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IPA Explorers Crate

The IPA Explorers Crate
  • The IPA Explorers Crate
  • The best IPA glass for you and your beer bestie.
  • Boulevard Brewing, 21st Amendment, and Oskar Blue
  • Speakeasy, Ballast Point, and Saint Archer
  • Refreshing bag of fresh, dried hops.
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When Life Gives You Pale Ale

Pale ale was once a highbrow brew reserved for the British elite, but when 79 barrels of pale India ale magically washed ashore in Lancashire after the Great Storm of 1839, it became the malt of the masses.

Some claim the wild winds, others, divine providence, but whatever caused the wreck of the India-bound British cargo ship, with one tap, it was clear India Pale Ale was here to stay.

Britain soon Britain-ized (aka made boring) IPAs by raising taxes and lowering alcohol content, but luckily, America was there to rescue IPAs from unfair taxation and fun-degradation, as we did with Liberty and Football. Today, the boldest and best IPAs are made in America.

High-Quality Hops

We’ve scavenged the country for its finest cans of full-bodied IPAs, and our greatest discoveries are highlighted in the IPA Explorerers Crate.

This tour de force of delicious craft IPAs is heavy on hops and high in alcohol content, featuring: Ballast Point’s tart, citrus twist of Grapefruit Sculpin IPA; the bitter, tropical tones of Saint Archer’s IPA; 21st Ammendment’s dark malt Back in Black IPA; the sunny, passion fruit spices of Speakeasy’s Baby Daddy IPA; the piney, pungent hops of the Boulevard Brewing’s Heavy Lifting IPA; and the Down Under-inspired flowery flavors of Oskar Blue’s IPA.

The Holy Grail of India Pale Ale

IPAs are brimming with character, and straight pint glasses just won’t do them justice. The masterminds of the Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Breweries put their nerdy beer brains together to create the Spiegelau IPA Glass, a 19 oz. wingman to showcase the best of an IPA.

The Spiegelau’s handle ridges aerate the beer with more surface area and friction, and the bowl shape top acts as an olfactory cannon that focuses aromatics toward the nose for a rounder and fuller expression of flavor. We top it all off with a bag of fresh hops, for your sniffing pleasure.

Grab a partner, or don’t, and depart on a multi-sensory sample expedition into the heavenly majesty of heavy hops and malts with the IPA Explorers Crate.

All-American IPAs

  • 2 Grapefruit Sculpin IPAs by Ballast Point
  • 2 Saint Archer's IPAs
  • 2 Back in Black IPAs by 21st Amendment
  • 2 Baby Daddy IPAs by Speakeasy
  • 2 Heavy Lifting IPAs by Boulevard Brewing
  • 2 Oskar Blue's IPAs

Hops Helpers

  • 2 Spiegelau IPA Glasses
  • Bag of fresh, dried hops


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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