Puzzle Box - Escape Artist

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In The Box

His Mission

Solve the box to extract the code. He'll use the code to redeem his digital gift card (sent by email).


  • 1 Puzzle Box
  • 1 Locked Box

Reward Options (choose 1)

  • $50 Gift Card
  • $100 Gift Card
  • $150 Gift Card
  • Whiskey Stones (x6)
  • Thunderbird Torch Lighter

Gift Card Choices*

  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Amazon (available in $50 and $100 only)
  • Home Depot (available for use in USA and Canada)
  • REI(available in $50 and $100 only)
  • Columbia Sportswear (available in $50 and $100 only)
  • Gamestop (available in $50 only)
  • Nike
  • Morton's Steakhouse (available in $50 and $100 only)

*Full retailer redemption subject to change due to availability.

Note: Smartphone or computer required (not included).

How It Ships

Puzzle Box gift card ships in a cardboard box.
In a Man Crates branded cardboard box.

  • Choose your delivery date at checkout
    Choose your delivery date at checkout


“Look at that Big Ol’ Brain!”

How much a man can bench press is completely irrelevant if he’s pushing against a door that reads “pull.” The brain is a muscle too, and it’s arguably the most important one, despite the claims of your local gymrat who won’t share the squat rack.

Rather than doubling down on physical strength when dreaming up tougher-to-open gifts, we opted to test the intellect. There’s no smashing or prying to retrieve his reward. In fact, his big ol’ muscles will only be good for scratching his noggin.

Introducing, the Man Crates-exclusive Puzzle Box - Escape Artist, a fully interactive, brain-teasing experience with a worthwhile reward.

Unlocking the Fun

The Puzzle Box - Escape Artist is a surprise mission swathed in secrecy and bathed in bewilderment. He’ll receive a mysterious box that can only be opened with some intense brain flexing.

He’ll spend the next 30 to 1,000 minutes uncovering clues to solve a handful of expertly designed riddles. He’ll discover clues hidden within anti-forgery ink, and these “keys” will help him solve the accompanying interactive digital experience accessed through his smartphone or computer.

Once he cracks the lockbox, he’ll be rewarded with whichever item you select.

  • A gift card redeemable at tons of online retailers.
  • A Thunderbird butane torch lighter.
  • A set of 6 whiskey stones.

The Puzzle Box - Escape Artist will have his head spinning and give him a chance to exercise his cranius maximus.

Customer Reviews

    May 19th 2019

    FThe concept of this game is absolutely fantastic and execution is even better! Watching my boyfriend work through this game was hilarious.m and intense. He was super engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe you all can create more of these puzzles. First time buyer and it won’t be the last!

    May 19th 2019
    Awesome Gift for Grad

    I bought this as a high school graduation gift for my friend's son. I ordered the duct tape gift wrap which was a hoot! After puzzling out the box, he declared "I would definitely get this for a friend!" which is the best compliment a gift-giver and company can receive. Also, customer service with Man Crates was EXCEPTIONAL. I will definitely be ordering from them again and have encouraged my family and friends to do so.

    Apr 26th 2019

    I want to start off by saying I LOVE the concept! I bought one for my boyfriend and bother. My boyfriend was the first to open it. He started reading the instructions, grabbed the box, and then started to shake and pull it open. I explained to him that he needed to follow the steps but he had the box opened in 5 mins by just shaking and pulling. He loved the gift either way but just let the person you give it to not to shake the box and pull the lid. Lol. I’m giving my bother his box tomorrow so before he even touches the box I’m going to tell him to read the instructions and NOT TO SHAKE AND PULL THE LID! Lol. Other then that it was a funny and great experience.

    Tammy Mott
    Feb 18th 2019
    Valentine's day gift

    I got this as a Valentine's day gift for my husband. It was a day late but oh well that's how shipping works.
    My husband and sons are brain guys. And I sat and watched them work on this for over an hour. They loved it. I oped for the torch because we had a $50 limit this year. This was about an experience not what's inside. Totally worth it!
    But now the hubs wants one that comes in a wood crate with a Crowbar.... can you make one with gamer guy stuff that is in a wooden crate? Lol

    Feb 7th 2019
    Loved it Need More

    I can’t find anything else like this on the market. It was fun and my husband loved it! I wish you guys could come up with more variations. If you do, I’m sure you’ll have many repeat customers!