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Personalized Barware

  • Nothing advertises a man's success like a set of personalized pint glasses and coasters.  Straight ballin'.
  • Your personalized message is cut into the surface of your heat-tempered glassware using the powers of science and lasers, ensuring it will be crisp and beautiful until your pint glass erodes back into sand millions of beers from now.
  • These coasters sit at the intersection high fashion and raw practicality. Your beautiful personalized design sits on the top and conceals a bottle opener underneath.
  • Behold - the amazing Man Crates coaster bottle opener in action!  Now an open beer will never be further than the coaster its sitting on.
  • For the man that sometimes needs to take his bar with him, we offer the optional, classy Man Crates steel hip flask to accompany his tasteful barware set.
Please allow 1-2 business days for personalization

Personalized Barware

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Say it with lasers

Men love customizing their stuff. It’s why we lace our shoes up a particular way, why the tape on our hockey stick looks the way it does, and why we will never, ever divulge the secrets of our steak marinade.

Personalized Pint Glasses

At Man Crates, we certainly understand the need to make your stuff really and truly your stuff. In fact, we had a few buddies over for beers when it hit us: if our home is our castle, are our pint glasses not our chalices? And if so, shouldn’t they be a constant reminder to those fortunate enough to imbibe with us whose chalices they are?  So naturally, the Personalized Barware Man Crate contains four (4) laser-etched pint glasses proudly bearing the name of the man receiving them.

Coasters + Bottle Opener = Win!

Discontent to simply have personalized glasses alone, we decided to include four (4) laser-etched wood coasters that pull double duty as bottle openers.  After all, what good are glasses, coasters and a cold bottle of beer if you have to get up off the couch to find a bottle opener?  Rest assured - we've got you covered.  The wizards at the Man Crates brew lab have hidden a covert bottle opener under each of your personalized coasters, ensuring that your next fresh beer is never further away than the coaster it's sitting on.

But wait, there's more!  

As if a totally one-of-a-kind barware set wasn’t enough already, we even threw in some snacks, because when holding court in your castle it’s important to be an interesting and generous host (lest the villagers get hungry, bored, and angry). And remember: if you somehow lose your coasters, the crowbar does double duty as crate opener and bottle opener, because nothing looks cooler than opening your beer with a pry bar.

Personalization Info

When ordering, please provide:

  • The name you'd like in the center of the label (where "Brent's" is is in the photos)
  • Any customization you'd like on the top and bottom of the label (where "World Famous" and "Anniversary Ale" are in the photos).  We have space for approximately 12 characters above and 12 characters below.


  • 4 Laser Etched Pint Glasses
    Free personalization  
  • 4 Laser Etched Coaster Bottle Openers
    Free personalization  
  • Authentic Man Crate
  • Man Crate Crowbar
Salty Snacks
  • Snyder's Pretzels
  • Beer Nuts
  • Peanuts in the Shell
  • Pistachios
Does Not Include
  • Bows
  • Ribbons
  • Wicker baskets
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Fluff
  • Instructions.  Did we mention that these crates are for guys?
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Product Reviews

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  1. All the way from Canada

    Posted by Lexi on 04/18/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    I purchased two of these from Canada and was very worried it wouldn't make it on time and that they would go to the wrong people and yet they showed up on time to the right man and they were very loved! Everyone who has seen them loves them, I have been given a lot of compliments about the best gift ever.
    I was on the phone with tech support and everyone was friendly and very helpful!
    Overall wonderful experience and if I ever have more men to buy for I will certainly be a repeat customer!

  2. The best!

    Posted by pam Lillis on 04/17/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    I needed a rush present for My 21 year old twins away at school.I ordered the "Beer Lovers" crate and it did not disappoint! James at MC didn't make any promises, but they got to each school with time to spare!
    The guys thought they were awesome!
    My friends were impressed,I'm thinking "man crates" may be getting more business from Wilton Ct- Guys are hard to buy for!(but easy to surprise)

  3. 1st Anniversary Gift Win!

