The Bacon Crate

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    We noticed this gift was lacking bacon, probably by accident rather than pure ignorance. Would you like to add a bacon product in celebration of Mother Nature's greatest flavor?

    The Bacon Jerkygram

In The Box

Real Bacon

  • Jeff's Jerky Honey Jalapeno Bacon, 2 oz
  • Jeff's Jerky Maple Bacon, 2 oz

Pork Euphoria

  • Bacon Popcorn
  • Bourbon Bacon Seasoning Grinder, 3.7 oz
  • Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle, 3 oz
  • Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam, 11 oz

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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We Love You, Bacon

"Love" is a strong word that's sometimes hard for men to say. Entangling, complicated emotional loops in our male brains can choke us up when we're trying to form that simple syllable, unless the next word is "Bacon".

There is no easier, more joyous pronouncement for us to make than to declare, unequivocally, that we love bacon..

50 Shades of Bacon

We're not ashamed to say our love is untraditional. We love bacon in ways your parents might not approve of. We use bacon in ways that might not have crossed your mind. If you share our passion, then let this crate open your mind to seven new ways to express your love.

Start with Jeff's Famous Bacon Jerky. Ready to have your mind blown? What if we told you bacon doesn't have to just be a staple at breakfast and on your sandwich? Bacon can be a portable, dangerously habit forming companion at your finger tips, 24/7. You might start hoarding and stashing. You might tape packs of Bacon Jerky below the conference room table, sew pockets into the inner lining of your long johns, and fill the side panels of your car with bacon jerky in case you ever break down.

In fact I'm eating bacon jerky as I'm writing this, and if you had bacon jerky you could be too.

*Tenderly puts bacon jerky between teeth*

Just Add Bacon

You can get your bacon fix from the bacon flavored snacks. This flavoring is the culinary equivalent of getting a tender, pen-written love letter on artisanal bacon-scented paper. Temporarily separated by space and time, carry this and bacon is with you, wherever you are.

Surprise! It's Bacon

Bacon has always made straight A's for 'plays nicely with others.' We've gathered an assortment of awesome bacon-enhanced snacks from the obvious popcorn flavors to the exotic Sir Fancis Bacon Peanut Brittle. Want a deliciously twisted night in? Grab a bowl of bacon popcorn and put on Charlotte's Web. Want to impress your date with something better than chocolates? Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle. If it doesn't work they're probably not a keeper.

*Thinking about calling in sick and eating bacon in bed all day*

Share our love, don't judge us.

Customer Reviews

    Donnah C.
    Apr 5th 2018
    Bacon Birthday

    It was my husband's birthday and we surprised him with the Bacon crate. It was funny watching him trying to open the box. He went so far to use a hammer along with the crowbar. However, he loved it alot.

    Laura Kolarik
    Mar 21st 2018
    Bacon Crate..... Equals Score!!!

    I bought this for my husband (hard to buy for husband) and he loved it!!!! Can't wait till next holiday, I already know what I'm buying!!

    Johanna Logue
    Feb 19th 2018
    Not so great

    I give it 2 stars for packaging as I have purchased several Man Crates for my husband over the last few years, they were always a big hit, this one was just a big disappointment in the contents of the crate. There wasn't very much Bacon taste as much as more smokey items. The bacon brittle was NOT all, the honey Jalapeno Jerky was well received, but the maple bacon was just coated in a ton brown sugar and the imitation bacon bits (grinder good idea) again all you can taste is the smoke, no real bacon flavor. Alas, my husband was not impressed with his valentines gift. :-(

    Feb 16th 2018
    Love Bacon!

    We got this crate for Valentine's Day from our daughter and her boyfriend! Love it! If you love bacon, and who doesn't, we highly recommend this Crate!

    Jan 8th 2018
    Christmas Gift

    Got this as a gift from my nephew and his girlfriend. Everything inside is wonderful and tasty.

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