Wooden RC Car Kit


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In The Box

  • Wooden RC Car Kit
    • Lasercut Wooden Car Frames
    • Brushed Motor with Mounting Plate
    • Front & Rear Gear Box
    • Major Gear
    • Front & Rear Steering Cups
    • Connection Cups
    • Drive Shaft
    • Front & Rear Axles
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Steering Servo Assembly
    • Steering Assembly
    • Steering Rod
    • Short Rod
    • Rubber Wheels & Tires
    • Screws, Pins, Nuts, Binding Post, and Adapter Set
    • Combo Wrench & Screwdriver
    • Remote Control
    • Receiver & Switch
    • Lithium Ion Battery Pack
    • 110 V Wall Charger
  • Instruction Booklet

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

  • Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
  • Choose your delivery date at checkout
    Choose your delivery date at checkout


All Vroom, Less Room

Building a car from the ground up is a rite of passage for many men…if they’re starring in a popular 90’s sitcom. For the rest of us, it’s expensive, time consuming, and takes up way too much least it used to.

Scratch his fix-it itch with the DIY Wooden RC Car Kit. From the steel axles and drive rod, to the full-wooden frame and suspension system, this kit has everything he’ll need to build a super-speedy RC Car from the ground up. No garage required.

Fuel his creative tank, and rev up his excitement engines with the DIY Wooden RC Car Kit.

Speed Bumps:

  • When fully assembled, this RC car can hit speeds up to 30 mph. When disassembled, it’s pretty slow.
  • A rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures hours of RC fun.
  • The included remote control and receiver make agile handling a breeze, no matter the road conditions.
  • Comes with all the hardware he’ll need and a detailed instruction booklet that’ll have him putting the proverbial pedal to the metal in no time.
  • Each of the over 100 wooden pieces has been laser cut for maximum precision and easy assembly.

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