    Posted by Mrs. Smith on 04/14/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    I got my husband the personalized bar-ware crate as my gift to him for our first Anniversary and he loved it! He loved the manliness of having to pry open the crate and he has kept it for decor! The etching on the glasses turned out really well and I was impressed by the quality of craftsmanship. I had "Anniversary" put on the top, "SMITHINATOR" on the name line, and "Extreme Brew" on the bottom - he loved it! The coasters are really cool too and work as a great bottle opener. I highly recommend sending a Man Crate to any guy in your life that needs a little extra awesome in their day!

  4. Perfect

    Posted by Jon on 04/12/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    This arrived for my 40th birthday. Awesome gift and love the packaging. Telling all my friends about Man Crates!

  5. Extremely Impressed Customer

    Posted by Jennifer P. (Minneapolis, MN) on 04/7/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    My husband and I were trying to find the perfect retirement gift for my father-in-law when we stumbled upon Man Crates. We ordered the PERSONALIZED BARWARE crate knowing that with the custom personalization and shipping there was no way it would get to him in time for his last day of work which was only two days away. To our utter amazement we received a call from my Father-in-law on the day of his retirement thanking us for the awesome gift! He said that he absolutely loved everything in the crate and he even mentioned how impressed he was with the quality of the laser-etching on the glasses.

    I am truly blown away by the turn around time and quality you get with Man Crates. This has been one of the most fun and unique gifts I have given in a long time.

    Thank you, Man Crates!

  6. Awesome!!

    Posted by Liz&Troy on 04/6/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    I bought these for my boyfriend as a 1 year anniversary present.. they were the best idea i've ever had. The glasses are beautiful, we use them all the time. The snacks were delicious and the coasters work like magic. I've never been happier with a buy and I've already recommended it to many. These will defiantly be used for the rest of our lives. We're so pleased with the whole experience. Let's just hope one of us doesn't drop any...

  7. True Review

    Posted by Lloyd on 03/19/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    My best friend in Afghanistan ordered this for me as a surprise. i just received it today and this is honestly the perfect gift for any man. This is THE NEW STANDARD for the manly present. be it birthday or Christmas, or even just because you appreciate someone. i will never again have to shop around for a buddies gift. This is it, hands down.

  8. pure awesome!

    Posted by Muse on 03/14/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    this was THE perfect gift! he LOVED it! im glad i decided on ordering the man crate instead of the stripper. HA!

  9. Big smiles

    Posted by Kaila Mears on 03/7/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    This was ordered for one of the hardest working men i know. He is always stressed with work and life. When he got this he started smiling from the second he opened the box and saw the crate and pry bar and has not stopped. Everything came out beautiful! This is such a wonderful idea to really give a man something he can use and appreciate. I am the resident party fairy and buyer of presents here at our company and I will be using you again. I hope that you continue to grow and have even more to offer in the future. Thank You so much!!

  10. Man Crates Rocks!

    Posted by Anne on 03/5/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    Love the barware and the snacks, but I think the best part is the Man Crates company. Someone was a little sleepy when they packed our order and we got the wrong one. James and the Man Crates staff made it right instantly. They refunded our original shipping and sent out a replacement crate (the right one) overnight on their dime. We will definitely be ordering manly gifts from Man Crates again.

  11. "You did it again!" - gift recipient

    Posted by John on 03/2/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    I purchased 3 of these for co-workers that I try to find something different/unusual/awesome as x-mas gifts this past year. They all loved the opening and contents of the gifts.

    With so many other options for different crates, I have gifts ideas for year to come!!

  12. True personalization!

    Posted by Von Law on 03/2/2014 ( Personalized Barware 5 stars)

    Firstly, having customized glasses and coasters is a great idea! It was no more than a week before I saw my guests surprised looks (yup, I'm that cool!). However, it was also a great surprise to me to only see my name, but also no company logo tucked away somewhere else. It was the cherry on the cake. It made me feel "that" much more important! Kudos and I'll definitely recommend Man Crates to others!

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