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Personalized Barware

Awesome personalized pint set for beer lovers.
  • Awesome personalized pint set for beer lovers.
  • Pint glasses have laser-etched personalization
  • Laser-etched coaster/bottle openers for the home bar.
  • Delicious bar snacks and grub for the counter.
  • Add an optional flask and he'll never forget his name again, no matter how much he drinks.
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Greatness Has A Name

When the first humans to scale Mount Everest reached the summit, they didn't immediately update their wikipedia pages or take selfies with self-aggrandizing hashtags. They celebrated their dominance over nature like true men--by cracking open a beer and chiseling their names into the icy death they'd conquered.

A man's name isn't just a label. It's a shorthand celebration of his greatest accomplishments.

This time it's personal.

Sure, Barry from high school, voted "Most Likely to Succeed," might drive a fancy European sports car to his fat cat Wall Street job, but does Barry from high school have his own set of personalized pint glasses?

Probably not. He probably drinks from non-personalized glasses like an uncultured chump.

We've acquired that monstrous laser from "Goldfinger" and repurposed its settings from burning James Bond's giblets to etching names into pint glasses with perfect precision.

So while Barry's crying alone in his mansion over a frozen microwave dinner, you can be toasting real success with three close buddies and four awesome personalized pint glasses.

The man, the myth, the legendary coasters.

The matching set of personalized wooden coasters are classy and clean--like drying your tabletops with bear skin napkins. Plus, they double as bottle-openers, which means less time scavenging in drawers and more time swapping epic drinking stories. Like when you once wrestled a croc while wearing Crocs purely out of hubris.

And we've got snacks with your name on them. Figuratively. We used to personalize every individual nut and pretzel, but they got inhaled too quickly for anyone to notice.

Grab the Personalized Barware Crate today and ensure the world never forgets your name.

Home Bar Gear

  • 4 personalized pint glasses
  • 4 personalized wooden coasters (w/ bottle openers)

Counter Chow

  • Pistachios, 5 oz
  • Corn Nuggets: BBQ, 4 oz
  • Beer Nuts: Bar Mix 3.25 oz
  • CB's In-Shell Ballpark Style Jumbo Peanuts: Lightly Salted, 12 oz


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 01/19/2017 Gina L Xasterooles Personalized Barware 5

      GET THIS!!!

      Fast shipping, sturdy heavy box! Can't wait to see the look on his face! BRAVO MAN CRATES! This is my second purchase and will be back for more!! RECOMMEND to all of your friends!

    2. 12/28/2016 Angie Personalized Barware 5

      Personalized Barware Mancrate

      I heard about online while trying (and bashing my head in) to find a good Christmas gift. Everything came right on time and in perfect condition! My husband LOVES the snacks, personalized glasses and wooden coasters with the bottle openers (he's keeping the crate too)!

    3. 12/16/2016 Julia Personalized Barware 5

      Just... WOW

      I've bought from Mancrates before, but this one was special. First off, I was more excited for him to open it than he was. He didn't understand why I was virtually vibrating with impatience at how slow he was opening it. I would have ripped the top off with my bare hands if I could, but he wanted to SAVE the crate itself, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

      The glasses and coasters were a HUGE hit. He actually used them that night as we had a couple of friends over. The quality is exceptional. The glasses are heavy, and the personalization perfect. Even the packaging allows for perfect storage if opened with care.

      There was a hiccup in delivery, but customer service was AMAZING. There are a lot of companies that could benefit from a lesson by these folks! The problem was rectified immediately, it was the shortest-lived complaint I've ever had.

      Thanks so much, Mancrates!!!

    4. 11/29/2016 Amanda Gardner Personalized Barware 5

      Dad loved it :)

      I got this for my dad, and he LOVED it. IT was so funny watching him as he tried to figure out what to do.
      I video taped it, and his reaction was priceless, but then I realized the video cut off after like 20 second of recording :( .. Oh well, he still loved it, and was all smiles!! He uses his mugs all the time, and even saved the man crate to put stuff in.

    5. 09/5/2016 Emma Personalized Barware 5


      It arrived in perfect condition, amazing quality and personalization, great customer service so its a quick response if you have any doubt or curiosity and my friend loved it! It took a while to open, but the torture was fun to watch lol. Bought this one with the whiskey Appreciation crate as well so he got two of these and loved both, and will soon buy baconology when it becomes available,HOPEFULLY SOON.

    6. 06/4/2016 Steven Personalized Barware 4

      Early Father's Day

      I recently started brewing my own beer and so my wife and daughter surprised me with this Crate as an early Father's Day gift. The glasses and coasters are high quality. Another win from man crates.

    7. 04/29/2016 Gina Personalized Barware 5

      Awesome gift

      I purchased this as a graduation gift. He was so surprised and the crate and crowbar was a hit. He loved the entire gift and couldn't stop talking about the wonder gesture. I will be returning again.

    8. 04/1/2016 Nick Personalized Barware 5

      Great Gift

      Purchase as a gift for a guy that worked with us. He loved it so much that he purchased a second set so he could have 8 glasses.

    9. 03/28/2016 Beth Thornton Personalized Barware 5

      Suspicious Package

      For my son's 30th birthday, I ordered the barware & flask. Of course I added the duct tape wrapping. To make it even better, I sent it to his fire station!!! As luck would have it, FedEx was pulling up & they were leaving for a fire, HFD fireman!!! One of the guys grabbed it & the firemen were concerned about the "suspicious package"
      When they returned to the fire station, Matt finally was able to open it with a bit of a challenge with the crowbar. He was very surprised & said it was the greatest gift ever!!!
      *this was my second time to buy this set & both recipients love it!*

    10. 03/1/2016 Paul Personalized Barware 5

      Can't be beat!

      I have now ordered this product several times and it has been a HUGE hit every time! My father and both brothers loved it. I am in real estate business and recently bought one for my client who said it was one of the coolest ideas he had seen. Works great for door prize at house party as well.

    11. 02/11/2016 Christy Personalized Barware 5


      I got this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and he absolutely loved it. He works at a bank and sending the crate there had all of the employees laughing. It was absolutely perfect and the customer service that I got was beyond amazing. Thank you guys so much and I will 100% order from you again.

    12. 12/29/2015 Straws Personalized Barware 5


      Bought these for a boss I work with closely and he likes to make his own beer so I thought why not get him glass's to go with that beer. Minus me making a spelling error he had no complaints and wouldn't even change the spelling error on the glass's because of our good work relation so thankyou Man Crate you did awesome.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 310 | Next

    5/5 for 310 Personalized Barware reviews

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