Whiskey and Woodworking Crate


In The Box

Drinking Contents

  • Good Clean Fun Book
  • 2—Whiskey Glasses, 10 oz
  • 2—Offerman Woodshop Coasters

Woodsy Contents

  • Offerman Woodshop Denim Apron
  • Beech 4.5" Wooden Mallet
  • 3/4" Wooden Chisel

How It Ships

14x9 Crate
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The Perfect Pairing

We don't pay much mind to the latest Hollywood trends. You won't see us rolling out celebrity-shilled juice cleanses or squeezing our thunderthighs into yoga pants for product testing anytime soon. Frankly, we don't want need some LA A-lister telling us what is cool.

But if a man earns our attention with his skill for woodworking and just so happens to be an accomplished Hollywood actor/comedian/mustache ambassador, we won't hold it against him.

While you may know Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, the deadpan show-stealer of Parks and Recreation, he would prefer you know him as Nick Offerman, founder and resident beefcake of Offerman Woodshop...and official co-founder of the Whiskey and Woodworking Crate.

Good Clean Fun

Offerman Woodshop is a makers collective rebelling against the glitzy LA lifestyle with gritty, hand-crafted woodworking projects, and Good Clean Fun is Offerman's newest book documenting the finesse, friends, and fun of the woodshop. This tell-all includes tales of elbow grease, classic Offerman wisdom, not-so-classic Offerman odes to wood, and instructions for projects to try at home.

Chiseled and Chilled

Straight from Offerman Woodshop, the Whiskey and Woodworking Crate includes a denim carpenter pouch to "protect your tools and your family jewels." The wide-eyed woodworker should wear at least this much when working so he has a place to store the included 3/4" chisel and beech wood mallet.

Christen a successful masterpiece, or toast to failing forward while keeping all fingers with a few fingers of fine whiskey swirled in Offerman Woodshop whiskey glasses and matching coasters. It's as much fun as having a drink with Mr. Offerman, because Mr. Offerman does not talk or move when having a drink.

The Whiskey and Woodworking Crate shares the good, clean fun of whiskey and woodworking, though not necessarily in that order.

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