Personalized Barware

Nothing advertises a man's success like a set of personalized pint glasses and coasters.  Straight ballin'.
  • Nothing advertises a man's success like a set of personalized pint glasses and coasters.  Straight ballin'.
  • Your personalized message is cut into the surface of your heat-tempered glassware using the powers of science and lasers, ensuring it will be crisp and beautiful until your pint glass erodes back into sand millions of beers from now.
  • These coasters sit at the intersection high fashion and raw practicality. Your beautiful personalized design sits on the top and conceals a bottle opener underneath.
  • Behold - the amazing Man Crates coaster bottle opener in action!  Now an open beer will never be further than the coaster its sitting on.
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Greatness Has A Name

When the first humans to scale Mount Everest reached the summit, they didn't immediately update their wikipedia pages or take selfies with self-aggrandizing hashtags. They celebrated their dominance over nature like true men--by cracking open a beer and chiseling their names into the icy death they'd conquered.

A man's name isn't just a label. It's a shorthand celebration of his greatest accomplishments.

This time it's personal.

Sure, Barry from high school, voted "Most Likely to Succeed," might drive a fancy European sports car to his fat cat Wall Street job, but does Barry from high school have his own set of personalized pint glasses?

Probably not. He probably drinks from non-personalized glasses like an uncultured chump.

We've acquired that monstrous laser from "Goldfinger" and repurposed its settings from burning James Bond's giblets to etching names into pint glasses with perfect precision.

So while Barry's crying alone in his mansion over a frozen microwave dinner, you can be toasting real success with three close buddies and four awesome personalized pint glasses.

The man, the myth, the legendary coasters.

The matching set of personalized wooden coasters are classy and clean--like drying your tabletops with bear skin napkins. Plus, they double as bottle-openers, which means less time scavenging in drawers and more time swapping epic drinking stories. Like when you once wrestled a croc while wearing Crocs purely out of hubris.

And we've got snacks with your name on them. Figuratively. We used to personalize every individual nut and pretzel, but they got inhaled too quickly for anyone to notice.

Grab the Personalized Barware Crate today and ensure the world never forgets your name.

Home Bar Gear

  • 4 personalized pint glasses
  • 4 personalized wooden coasters (w/ bottle openers)

Counter Chow

  • Pistachios
  • Beer Nuts
  • Peanuts in the Shell
  • Corn Nuts


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 07/24/2015 Marianne Personalized Barware 5

      Great Gift!

      The recipient of the gift was very impressed by it! I will be buying other gifts from Man Crates.

    2. 07/24/2015 Abby May Personalized Barware 5


      I got this for my husband as a daddy to be gift. We are expecting our first baby in late August, and the shower gifts are all addressed to mommy and baby. Like daddy didn't have anything to do with it! So I wanted him to have something that was just for him and very personal! I had his nick name from childhood as the first changeable line and the "Ale & Lagers" line changed to something that had to do with how we met.

      He loved getting to pry the crate open! He was completely surprised, as I had completely confused him on what he was getting! He is completely over the moon with the products!! I don't know how many Facebook posts he made with pictures!!! So many of our friends are now going to be ordering Man Crates!!!! Thank you so much!

    3. 07/16/2015 Beth Personalized Barware 5

      Great gift!

      Sent this to a friend as a just because gift and he loved it. I have to give a shout out to Meghan in customer service for her help.I had a problem most people don't have. My package was going to be delivered earlier than I wanted. Meghan called Fed Ex and they held it on the truck until the day I wanted it delivered. I will definitely plan
      To order again.

    4. 07/16/2015 jikol1234 Personalized Barware 5


      I gave this Man Crate to my husband and oh my gosh did he love it! He thought the way it was delivered was really cool. And then the product inside blew him away. Wonderful quality and an overall hit!

    5. 07/10/2015 Courtney Personalized Barware 5

      You Rock Man Crates!

      I sent the personalized barware to my fiancé and he loved it! The coasters and glasses looked even better in person than I thought it would. He loved every bit of the gift from trying to open the box to every snack and item inside! I had a minor issue with FedEx but I called man crates for their assistance and they immediately responded to my call and took care of the problem with FedEx and even compensated me for the trouble, even though it wasn't their fault. Great customer service! I will be purchasing again in the future for sure and referring to friends and family! Thank you!

    6. 07/9/2015 Darah Personalized Barware 5

      Terrific Gift

      I bought this for my husband for our anniversary. I was very impressed with it. He loves the barware & the coasters. The crate was an added bonus for him! The extra for the duct tape is well worth it!

    7. 07/9/2015 Angeline Personalized Barware 5

      Anniversary Gift

      This was a great surprise to my Brother & Sister-In-Law, They loved it! It was a hit!

    8. 07/8/2015 Fatima Personalized Barware 5

      Awesome Birthday Present

      Got the Personalized Barware for my boyfriend's birthday. Thought it would be the prefect gift for someone who not only loves beer, but loves to brew as well! He loved the idea of the crate and is looking for ways to use it. He struggled a bit to open it, but it was fun watching him struggle. Hahaha! It took a bit longer than I expected to arrive, but I am glad he loved it! I told him he couldn't go on the website since this is my new favorite place to get him gifts. :) Thanks you guys for making this present worth the wait!

    9. 07/6/2015 James P Personalized Barware 5

      Super Dope

      It's hard to find a gift for a Dad that has everything. When I found Man Crates it made the impossible, possible. My Dad loved his Man Crate. The story he told me about it's arrival and how he "opened it" was hysterical. I am now setting up order's for both my brothers. Thank you Man Crate Team!!!

    10. 07/3/2015 Rebecca Personalized Barware 5


      Not received yet, 2 days far. Might want to check shipping detail b/f asking for feedback. NOT a happy customer

    11. 07/1/2015 Katherine Personalized Barware 5

      Personalized Barware

      Ordered this as a surprise present for my boyfriend's father for Father's Day 2015 and he LOVED it! Customer Service was excellent during the purchasing process and answered all questions I had. Arrived on time and on the date I had pre-selected. Barware looks amazing! Will definitely be ordering from this company again!

    12. 06/30/2015 Brittani S. Personalized Barware 5

      Amazing company!

      GREAT EXPERIENCE and fast and easy process. Thank y'all for an amazing Father's Day gift!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 265 | Next

    5/5 for 265 Personalized Barware reviews

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