouched over the couch watching cartoons, and it can support a mountain of meaty toppings.

Upgrade your Bloody Mary from its lesser vegetarian form with Demitri’s Pepperoni Straws and Bacon Rimshot. Slurp your cocktail through a literal sausage vortex, accent the flavor with fanciful bacon crumbles, and start stacking other gourmet garnishes with your own creative flair.

But even the most delicious topping towers still requires a solid flavor foundation, and no one does spices better than Demitri. Demitri, the Marco Polo of Bloody Marys, has been boldly exploring the exotic world of spices, and we’re sending three of his perfectly mixed flavors: Classic, Horseradish, and Chilies and Peppers.

Leaning Tower of Toppings

Balancing skewered, top-heavy garnishes like fried chicken or a full stack of pancakes is an art, and your first few endeavors will no doubt be accompanied by slips and spills. Hone your stacking skills with this pair of infinium plastic Pilsner glasses that won’t break when they topple over or are shot with a firearm at close range (not legally-binding).

Build a beast of a brunch beverage with the Bloody Mary Man Crate.

Gourmet Garnishes

  • Pepperoni Straws
  • Bacon Rimshot
  • 2 Infinium Plastic Pilsner Glasses

Flavor Foundation

  • Demitri's Classic Seasoning
  • Demitri's Horseradish Seasoning
  • Demitri's Chilis and Peppers Seasoning
  • 6 Clamato Tomato Juice Cans


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 08/1/2016 Stephen Shaw Bloody Mary Crate 4

      Wife Hit a HR

      Awesome set up from the wife for our anniversary. Made some outstanding bloody mary's that lead to epic debauchery. Bacon rimmer adds the perfect touch. Only complaint, not enough pepperoni straws, and the ones that were provided had to be re-drilled. Awesome gift though.

    2. 07/1/2016 Sara Bloody Mary Crate 5

      He really likes it!

      I got this as a Father's Day gift for my dad, who has never liked a gift from anyone. Ever. From the moment he saw the duck taped box, he was intrigued. He had fun opening the gift, laughing and cussing in equal measure. Once he got the package opened, he gave the contents his highest approval: inspection followed by a nod. He especially liked the pepperoni straws, "Oh, cool!". He has used the Dimitri seasoning before, liked it, and was looking forward to trying the other flavors. He immediately sent text messages and emails to his buddies about the awesome gift he received. There was an actual smile and real laughter! Thank you!

    3. 06/17/2016 JILLIAN Bloody Mary Crate 5

      LOVE IT!

      Such a clever! The whole thing, start to finish... packaging, product, service... I couldn't be happier. O-B-SESSED with mancrates now. A+++

    4. 06/9/2016 Tim Twinam Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Crazy cool

      My daughters bought me this crate for my 60th birthday knowing I am a Bloody Mary lover. I am now the king of Bloody Mary envy amongst my friends. Very cool gift. The plastic tumblers are patio safe for outdoor enjoyment. If need real glass I will use one of my own. But the straws and bacon rim shot are off the hook. You have several new customers.

    5. 03/11/2016 Nicole Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Good Stuff

      Boyfriend loved this one, he is a big fan of the Bloody Mary. This is his 3 or 4th crate, he's loved them all. Only thing I would say about this one, is I wasn't expecting the glasses to be plastic, that was a bit of a bummer. I got him some nicer glasses to use in the future.

      Hi there Nicole,

      Sorry to hear that you were disappointed the glasses were plastic. The glasses are extremely high quality unbreakable glasses that are manufactured by Libbey for use in heavy duty applications. They're designed to mimic the look of glass, while being tough as nails. In the product description we have them listed as "2 Infinium Plastic Pilsner Glasses" and we've tried to let you know that they're plastic in the description as well. Please feel free to let us know if there's anything we can do for you! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or email us at Thanks for your feedback!

    6. 02/11/2016 Amanda Bloody Mary Crate 5

      husband loved it

      I always look on the website but never order anything till now. My husband is a huge bloody Mary fan so I knew I just had to get this for him. I paid the extra to have ducked taped. I had a blast watching him open it and see his confused face when he seen the crowbar. Soon as he opened the crate he made himself a drink. Will definitely order from this place again.

    7. 12/23/2015 Brian Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Secret Santa Fun!

      I recently purchased this crate for a friend for a Secret Santa. It was a huge hit, everyone enjoyed watching him pry open the crate. He loved the contents, which was key and both him and I were pleased with the overall results! Very cool idea and I've already bookmarked this website for future gifts! So awesome!

    8. 12/19/2015 Kathi Bloody Mary Crate 5

      It was a total hit

      My boss loved everything about it, including the crow bar to open the box!

    9. 12/17/2015 Jane Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Great Gift

      I bought 5 Man Crates for Christmas this year. My two brothers and my nephew were under strict instructions to open their gifts together before departing on a holiday trip. They had a blast. Deciding that the crowbar was not quite up to their standards, my brother went to his workshop for more tools. He loved the crate and the contents and is now wondering how to enjoy his Bloody Mary mixes on the plane ride!

    10. 11/5/2015 drea Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Birthday Hit

      Got this present for my brother and Dad's birthday (same day). They had a fun time opening it. Everyone there stopped what they were doing to watch them. Everyone wanted to know where I got the awesome gift. Keep up the good work! Look forward to seeing what else you all come up with.

    11. 10/17/2015 Dillon Bloody Mary Crate 5

      Best Mary EVER!!

      Most award winning Bloody Mary on the Planet...FOR A REASON! A Bloody Mary Crate on Christmas morning?!? I'll skip the stocking this year...thanks

    5/5 for 11 Bloody Mary Crate reviews
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